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  1. We've had a lot of great feedback and extensive testing over the past previous months. We'd like to extend thanks to Rama and crew (sorry if you're in the crew and not named specifically, we have no way of knowing everyone involved, but we appreciate you just the same! Even just for playtesting (update!: here's the list of everyone!! https://reflex.fun/special_thanks.txt <3) for his work with his ruleset and hosting custom servers to make that all happen. The progression and documentation through all the iterations as well as theory behind all the changes are really what made it a comprehensive write-up. This is the result of months upon months of testing across a variety of skill levels. For the full write-up please see: https://reflex.fun/ruleset This is the gameplay changes moving forward and will obviously be part of 1.2, but we're providing this portion early so it can be used in competitions people are running. We loved being able to provide everyone in the community with the experimental plus ruleset, which internally we called more of a "sandpit" to let people play in. This was explicitly stated to be an exclusive testing and development circle in order to reduce noise and dilution among the community. Somebody has taken a massive shit in the sandpit and as a result it has now been removed. Reflex monthly cup melees have also been added and awarded to the winners. Congratulations to everyone involved with this cup, both the players and organisers/admins!
  2. Electro

    Custom Ruleset Poll

    Officially confirmed for next update. Everything from my end is done with implementation of it. Just want to say, this is how custom rulesets should be handled. Everything about the process was done right. Documentation, discussions, changelogs and explanations. Thanks to everyone that provided feedback and to Rama for coordinating it all. I believe it addresses a lot of consistency issues while providing more solidified roles for weapons. By providing this contrast it makes the gameplay less flat/uniform overall. I think it'll give an improved platform moving forward. Another added bonus is that for the most part, the more casual players won't notice any drastic changes. A good step towards evolving the gameplay I think. Thanks again everyone.
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    Custom Ruleset Poll

    I like this thread.
  4. I'm working hard. I'm not going to promise features or hype anything, because what ends up being in the next build might change. When (or "wen" as people like to keep poking/hounding with) isn't known at this stage too, might be a few weeks away still. I'm more so interested on refinement than inflating/polluting the game with more features. In an ideal world large games would happen and mysteriously have people appear out of nowhere to form endless queues of large matches, but it just doesn't happen. For example, we put a lot of time into doing CTF (a lot more than just flags...), the tech for larger maps was pretty huge, team visibility/customisation of all the colours and having those go into the maps also, sounds, events, hud/lua... there's quite a bit to it. Regarding the abusive people saying they paid for X, game is ded devs are ded and pickering about trivial trash. You paid $10 or less and typically have hundreds of hours in-game. I'd like to know how many other games you pay for that have given as many hours and costed more. Get a reality check. Sit down. Think about how much money is pumped into marketing for other titles from big studios and what their player numbers are at or typically hours played. Millions of dollars pumped into marketing alone which far exceeds any actual revenue for the entire project, but people still like to draw comparisons... yep, well done. A lot of people like to think they have the secret magical answer to wave their wand and it's everything anyone ever could have possibly imagined, but the reality just isn't that. I know people will probably slam me, but they slam me anyway regardless. Bust our asses on a huge update monthly... slammed, what about X or Y? wen. Hype anything, get poked wen constantly, release, slammed... what about X or Y, do the devs even care. wen is X coming. Don't say anything, try focus on working. Slammed. Say something. Slammed. Stop with the negativity. Enjoy something, the amount of content is insane. The updates have for a long time have been huge and frequent. The update is yes taking a bit longer this time, no need to get out the pitch forks and abuse.
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    Reflex 1.1.1 hotfixes

    Hello humans! (and other species so we don't offend) We've put together a bunch of hotfixes for you. There's more under the hood that accompanies these as usual, but you get the idea.. Code Carnage pickup sound is heard again (now clamped to 4 seconds -- ours is 3.7) cl_playercolorX is now blocked when not in menu cl_player<inventory> cvars are now blocked when not in menu Player name now flood protected Drop in support now preserves existing player states in arena games Fixed issue where in arena1v1, game would end if a playing player left (while there were queued people that could come in next round) UI/Widgets Added: MapAutoSave widget! Intervals and backup counts configurable in options Replay editor: now properly stays visible in edit mode Replay editor: can no-longer select spectators in replays Accelmeter: added race mode/training mode only options Proving grounds now includes on/off/both options (so now you can queue for both proving grounds and standard map pools)
  6. Electro

