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    Cosmetic suggestions thread

    Armored Core: Rayleonard - 03 - Aaliyah
  2. 421 Clean has a brush inconsistency on the left side above red that stops a telly jump to grab red and zoom up and out on the left side. I think the two maps should be identical if you are going to swap them out interchangeably in the tournament.
  3. Got $15.00 in and I signed up. The Hype is real!
  4. Any chance of getting the announcer from this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oq2Glc7hudY
  5. SickDownlink

    sickdm1 - Calculated

    Made a public version of the contest rating for my map to get some public feedback. http://www.poll-maker.com/QCTIMY
  6. SickDownlink

    sickdm1 - Calculated

    sickdm1 - Calculated A competitive duel map with a focus on risk calculation. http://reflexfiles.com/file/445 This is my submission for Tehace's duel map contest. Short highlight of the testing :eggplant: gg Public Feedback: http://www.poll-maker.com/QCTIMY Huge thanks to Duck! This map would not have been nearly as good without this guy's help. Big thanks to Warlord Wossman, who helped bring the map's balance up to par for competitive play. Big ups to all the awesome players who helped play-test and give feedback: Guilt, Lonezilla, King, Zenmanifold, Gangland, Promeus, Eldrek, Skytoon, Meowgli, Mad_Jihad, and probably a lot more that I am too tired to remember right now. I had a blast making, testing, and watching fights on this map. Thanks all, Enjoy! ** Any feedback is greatly appreciated ** Happy Fragging
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    Post your WIP screenshots!

    promEUs goes hard! Great work man, keep it up.
  8. SickDownlink

    Competitive Duel Map Contest

    Tehace, are you going to make the contest map-pack zip public for download or only send it to the judges?
  9. SickDownlink

    sickdm1 - Calculated

    Updated on reflexfiles: http://reflexfiles.com/file/445 This is the update for Tehace's duel map contest. HYPE! Reworked spawnsPickup tweaksArt update
  10. SickDownlink

    sickdm1 - Calculated

    Updated on reflexfiles: http://reflexfiles.com/file/445 Opened lower hallway Added 3 +5hp Moved +25hp Major Art Update Any feedback is welcome
  11. SickDownlink

    Competitive Duel Map Contest

    My submission: sickdm1 - Calculated http://reflexfiles.com/file/445
  12. SickDownlink

    sick_02_insta [ instagib map ]

    This is an instagib version of my Reflex map sick_02. Please let me know what you think. http://reflexfiles.com/file/403
  13. SickDownlink

    sick_02_insta [ instagib map ]

    Bump for update on reflexfiles. Moved Spawning tool far away, fixed targets.
  14. SickDownlink

    Competitive Duel Map Contest

    This is awesome! *goes back to mapping*
  15. SickDownlink


    Ever wonder where all the slime in Reflex comes from? This is the place, Facility. http://reflexfiles.com/file/415 Large map with lots of fun jumps. FFA / CA / TDM 1RA 1YA 1GA 1Mega 1Carnage Big ups to Co-Author Visitor who put in WORK on this map, couldn't have done it without you. And a big thanks to everyone who helped make and test this map, it was a lot of fun. Sorry I couldn't remember all your tags to put on here.
  16. Visitor and I got this one brewing in the Lab, waiting for the CTF release. I'll just leave these here for more CTF Hype!