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  1. yeah, the new one won't be released to workshop until it has art work on it
  2. CHECK FIRST POST. workshop release with the help of nathan to avoid lightmap upload. The new version of the map is available to download in the big blue words, it's very wip but you can travel around it no problem. It's a full sp map. HF.
  3. memphis

    Reflex 0.48.0 - Matchmaking + Ironguard + more

    I don't usually do this but im gonna be a bit critic on people being reductant to play new / unknown maps (for them), for several reasons but mainly because it's community work; everyone who starts a map would love to see it played. But also because I've experienced in other games that when you can set a certain map in particular nobody plays those other maps... for example in OW you're forced to play all of them... why would they make content if people end up playing one or two maps? Also you get people who get to higher ranks by playing one map only... it happened in QL with many people playing ztn only or in csgo playing dust2 only... I'm just saying not hating, this is my point of view. After all I think you can learn more about the game playing a more diverse map pool. Big first step for reflex, Good job devs, congrats on this one however it really needs tweaks.
  4. memphis

    Reflex as a competetive title

    one of those threads... OP i really share your views, the best thing you can do is wait, the game is barely finished and has no marketing at all. There are really awesome populated games nowadays to play in the meantime... my mood gets better when i ignore reflex ; )
  5. memphis

    Shootables (targets for weapons)

    i've asked dev team for a "cannon of props" so many times... but hope fully u will be able to add "dumb" bots eventually I guess
  6. the nades you need to pick them up to unlock more portals, the only reason u can open that entrance is to clear the way in case u die so u don't need to go all around the sewers again (there's also a faster secret way) : P
  7. Would be cool if shootables were actually responsible to the weapons, in particular, nades and rocket splash don't seem to dmg targets, would be cool if it did. (why isn't this addressed anyway) Also, some of them seem to be used for map messages so it would be nice if u have an option in the map editor so the shootable can respawn in the same position with same properties after X seconds.
  8. that was my goal but if it is unlikely to happen
  9. First of all I want to thank everyone who enjoyed the map and gave suggestions to make it better, people who still use this map to teach their friends was my main motivation to start a map from scratch, keeping in mind some of the features that were going to be added to training gamemode. This new map is a single player - tutorial that you need to play in training mode. I tried to help people understand better how to use the movement in this game since the tutorials the game has right now are kinda... not what i expected lets say. Keep in mind all of the rooms, sections, locations, props, missions, messages are really poor at the moment because I just want to have the progression done so I can finish off the map better when I have the whole thing even if it's not very finished. The unlocking system of the map is rather rudimentary as there isn't a working one. Edit: i just want to release it here so u can explore and give more ideas or fixing small things... would be appreciated. parkour_goat_ex.map
  10. memphis

    amgt2 - 421

    neat look man, glad you finished it!
  11. memphis

    T7 Furious heights

    I'd love to see this map in reflex Also wh1te being a bit whinny as usual, how many of the ported maps so far are the most played? Let me answer that for you, NONE.(at least 1v1). http://imgur.com/8DRHrbF voting for the maps to get into eu3. So yeah, stay calm.
  12. i wonder how placebo effect works in reflex... I always wanted to play it in cpm back then. thx for me maps (however i'd rather see a textured cpm24 instead of q4 version).
  13. memphis

    Unsafe Space (userdm5 prototype)

    not bad but the connection from yellow to RA is a bit fast. The Yellow up in the stairs, not the one after jumppad - ic - mh. my suggestion is to remove that door or cover it with something and make the lower teleport (via br) the way to reach RA from that side of the map. (you can also travel pretty fast doing YA-SG-other door or YA-RL-teleport) MH room placement might need more space, specially from the IC/YELLOW. Ra room is a bit awkward when it comes to fight around the circular pillard. IMO. The overlay is not bad, good job.
  14. memphis

    Rework Burstgun pls

    i think burstgun atm is the better it has ever been in terms of balance but IMO it's missing something: wall bounce, kind of flak cannon from UT.
  15. memphis

    PLEASE make 200ms playable!

    you can always play ctf and lag yourself out of enemy base without getting hit. jokes aside, it sucks you love the game but there's nobody to play with, literally. I feel sorry for you. Maybe in the future you can start your own scene there... who knows.