    Reflex 1.1.0

    Hi person(s), Wen is now. Here's your log of changed things. Art Effect optimisation: burst impact, increased spark gravity, reduced number of sparks by 20%, better spark orientations, reduced spark length, increased spark width Effect optimisation: rocket explosion, redcued number of sparks by 33%, reduced spark lengths, better spark orientations Effect optimisation: blood particles duration now 1.5 seconds (was 2.0 seconds) Removed ribbon trails off plasma eject cases Shell casing duration reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds (making it a max of 10 casings laying around per person for 5 seconds of sustained fire) Cosmetics Modified Jaguar head to reduce clipping Added Plague head Added Bunny Head Added Turtle Head Maps Furnace (dp5) has had an art pass Fixed name for Stage 1 Combat Changed name for Stage 2 Combat to follow the same convention Aerowalk update: now in sync with workshop version for match making (previous clip fixes) Code Added Announcer - He says things about the match and things you do Greatly improved performance of client-side particle collision Added map editor sun enabled property Added cl_weaponcycle to UI Teleporter meshes now appear in the content browser Fixed post-fix string issue on date formatting Fixed issue where bridge tool would fail when two source edges (from different brushes) were identical Increased max length of addon description Fixed case sentitivity lua error when calling callWidgetDrawOptions() or callWidgetGetOptionsHeight() with incorrect case (would break Menu.lua if clicking on addon with same name as widget, but different case) Fixed flicker when selecting addon/widget in menu, selection is now drawn next frame (after filtering occurs) Players no-longer suicide if they change to the team they're already on (important for master server drop-in on team games) Changed MM disconnect hover info from "Disconnecting will count as a loss, and you will incur a time penalty" to "Disconnecting will count as a loss" as we don't give time penalties anymore Sounds in these effects are limited to max length of 3 seconds: internal/items/armor/armor_green_pickedup.effecttxt internal/items/armor/armor_red_pickedup.effecttxt internal/items/armor/armor_yellow_pickedup.effecttxt internal/items/health/health_50_pickedup.effecttxt internal/items/health/health_mega_expire.effecttxt internal/items/powerup_protect/powerup_protect_pickedup.effecttxt internal/items/powerup_quad/powerup_quad_pickedup.effecttxt Shotgun low ammo warning is now at 5 Added Gamma Slider and r_gamma Dropped weapons (i.e. backpacks containing ammo) are now pickup-able when you have full ammo of the dropped weapon type (and can utilize the ammo). Team spawns: We no-longer favor spawns that have friendly's near by. An enemy have rough-los to a spawn will now fully block it from being used.(note: If all spawns have rough-los from am enemy, it falls back to distance-bias based spawn.) If you disconnect mid MM game via console, it will now correctly remove you from MM queue (this also catches case when connection is interrupted) If you disconnect post MM game via console/menu, it will now correctly remove you from MM queue cl_predict_items now defaults to 0 Matchmaking Full MM ladder now shown Added drop in/out for casual modes Match history now can be filtered by player Doubles earns 15 CP, CTF earns 20 CP Losers now receive 20% CP reward added matchhistoryraw/ for importing to your own databases Competitive MM unavailable below level 15 Added 'Proving Grounds' playlist - Thread Here Lua Replay editor now hides with cl_show_hud TeamHud: fixed an error due to clients disconnecting Fixed issue where widget selection wasn't being applied properly Added AccelMeter widget
  7. Electro

    Announcing the Reflex Arena launch date!

