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  1. RAW

    A look at first pass new animation

    that first gif looks like a fucking commando i love it
  2. gamma options surprise confirmed
  3. RAW

    Reflex 0.44.2

    I got this weird bug that the more I play the more I move from the glorious rank 1 please fix
  4. RAW

    Reflex 0.44.1 - Awards!

    I was level 4-5 the server changed map, crashed, level back to 1
  5. RAW

    Reflex 0.44.1 - Awards!

    holy shit that last video is sick o_o
  6. RAW


    really like being able to tweak the crosshair gap
  7. They just want some private space, let them be happy
  8. Truth still stands, I could write an essay redditalike to say the same wasting my time and yours
  9. Server not dying with more than 8 people
  10. RAW

    VoIP ETA

    Remove chat, Ive seen people saying very mean things
  11. RAW

    Reflex 0.41.0 - Boxes of bullets

    have you tried enabling the default crosshair widget and that widget at the same time?
  12. RAW

    Smoke puff and sound

    you cannot time mega in this game im serious, very
  13. RAW

    What's up with TDM

    30s weap respawn is a wonderful idea if you dont want any new player to touch tdm in their life
  14. Is there any way to reduce the gun bobbing when landing/jumping other than show_gun 0? Loving the IC new model and effects
  15. RAW

    My humble Reflex wish list. :)

    I personally like it more the way it is right now, its more interesting having to keep track of the items the other guy has picked