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  1. Ceres

    Reflex Arena? Is that the real name of the game?

    I bet it's often underestimated how important the "googleability" of a game really is. "Arena" of course is linked to quake 3, since the genre kinda overlaps a lot. How about Reflex Promode?
  2. Ceres

    Reflex Duel Guide

    It might be what's the series is already aimed at. Maybe after first things to learn, something like a step by step "training plan" for improvement.
  3. Ceres

    Reflex 1v1 TurboCup #1 Friday 5th August @ 1900CEST

    signed up for supply of fresh meat, regarding current brackets
  4. it's also a bad idea to talk about removing a weapon that many people do enjoy. I'm not trying to be an expert here, I just feel that people try to get bolt out of the game, which gives me an angry feel, since I do like this weapon. And why people not just make catalyst, aerowalk etc... no-bolt style and see if its played?
  5. instant hitscan any range = instagib, just the 80dmg is different. Come on you can't say instagib doesn't have any relation to bolt rifle.
  6. balance and weapon concept are two different things, to my mind.
  7. Just my final (biased ) 2cents regarding bolt rifle: how can the mechanic behind the weapon be so bad, if there's people enjoying instagib mods?
  8. My thinking also tells me it has to be ground friction/+forward that would have to be changed, because if it's just ground knockback (not air knockback as far as I understand), it can't be the pure weapon knockback that's off, right? Edit: don't know much about game mechanics, but maybe player weight increase? (with increase jumping same manner)
  9. Ceres

    how do you guys feel about rail balance?

    So please delete this whole thread
  10. Ceres

    how do you guys feel about rail balance?

    I had an idea reading battlesnacks post: Maybe it's a possibility to do something with the dmg of bolt while standing still/not moving crosshair. Like having it deal 100dmg with a high-speed flickshot, but decreasing dmg dealt while standing still/not moving crosshair.
  11. Ceres

    how do you guys feel about rail balance?

    I told myself like 3 times already to stop argueing in this post, but well, just can't let it be... I think I understand now, what people try to say with bolt being so hatable... I also don't like that sneaky peeky playstyle, hiding around corners, and running off, to hide again. I think that's kind of changing the flow in the game, but maybe that's also challenging. What I do like are those "dank high-speed flick shots", or any shots close to be called that...
  12. Ceres

    how do you guys feel about rail balance?

    It might be the case, that what I'm talking about is the (early) satisfaction of becoming better at aiming bolt, maybe just because it takes less skill than hitting shaft. It takes a lot of time to become good at IC, and if that's the only possibility to be victorious (at least sometimes), it's kind of frustrating...
  13. Ceres

    how do you guys feel about rail balance?

    I'm quite aware that I'm just having a humble low skill opinion, but honestly, your balance problems will be not of much interest to 90% of the playerbase, once the game's really out. Edit: I'm sorry, being quite stressed out lately
  14. Ceres

    how do you guys feel about rail balance?

    So, maybe bolt concept is a little flawed, and some minor changes might be to the advantage of this game. Couldn't it be though, that IC is a little overpowered also, and by, e.g., lowering its max ammo a bit, there would be more space for the usage of "minor" weapons, such as shotgun and plasma?