    Yep! Processing step for them to calculate then they'll be able to play. So many map cases to try cater for but they'll get improvements as tricky spots come up more No manual placement required, although we have simple links that can be placed to help with some trickier spots that aren't automatically detected. We're hoping they're a good start, we have pretty high standards and a LOT of foundations are in place with them. Thanks everyone!
  8. Electro

    Mouse input and projectiles feels bad

    Yes, improvements are on our massive list.
  9. Electro

    Reflex 0.47.0

    The hype train has finally pulled up at the station. Now we can finally curl up into a fetal position for an hour until we need to start work on 47.1 btw, NEW PLASMAGUN AND BOLTRIFLE MODELS ARE INNNN Mutators We've implemented mutators which add a bit of fun to the game for more casual players. We've also retired the old arena game modes and pulled across arena mode as a mutator. Addon support We've implemented addon support which allows you to share your widgets and game mods over the workshop. There's a lot of cool widgets out there that people have made, making it easier to get and keep them up to date should really allow people to use them more. Addon supports asset overriding, so you can bundle custom jump sounds etc in addons too! For an example on how to create your own addon, check out this post: Widget and client side modifications The custom widgets are a great feature for Reflex, but they also allow you to really assist yourself in game. What exactly to allow/dissallow is not an easy thing to decide. For example I think everyone would agree there isn't much gain with custom jump sounds (depends how elitist we go i guess), while I think everyone would agree having a custom armor pickup sound of 25 seconds definately crosses the line. So what we have done is provided servers with a list of the custom modifications each client has. This isn't easily visible and is only really going to be used by cheat detection people organising competitions. The intent is that some competitions may allow some mods, while others won't. Experimental Plus So we've had an experimental ruleset for a few patches now. We work with a small group of advanced players which take part in assisting us in determining which way to adjust the ruleset. It's been brought up that the turn around time for this process is too slow. So what we're doing is providing a new "Experimental_Plus" ruleset to this group which allows them to tweak gameplay on their own build. We're keeping this to just them for now because the goal isn't to have crazy mod servers out there, but to have intellegent subtle tweaks made to improve the gameplay. With the ultimate goal that we can more quickly finesse the gameplay. I wanted to make this known so people know about it, and also because you guys are all able to connect to these servers and see what they have been doing. I believe the up-coming League will be using this ruleset, for more perhaps talk to @Qualx Mutators Implemented sv_startmutators, callvote mutators Implemented sv_allowcallvotemutators so server admins can deny clients changing mutators added sv_allowcallvotemutators and sv_startmutators to dedicatedserver_default.cfg (with comment) Implemented vampire mutator: removes all health pickups, non-self pre-armor damage awards health based off gconst_mutator_vampire_health_for_1damage Implemented instagib mutator: no pickups, one shot kills, bolt + melee awarded on spawn, unlimited ammo Implemented melee only mutator: no weapon/ammo pickups, melee only, Implemented handicap mutator: gives extra health/armor to trailing player, added on TOP of spawned health (i.e. stacks with warmup mutator), clamped at 200/200 Implemented warmup mutator: always awards warmup values of gconst_player_spawn_health_warmup / gconst_player_spawn_armor_warmup + all weapons on spawn Implemented mutator: big head modee - on gibs, on ragdolls, on players Implemented mutator: low gravity - half world, grenade, stake gravity Migrated arena game modes to mutator system Added mutator icons to scoreboard Addons Implemented addon backend Watches filesystem for change in base/addons folder and reparses disk on notification (rather than only polling disk on install/uninstall) - this allows people to drag new addons in while reflex is running, and reflex sees it. Triggers steam-requery after assets on disk change Added "New assets found, restart required" message Added quick grouping of widgets into addons in widget list on UI (like a treeview but always expanded), hopefully will help organise addons Code Increased steam VAC timeout max retry count from 10 to 1000 Added patch for old protocol versions loaded in .replay files to update gamemode indices so things are nicely in order again (now that arena gamemodes are gone) Weapon restrictor now uses desired weapon selection rather than reading from player state. (this fixes issue where it would pop down & back up, this also fixes selection where it wasn't correctly picking the best desired weapon on spawn - specifically it occured in instagib) Physx gravity now matched to world gravity Exposed addon table to lua Asset (re)loader now caches state of failed assets / queried assets. So if an asset goes missing the game doesn't drop to ~5fps polling all 3000+ assets while it tries to load the missing one Fixed crash bug which would occur if steam API was not initialised re_setentityproperty should now work on large string properties also Secret surprise dev UI/Lua Fixed download % on addon dialog to correctly scale 0->100 (isntead of 0->1) Save & restore menu status on luastate reload (caused when any lua file uploads) Added staff pick filters on AddonPicker.lua & MatchPicker.lua Renamed Sort By -> Filter By on AddonPicker.lua & MatchPicker.lua Provided addonName field on widget to lua Art Added new bolt rifle model + effects Added new plasma gun + effects Added new melee: cleaver Added new melee: baseball bat Added new melee: supporter khopesh Added new head: juggs Added new head: hostile hoodie Fixed shotgun crouch anims (aim + attack) Gameplay Burstgun exp integrated into main game Shotgun exp integrated into main game Grenades exp integrated into main game Bolt rifle ammo exp integrated into main game Experimental Grenades now point trace (no collision radius) Plasma ammo changes: low = 40, max = 150, weapon pickup = 75, ammo pickup = 50 Plasma kb now 0.425 Rocket splash radius now 112 Ioncannon: kb now 1.7, damage = 6, reload = 46ms (= total 130dps) Ioncannon ammo changes: ammo pickup = 50 Let the whinge for 48 wen begin \o/
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    Reflex 0.47.0

