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  1. Stalast

    Reflex 1.1.0

    Heck yes
  2. Stalast

    Proving Grounds

    This is great!
  3. Stalast

    Reflex Arena on YouTube

    Still not appearing @Thaylia
  4. Stalast

    Reflex 0.49.0 - Matchmaking refinements

    Love this quick update. Lots of great little improvements
  5. Stalast

    Lag/Disconnects From Official Reflex Servers?

    Server intermittently has connection interrupted message lasting for less than a second long (both players experiencing same issue). Date & Time: 19th January 2017 19:20 GMT Server IP:
  6. Stalast

    [0.48.2] Hanging in scoreboard after duel

    Can confirm this happened. It was in the competitive 1v1 mode.
  7. Stalast

    Reflex 0.47.4

    My supporter hatchets just gained value, thanks lads.
  8. Stalast

    Reflex 0.47.3

  9. Stalast

    [H] Various Melees [W] A crowbar and some cosmetics

    " This Trade URL is no longer valid for sending a trade offer to freddiλN. "
  10. Hi, I'm looking to trade 1:1 for Short Sword or Mjolnir. If you would like to trade your Short Sword or Mjolnir for any of the below items, please send me a trade offer here. These are my items for sale (kept up to date): 3x Battle Mace 4x Crescent Wrench 2x Hatchet 1x Holy Water Sprinkler 2x Machete 2x Pipe 2x War Hammer
  11. Stalast

    Reflex 0.45.0

    Holy shit, this is one heck of an update! Good job TurboPixel! Also, swag
  12. Stalast

    Reflex 0.44.3

    Goodbye Newborn, thanks for creating this beautiful game. You will be missed.
  13. Stalast

    A look at first pass new animation

    I don't know how they made the animations look cute, but they do.