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  1. Dynamic Color

    Here's example of dynamic color code (Im new to LUA maybe this can emplement easier) : local function dynColor(min, max, value) local MaxC = 255 local MinC = 0 local DtC = 255 if (value>=max) then red=MaxC; green=MinC; blue=MinC; return; elseif (value<=min) then red=MinC; green=MinC; blue=MaxC; return; end local step = (max-min)/4.0; local dt = value-min; if (dt <= step) then red = MinC; green = math.floor(dt*(DtC/step)); blue = MaxC; else dt = dt-step; if (dt <= step) then red = MinC; green = MaxC; blue = math.floor((step-dt)*(DtC/step)); else dt = dt-step; if(dt <= step) then red = math.floor(dt*(DtC/step)); green = MaxC; blue = MinC; else dt = dt-step; red = MaxC; green = math.floor((step-dt)*(DtC/step)); blue = MinC; end end end return; end Also there video demonstartion (Look at the arc health bar) :
  2. Server-Side Addons

    Is there a way to do Server-Side addons? Its would be cool if there was API or something to write addons/plugins like in Source(GoldSource) games (SourceMod/AMXX)