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  1. Reflex needs better player interaction. What we have right now is a rudimentary system where we can only talk to each other inside a server. Granted, Discord exists and works well but the problem with it is that not everyone uses it and as such the playerbase is segmented. I believe that the remedy to all of this is to implement a lobby system similar to the one found in Warcraft 3. Such a system is actually quite neat because beyond allowing players to talk to each other it also allows for the developers to implement some neat features such as ranks/levels. What do you guys think?
  2. Vingtner

    Scandinavian reflex community

    I think there has always been a decently large population of Nordic (that includes Finland) players in ArenaFPS so it is no small wonder that there is a presence in Reflex. Or at least it used to be decently large back in its heyday. BTW I am a Swede.
  3. Vingtner

    B&D mode

    Fair enough.
  4. No I believe there is room for improvement. I do however think the gameplay is fine in its current state, competitive or not. Thank you for telling me. That is all I asked for.
  5. Vingtner

    B&D mode

    I vividly remember that being the whole point of CPMA and Reflex is inspired by CPMA, no?
  6. I agree with this. Bots for example would add a ton of longevity to the game.
  7. Of course I have, why else would I be here? If you do not want to answer the question then that is fine but do not go around telling everyone the gameplay is suboptimal when you do not want to explain why.
  8. I do not think a game should update the gameplay just for the sake of updating, regardless if it is in early stages or not. I personally think the gameplay is fine. It is very reminiscent of the golden days of Arena FPS. What do you think needs changing since you say it is sub optimal?
  9. So you want monthly gameplay patches for no reason simply other than to have them. Why? You are aware that changing stuff around just for the sake of changing stuff around is a horrible idea?
  10. Vingtner

    B&D mode

    I do not like it. The point of Reflex is to go fast while killing others. The plant & defuse gamemode is inherently slow which is the direct opposite of core Reflex gameplay.
  11. Vingtner

    Lava needs a boost

    I believe lava should remain an inconvenience and not become a killing tool.
  12. If there is still a spot open and you still need names then feel free to use mine on either the Swedish team or wherever it is needed. I do not mind.
  13. Vingtner

    Maps - too detailed?

    On the contrary, I play horrible on maps that do not have as much detail as say, Ashur. I am not sure why that is.
  14. I look forward to seeing it.
  15. Vingtner

    Reflex 0.38 - Gooey

    Congratulations, the new interface looks slick.