    fanx maaaaaate
  11. Cheers def Sorry guys I've been flat out with 47
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    The concepts shown in the kickstarter were for a style going down the kickstarter route. As well as work done leading up to it. The early tests in early access with a few textures were just that, tests. We've said many times before why this route is better, even when making the transition to it in length announcements. It's faster to produce assets. People turn textures off anyway. As the style has evolved it outperforms needing to do texture lookups and chew a lot of memory. Allows flexibility while mapping to scale assets arbitrarily without having to worry about texel inconsistencies. I think you're definitely onto something with saying not to try and educate the customers. Best I just stay away from these sorts of threads.
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    Textures aren't happening for reflex. It's our first indie title entirely from scratch built from absolutely nothing with 3 people. We haven't even been full-time for the entirety of the project. That q4 video linked looks horrible. Not just aesthetically but also from a technical standpoint. If that's the standard expected from textures then I'd rather not have textures anyway. Each quake title had full-time staff in a studio environment (yes believe it or not being in the same location helps *gasp*) Q4 had about 40+ staff for 2 years? Was built on existing doom3 Doom3 40+ staff built on q3 (yes major renderer rewrite... but there's a lot more to a game than a rendering pipeline..that's the small part in the grand scheme of things) Q3 built on q2... couple of years 30+ staff? Q2 built on q1... couple of years 20+ staff? Q1 built for years with 10+ staff and multiple rewrites along the way (6 iirc) It's all good and well to try say what it should and shouldn't be, but some education is needed on development resources and timelines. To then try and compare a title built with 10 times the amount of resources of tech and tools developed over a decade prior... how about trying to compare it to something built from scratch by 3 people in our timeline. Having a hard time finding something to compare it to? Yeah me too.
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    lolograde wins this thread
  15. Ok it appears i need to chime in. The judges chosen are respected and impartial. Matches were played over multiple sessions, i hosted some so i have some of those demos still i believe. All of the judges votes were done independently and i collated them, the devs had no bias in weighting towards the tallies. The top 3 were a fair margin ahead of the others that made the top 10. I apologise for the mess up regarding public voting, it was something we originally weren't going to do at all, then we were... then we had real life issues going on that needed to delay for further proper judging and we were going to update the announcement to remove the bite about public voting and well it slipped through. Things happen. I'm sorry. If we do one again there's plenty we've learned from to do it more smoothly. I have some very rough notes i took down so i could remember and make a cheat sheet for myself later on. I'll take the time to go through them and elaborate on them and the criteria i personally used to assess. I'll also post the top 10. I'd also like to personally thank everyone for their submissions and hard work it was really great to see.
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    Reflex 0.46.4

