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  1. Absolutely brilliant, great work on this! How did you get the workshop thumbnails to work though?
  2. De Lift

    Hit indicator widget

    They seem to work fine for me, but here is a google drive mirror anyway.
  3. De Lift

    Hit indicator widget

    Implemented! For the next update I'll investigate how to add options to make it more customisable.
  4. De Lift

    Hit indicator widget

    Yes, that is possible, I didn't think of that. Once I have time I'll try to implement something like that.
  5. De Lift

    Hit indicator widget

    At the moment I don't know of any way to get information on what direction you have been hit. This widget simply looks at the amount of health you have to see if you have taken damage or not. I don't think you can make something in lua alone to tell you where damage is coming from, I think that is something the developers need to make available. It also depends on whether or not the developers want to have something like that implemented. I can imagine it can change the balance of the game.
  6. De Lift

    Hit indicator widget

    Sometimes I fail to notice when I'm taking damage, therefore I have written this simple indicator to give me a clear visual indication when I'm being hit. This widget will draw a small red circle in the centre of the screen when taking damage. See it in action here: <youtube> V1.1: Now the indicator shows for longer, depending on how much damage you take. LiftHitIndicator.lua V1.0: LiftHitIndicator.lua
  7. De Lift

    Display Current Map on Scoreboard

    It would indeed be nice to see the mapname ingame like that. I would also like to see the mapname in the Play > Create Server > Match Selection window. I have actually made a quick and dirty show mapname on scoreboard lua script for myself. It isn't pretty, but will fulfil the purpose for now. ShowMapNameOnScoreBoard.lua / http://pastebin.com/x7mFREzT
  8. De Lift

    atlantis // last update 12/18/2015

    This map is quite cool! The architecture is really well done! I'm a great fan of experimental maps that can shake up the gameplay. There are a lot of carefully placed ramps that make moving through the vertical areas a blast. Nice work! However, using water that much for a tdm game might not work that well. Going into the water severely hurts your manoeuvrability and you'll be a sitting duck for others. In maps like ctf-monolith, there is a bit of water to get the RC. As a player you have to make a cost/benefit analyses: "Will you risk being an easy target for getting the rocket launcher?" In play, I expect that not al lot of people will dare enter the water in this map. I think this map could have more potential as a ctf map. I imagine a lot of people rushing to get into the water, having great difficulty to both retrieve and transport the flag. It could force players to employ tactics to get the flag. I like the idea of a long fight over one flag, but I can imagine that not a lot of people would share that sentiment.
  9. De Lift

    You Died!

    YOU DIED A Demon Souls / Dark Souls inspired widget! Download v1.1 This widget will give you a Demon Souls / Dark Souls like death screen. Each death should give you a randomly selected phrase underneath the "YOU DIED" message. At the moment it contains more then 20 Souls inspired messages with more contextual messages depending on what gamemode you are playing. It contains the font Lora (released under the Open Fonts Licence). This font is obtained through Google Fonts. This is my first venture into Lua scripting so if you encounter strange things in code, do let me know! Changelog: V1.1: Don't show the message on showScores Now it doesn't replace ScreenEffects anymore
  10. De Lift

    Narzdy | Sound Effects Test 01

    I love the beep on the boltrifle! Keep up the good work!
  11. De Lift

    HUD Feedback Thread!

    First post, woop! I have been messing around a bit trying to get a Demon Souls / Dark Souls type of death screen. Each death should give you a randomly selected phrase underneath the "YOU DIED" message. The way I go about generating a random number isn't very pretty (read: DIRTY HACK), so I'll need to work on that before doing anything else. At some point I hope to have contextual messages (depending on if you had the flag or not). EDIT: Now I'm wondering if this is the right thread for something like this as it's debatably not part of the HUD. If that's the case, I apologise.