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  1. kimiahk

    Alternative statistics view

    some love for 2v2? will you release source code?
  2. kimiahk

    ChatLog with Emojis

  3. kimiahk

    Nameplates addon?

  4. someone should set promotion role and then add this role to interested people " !promotion_role pickup[ pickup ...] : role_name - set role to be highlighted on '!promote' command for specified pickups, set 'none' as role to disable. Use 'default' value for pickup to change the "
  5. kimiahk

    Reflex 0.47.2

    I just want to add that you have to jump right before corner in order to clip it
  6. kimiahk

    Game crash when playing replay from cmd-line

    any echo on this @shooter ?
  7. When I want to run replay using command: reflex +play Phobos_10Aug2016_1312_1markers game crash, argument +map Fusion works though. With this feature it would be possible to: automatically render video from replay export replay events (like kills, markers or chat) to json or w/e make replays to be played when opened in explorer (I use this for quake3 and Wolf:ET demos) I'm working on exporting and rendering replays for other game here, so I have a lot stuff prepared to make it also for Reflex.
    1. A. Benz

      A. Benz

      Sorry, don't visit the forum that much, didn't read your message! Yeah, it goes down occasionally ...

  8. kimiahk

    ChatLog with Emojis

    @MAD_JIHAD updated widget for 0.45 - item dropping in chat. thx!
  9. kimiahk

    ChatLog with Emojis

    ye, when there are like more than 50 emojis, the fps will go down i can add some limitations easily
  10. kimiahk

    ChatLog with Emojis

    only those who have such widget just say in chat: hello :wave: http://emojione.com/demo/
  11. kimiahk

    ChatLog with Emojis

  12. kimiahk

    config loader for gamemodes

    loads user specified config when gamemode (1v1,ctf,...) changes visible checkbox disables it Download Gist link
  13. kimiahk

    main menu streched

    this didnt fixed it http://www.reflexfps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/2655-ui-is-too-big/&do=findComment&comment=18865 I can fix it by changing ui_viewport_height, but it resets after game restart