    We're pushing out another point release to address some crash bugs & tweak experimental changes. Bug Fixes Fixed server crash occasionally occuring on map change Fixed issues with teams getting swapped around as game goes live Fixed issue where sv_allowmodes would only allow last option in list to pass Fixed crash when querying steam leaderboards top 20 when not connected to steam Experimental Ruleset Changes BURSTGUN Projectile speed was 3500 now 4000 Pprojectile damage was 7 now 6 Max ammo was 40 now 30 Weapon pickup ammo was 20 now 15 Ammo pickup was 10 now 5 Spread no longer randomised Spread was 0.05 now 0.03 Now has 7 projectiles (previous 6 + new center) SHOTGUN Max ammo was 40 now 20 Weapon pickup ammo was 20 now 10 Ammo pickup was 10 now 5 GRENADES Explosion radius was 150 now 160 PLASMA Max ammo was 200 now 100 Weapon pickup ammo was 100 now 50 Ammo pickup was 50 now 25 IONCANNON Max ammo was 200 now 150 Ammo pickup was 50 now 25 Damage was 6 now 7 (was 120dps now 140dps) Knockback (ground and air) was 1.7 now 1.5 (to mostly counter damage increase, still is slight buff) ROCKETS Explosion radius was 120 now 115
  17. Electro

    BOTS for the last time

    AOT ...WOT? We can't wait to get them released
  18. Electro

    Reflex 0.46.3

    Code r_shadow_resolution now goes up to 2 for 1024 shadows Reduced max shadow map count, levels seem to be using a more sensible number of light shadows now Callvote restart will now pull extra players out of game (fixes issue in training + 1v1) Hid dev trim materials from map editor Publishing maps with all gamemodes enabled on your map will now report error: "too many gamemodes selected in worldspawn" Experimental Lowered vertical knockback Ioncannon: knockback ground & air now 1.7 Plasmarifle: reduced air knockback (was 1.5, now 1.0) Rocket: splash radius 120 (was 115) Sound Pickup spawn sounds won't play on level initialise anymore Removed sound system LPF, needs further looking at Reduced boltrifle idle hum sound (avoid clipping) Tweaked ioncannon idle hum Increased mega pickup/expire sound range (was 1300ish, now 4096) Increased resist pickup/expire sound range (was 1300ish, now 4096) Increased rocket fly sound sound range (was 128 now 512) Increased plasma cell sound sound range (was 64 now 256)
  19. Electro

    Reflex 0.46.2

    Improvements Increased length of sv_startruleset (so you can use experimental_stake) Spawn system will no-longer fall back to fully random if all spawns had LOS from an enemy Added r_shadow_resolution 0/1 to allow higher resolution for spotlight shadows, added option to Menu Added a bit of smarts to the LOD system Training Added global + top leaderboards to training mode Added leaderboards to training menu (selected via dropdown on top right) EntityShootable's (the targets) now have a melee type. EntityShootable's and EntityTurret's hits/misses are now counted towards stats on scoreboard (note: stats from race/training are NOT used to calculate your general stats in the profile->statistics screen) Art Reduced grenade launcher first person weapon roll Removed some ioncannon flare particles when impacting players Added LODs: shotgun, grenade launcher, ioncannon, rocket launcher, additional ammo pickups lod2 (for shadows) UI Fixed typo "quality" -> "qualify" Friends menu "Join" button is now only visible if server is properly contactable (i.e. server has ports forwarded) Friends menu "Join" button is now disabled if the server is full. Sound Bit of a quick overhaul to the sound system. Now has better attenuation for sounds. Additionally has audio occlusion (kept fairly subtle for gameplay sake). As a result, every sound for the game has had to be adjusted, bare with us as some might still need further iterations and tweaks, but overall there is much more spatial awareness and positional audio occuring. Revised sound: bolt rifle idle hum Revised sound: ioncannon idle hum Experimental Stake launcher: Fixed popping on players when shooting a stake into a surface they're standing on Shotgun: now has center pellet in experimental mode Stake launcher: reload was 1100 now 1250, projectile speed was 3000 now 3750, projectile gravity was 600 now 700, projectile damage was 100 now 110 Plasma Rifle: kb was 0.425 now 0.45, self kb was 2.21 now 2.0, air kb was 2.125 now 1.5 Rocket Launcher: explosion radius was 120 now 115, air kb was 1.5 now 1.0 Ioncannon: air kb was 1.7 now 1.5
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    BOTS for the last time

    I haven't deleted anything I don't know what you're on about. I make art and code things. Thanks for your contribution though!
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    BOTS for the last time

    They're coming, confirmed. Minds will be blown. When, is a surprise.
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    Experimental Wishlist

    I want this too Soon.
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    Reflex 0.46.1

    Guess we'll just have to find out the toll then