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  1. Replay Editor Guide

    in my personal experience theres also some weird stuff going on with re_speed and its multiplier. for me everything recorded with re_speed 0.5 is in fact playing at ~48.2% speed. this doesnt seem to be much of a difference at first glance, but youll clearly see the difference comparing it to the default footage (re_speed 1). in other words the playback rate has to be around 207%-208% to match the original.
  2. Reflex 0.49.1

  3. [0.48] Low FPS and widgets stuck

    widgets are working properly again. good job. <:
  4. hey, this was supposed to be released december 26th, but i just couldnt make it in time. it was so much work + some serious IRL issues came up around christmas time as well unfortunately. anyway here it is - my christmas present for the whole (racing) community. enjoy.
  5. Reflex Movie: Wavey

    great stuff! :ok_hand:
  6. Reflex 0.47.3

    great stuff dude. you just drop the link in here. then you can basically choose if its displayed as an embedded video or a textlink. do you have noscript running?
  7. Reflex 0.47.2

    dem clips.
  8. Reflex 0.47.2

  9. Show us your stats!

    pretty exciting.
  10. Reflex Jump Demonstrations

    you can set youtube to 0.5 x and 0.25 x speed.
  11. [lolo_race1] Encounter the Monolith

    hey, made a video 'real quick'... xD the route is not fully optimized yet i guess, but im happy with it for now. i spotted the other skip you talked about (havent tried it yet), but i really like this route aesthetically. so for now i dont really care, if the other one is possible/potentially faster. a very good start for your race mapping career. gj <:
  12. [H] morning star [W] battle axe/crowbar/short sword

    traded with 1vanb. thanks. /close
  13. just send me a message on discord if youre interested. greetings