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  1. machine!

    Why do you play Reflex?

    It simply feels so f*cking awesome!
  2. machine!

    instant weapon switch

    My 2 cents... So, Xonotic is infamous for its crazy comboing, it has higher weapon switch delay but the cooldown is much much less compared to Quake games in general. What is the result of this? A lot of comboing, in fact it's probably the biggest thing that makes Xonotic different from the other Quakes if we are talking core gameplay mechanics. This is not only good though, having wrong kind of gun in a situation is much less punishing than in Reflex. Also in the past there have been balances in Xonotic which in fact raises your DPS if you juggle between two weapons (usually between a rail-like hitscan and rl, or between the two type of rl's that are in Xonotic). My conclusion from this is that there probably is some kind of sweet spot in between Quake and Xonotic/Nexuiz. If the switchdelay and cooldown is balanced right we could have way more interesting combos in Reflex while "having the right weapon for the right situation".
  3. machine!

    A lie for good

    Well, if you buy any random game that's obviously online multiplayer and you expect to not get raped the first games you shouldn't be buy any fairly competetive online game anyway. Those kinds of players wouldn't invest time getting better and would'nt be enjoying Reflex unless there is some kind of instagib or other overly casual mode.
  4. machine!

    Matchmaking System

    Sounds like a good plan! In fact, I think such pickupbot-like system is even better than most unranked match making systems in place today. Please never add these 50/50 ratio-biased matching systems, I rather have shitty win/lose ratio than feeling like I'm artificially "entertained". And IF the developer decides to add it (which may be understandable considering how well perceived such systems seems to be in general, I just personally despise it) then make sure that win ratios for such matches are not recorded or shown in the stats (because they don't mean anything) and simply state that's how the system work.
  5. machine!

    Recommended VODs?

    I just wondered if there are any recommended since there are so many.
  6. machine!

    Recommended VODs?

    In the wait of Linux support (or rather in the wait of a new HDD for dual booting), anyone could share some nice VODs? Preferably with commentary so I could learn one thing or two. :-)
  7. machine!

    #dp_two [EU] - Saturday July 18th, 2015

    Does this tourney span over several days or is it a one-night thing? Also will semi and grand finals be streamed?
  8. machine!

    Mouse Smoothing?

    For movies and streaming configs this would be really great!
  9. machine!

    Reflex - steam charts

    I played like 15h in 5 days after I bought it, now I don't play it at all because it doesn't feel worth booting up my Windows partition. I will start play again once it runs better on my computer though, or if I get a map idea. By that time I will probably get my friends to play it too, those CS/CoD nubs gotta learn some true FPS.
  10. machine!

    Damage through walls playing out well so far?

    This feature is really good, I hope though there'll be more maps where you could utilize it more (shooting from a level beneath purely based on prediction skill).
  11. machine!

    Maps playtesting

    #reflex @ qnet EDIT: saw you asked there already nvm :3
  12. +1, any modification should not be allowed, becuase if there is a grey zone then some cheats can aswell get grey zone (obviously not aimbots, but stuff like autojump, scripted weapon switching and stuff like that, it is something many consider grey zones).
  13. machine!

    Competitive CTF Discussion

    My point is, even without explicit classes enforced by the game CTF already has them, they are attackers, defenders and supporters. Usual setup is 2 attackers, 1 support and 2 defenders. So having explicit classes (ie like in NTF) totally make sense to me, but it seems like NTF is really dumbed down (just MH and quads) is not something I think fits Reflex's current direction.
  14. machine!

    Competitive CTF Discussion

    Not against classes, just against removing item timing.