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  1. remm

    Reflex Forums

    The transfer has been completed and regularly scheduled services have been resumed!
  2. remm

    Tips for a first timer?

    Also check that you don't have any other games/downloads above everything in your Steam Queue
  3. remm

    Nobody to play with

    We just reached a peak userbase of 75 'members' and barring internationals, that should leave you with 45-50 people to verse in various game modes
  4. remm

    [Movie] DANSKYTO

    It is pretty damned sexy
  5. Going live in 40 minutes - check www.twitch.tv/ztkfps
  6. Wow, I have had this myself and thought my mouse was broken
  7. Edit: Sold to capodecima on Steam! Hi guys, I'm trying to offload the now unavailable supporter battle axe - I am chasing $50USD (cost price) for it via PayPal. Please contact me here in the thread and I will get in touch with you through steam to discuss the trade. The money will be put to good use keeping Aussie servers running for further months, so it's not going entirely away from supporting Reflex Cheers - remm
  8. remm

    Reflex 0.45.2

    Reflex features for locking down servers have come a long way in the last few pushes (except someone tells me passwords are broken?). Would be nice to see simple magic packets/RCON system put in sooner rather than later (or did I miss something in the patch notes?) A little more in-game power to control servers without having access to the console itself goes a long way. Referee is nice but very limited.
  9. STEAAAAAAAAAK Edit: we need more maps like smiledm1 if the stakegun is returning - maps built with stake movement in mind. Autobots activate!
  10. remm

    Australia Reflex Newb Tournamenet #1

    Good work putting this on @Thaylia - brownie points to all organisers and casters! Hopefully more to come soon
  11. Signups are at 11 now, which is great for a Wednesday night cup. Hope we get a few more between now and then! As for this, buy me a plane ticket and give me a bed
  12. Really looking forward to mutators, and training so I can show newer players these things to help them. See a lot of drop-off in Australia because even our 'worst' players make minced meat out of newer players. Maybe we should focus on newbie cups for a while, especially after Steam sales (I have plans/dreams for after the next Steam sale...)
  13. Good work ZTK, our newest moderator/admin in Reflex AU. I will post this to the Reflex AU website/twitter/facebook tomorrow in the AM. Looking good all round, hopefully things go well for the first few weeks! I'll be providing the Sydney servers for this, will have configs setup over the weekend. Get in on this AU/NZ guys! Should be a great time. Cheers - remm