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  1. hanspeter

    Suggestion: add spectator mode with game physics

    Well, it would not only be useful when waiting for a duel. In Arena-modes you potentially have to wait quite frequently...
  2. hanspeter

    Reflex running quite unsmooth

    Hi, as stated in the title, reflex is running quite unsmooth for me. My hardware should be sufficiently powerful (GTX980ti, 6 cores i7 @ 3.3GHz). I tried to disable all energy saving features and also disabled Hyper-threading. I tried to pin reflex to specific CPU-cores, but it didn't help. Setting com_idlesleep does not change anything at all, as well as cl_input_subframe. I tried different games (CS:GO, QW, QL) which run smoothly as expected. Do you have any ideas how to make the game run more smoothly? edit: I forgot to mention, r_profiler 1 shows an extremely spikey bar for the CPU time, the GPU graph does jitter less fps capped to 125, map empty: fps cap disabled: fps capped to 100: fps cap disabled:
  3. hanspeter

    0.39.1 Point Release

    I think the biggest problem about the fog was a too extreme default setting. Maybe it would have helped to have fog disabled (or at a lower setting) by default, and have mappers voluntarily enable it. The changelog also didn't mention that fog would be a per-map setting, what could have helped with acceptance as well I guess. Maybe you can bring back enforced fog with more subtle default settings
  4. Hi, I wanted to suggest to add another spectator mode which enables/applies game physics to the spectator. This would allow to practice movement while waiting in a match to play.
  5. hanspeter

    [0.38.2b] Some Graphics Bugs

    The attached image shows some issue which disappears when disabling occlusion culling. This can be spotted on several maps on some specific positions and angles. Unfortunately I don't know how to record a demo to make reproducing the error more convenient...
  6. hanspeter

    [0.38.2b] Some Graphics Bugs

    On dp6, changing the effect quality makes some mesh appear in the lava. It doesn't matter what the setting is before changing and after, and it is only possible to "remove" the mesh by reloading the map.
  7. hanspeter

    Thoughts on reflex

    Currently it is not possible to set the enemy teamcolor to a different color as the enemymodel color, unless I am missing something. I am speaking of damage I am receiving, not giving. But I think this is something that could be fixed using some client-side scripting
  8. hanspeter

    Thoughts on reflex

    Hi, I was really excited when I first heard about reflex and almost instantly bought the quad-pack of reflex. I like the game so far, but there are some things which are bothering me. First of all, visibility generally seems to be an issue for me. Unfortunately I have a rather low end GPU by today's standards (GTX480) which means that I have to reduce details as much as possible. Unfortunately this further reduces the visibility, since without dynamic lights many maps are quite dark, thus enemy models are dark and non-glowy as well. Combined with the highly detailed geometry it makes distinguishing enemies very hard. Enabling bloom makes everything glow and shine, except enemies, which I think is quite unfortunate. In my opinion, the current coloring options for enemies/teammates are broken. It would be much more convenient if it was possible to set a color for the own team and the enemy team, and additionally for enemy models as well as for teammates. Currently a flag carrier from the own team is quite easy to be mistaken for an enemy which causes quite some confusion. Since the enemy base in CTF is be colored the same way as enemy models right now, enemies can be quite hard to be distinguished from the background. I really like the feature to specify a teamcolor and enemycolor, but again, I think it should be possible to set it separately from the models colors. For me it was quite hard to distinguish between the different weapon holograms, since they mostly differ by color. I am getting used to the different holograms, but maybe the weapons could somehow be made more distinct. I would love to have those player spawn holograms such as in CPMA during warmup as it would make learning the spawns of a new maps more convenient. Currently for me it is hard to judge during a fight how much damage I am receiving. In Q3 there were several pain sounds which are giving a decent indication of the damage received. Maybe I could add something similar using HUD-scripting... I am skeptical about the high geometric detail of newer maps since currently there is no way to reduce detail. Maybe it would be possible to introduce flags in the mapeditor which allow the mapper to flag certain objects as "detail", and to introduce a cvar to disable detail geometry. Furthermore the high detail geometry causes quite some severe aliasing artifacts since as far as I could tell, no LOD is employed, All the above shouldn't come across as too negative. I like to play reflex and I am aware of the fact that Reflex is still in early access. Please keep up with the good work you are doing, Reflex already is quite a lot of fun to play! edit: I forgot to add: I would really love a cvar to disable the lightmaps. On many maps I find it much more convenient to play without lightmaps, however the "invalid lightmap" message is quite annoying... edit2: to make the post less negative I want to add: The gameplay feels very polished to me, the weapon balance seems right and the movement feels really nice as well. Also the netcode feels very good, much better compared to the previous approaches. As a sidenote, I think an option to "predict" local railshots, rockets and maybe even the hitsound would be great, as it would reduce the feel of lag even further, at the cost of some "mispredictions"