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  1. vixterra

    Sterile: 1v1 Map, Looking for testers!

    I've had quite a bit of fun doing some duels on this map. The brushwork is really fantastic and the lighting looks pretty good save for a few areas where a bit of light seems to bleed through the walls. I don't have the FPS drops everyone else is complaining about ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  2. vixterra

    how to enable duel?

    callvote mode 1v1
  3. vixterra


    Server announcer pack? Might be cool. :^)
  4. vixterra

    Will Stair Jumps/ Tele Jumps Get Easier?

    Stair jumps might. Telejumps feel really weird in reflex.
  5. vixterra

    Official Weapon Thread.

    I fail to see how it is "clearly" better.
  6. vixterra

    Official Weapon Thread.

    I quite like the triangle pattern.
  7. Download: http://reflex.vixterra.com/maps/vixterradm1_1v1.zip [2014-11-10]
  8. vixterra

    Bright coloured players instead of outlines.

    I'm pretty sure his argument is that having cosmetics that noticeably alter your player model can give users with certain cosmetics an advantage or disadvantage in how easy they are to spot. In CSGO you can't customize your model, everyone is equally as difficult to see.
  9. vixterra

    50 cent RefleX custum map tourny!

    I'd be down to play, sign me up.
  10. This is my attempt at making a very small, fast map for 1v1 play. Download: http://reflex.vixterra.com/maps/vixdm1/vixdm1.map Screenshots
  11. vixterra

    Text colors in chat/nametags

    Your chat colour is whatever your colour0 is set to in your config.