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  1. pengr

    Official Weapon Thread.

    For me the bolt rifle and stake gun feel to week, going off the look of their beam/projectile and the sound etc.
  2. pengr

    Will Stair Jumps/ Tele Jumps Get Easier?

    I don't find them too hard and I'm relatively new to the genre/engine format
  3. pengr


    Already in-game for the HUD, can't remember the exact command though
  4. pengr


    Per-weapon is good to hear, when do you expect this will be implemented?
  5. pengr


    More than likely setting a crosshair would be a command, so you could make a cfg to select crosshairs for each weapon ie: bind q weapon 6 addbind q (crosshair command)
  6. pengr

    Text colors in chat/nametags

    I've seen some coloured chat before, not sure how
  7. pengr

    Reflex start cfg (build #26) by Hugo

    He just told me in the irc, thanks
  8. Is there any form of jump map or such to practice jumps/movement yet that someone has made?
  9. pengr

    Reflex start cfg (build #26) by Hugo

    Couldn't work out, but some tests didn't really work, can you bind multiple commands to 1 key? I have my own .cfg and love it but I want weapon viewmodels on for certain weapons and not others, and I want my FOV to switch to a smaller value for certain weapons (don't ask) Have you tried this and had any luck?
  10. pengr

    Purple plasma?

    All the sound files are just .wav files so I think if you really care you could important some sounds from quake etc. and replace them
  11. pengr


    As the others were saying, how hard would it be to throw that crosshair image into the hud_c.dds? Seems sensible to me and would allow for a lot of customization.
  12. pengr


    Is there any .DDS file containing the crosshair image like there is for the rest of the HUD so I can edit it? Anyone wondering, paint.net can edit/open .DDS files
  13. pengr

    Why did you get into Reflex?

    Got into fast paced shooters through Loadout and this seems to have the most potential out of any
  14. pengr

    Help with cfg

    The only performance-related commands I know are: cl_gibs_maxcount 1 r_dynamic_shadows 0 r_bloom 0 r_fxaa 0 r_dynamic_lights 0 r_showfps 1 You can put these in game.cfg in the relevant steam directory, but these aren't active in the menus as far as I know so if you can't even start the game properly I'm not sure