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    KovaaK's compilation HUD

    Its a very great pack, I really like it. But the only problem I had was the 4:3 resolution compatibility. So I adjusted everything to fit and look nice, and here is how it looks like... (My resolution is 1024x768) Btw I'd really like to see the green armor tracker button to be re added. (I think its useful for newer players who don't really know the maps, like me) I tried to replace the apheleon_TimerTimeline.lua with that one from the link you left but that one is kinda broken, I mean the icons are getting stuck on the timeline end and start, and the bars for available pickups are not showing... But I don't think this is your problem, so nvm. c: If you like my edit and ofc if you want I can edit the offsets in kovhud.cfg for the 4:3 "version". Cheers!