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  1. BaRLeY

    Any news on the Angle bug?

    It's easy to dumb down map geometry but it's obviously not a good thing and something that should probably be of high priority (At least I think so)
  2. BaRLeY

    Any news on the Angle bug?

    Just curious about the progress on the angle bug. For those that do not know about the angle bug; when a diagonal is rotated in nearly any form off of 90 degrees some invisible geometry will always poke or jut out causing you to float in mid-air and stumble jumps. I was told it's not a trivial problem and not an easy fix. But it's really causing issues with not only rounded aesthetics but also with adding curves to maps. Ramps only work on a 90 degree angle and that causes a lot of restrictions. This has caused issues with rounding off the ends of pipes, geometrical detail added to platforms, and destroys most to all attempts to create 'natural' geometry such as grassy hills or cliffs. I want to avoid using non solid meshes in maps. I have attempted to make a broken bridge out of angled and snapped pieces of wood but there is always something jutting out and causing jumps to be unpredictable and erratic. I am also here to express that I believe in such a custom content rich game; the priority of this bug should be raised. Not that long ago I tried to create a golf course map with a friend just for fun and the size of the invisible geometry entirely ruined the map altogether. I don't want to make a boxy and sterile map and that often halts me in my tracks to complete my map. Sure, there's often a work around but I don't really wanna have to make everything out of squares, right angles and square clipping covered meshes. Thanks for reading and I look forward to a response =)
  3. BaRLeY

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    Big Duel Map or FFA - Leap to Red Armor screenshot ... Still working on assthetics :ok_hand: