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  1. tangy

    How to make Relfex great again

    first step to making it great, call it reflex
  2. tangy

    Old rocket launcher model

    that old model looks like my dog's red rocket
  3. tangy

    Is ion cannon dueling effective practice

    I would just play duel, you will learn much more about different parts of the game, and people will move different in real duels and attempt to take items/change weapons etc. It's not exactly bad practice, but I would just play duels. If you want intense training for your tracking, I honestly recommend kovaaks aim trainer. I improved my tracking a lot by just going up against the mix bot with it not shooting back. Its quite realistic and in some cases harder to hit than real people. I went from hitting <30% lg in the trainer to 40%> pretty consistently, and it shows in game, I get compliments/hate mail about my ic a decent amount. A lot of aiming I find is just learning to aim correctly. Only recently have I really started to grasp using my movement to sync with my aim as well as mouse as well with a slight bit of prediction, this stuff just takes time. Watching top players and just playing duels will let you learn this the fastest.
  4. I'm not a developer, but I am curious about what the community thinks of the current stake gun now that's its been in the game for a little while. What do you think should be changed, should it be changed, or should it even be implemented into normal play.
  5. If you really can't find all the tokens, I went and found them for you. Time stamps for each token in the video descriptions.
  6. I know the gun isnt even back in the game yet, but I had this idea and I just wanted to put it out there. What if the stake gun would replace the burst gun as the first weapon you spawn in with. Of course, it would need much less damage, maybe 30-40, with a fire rate similar to the shotgun I think and a projectile velocity similar to the plasma gun. This way, the weapon becomes more of a utility than an actual weapon, as you always have it on you and using it in an actual fight is not viable. I think this would be easier than trying to balance 3 weapons all with very high burst damage and range (rocket/bolt/stake) and it allows for the weapon to fulfill what I believe is the main role of the weapon, being to move around the map on stepping stones. Just something to think about
  7. its a .46 head i believe that must of somehow got leaked into the public version. you arent the only person to mention this.
  8. tangy

    "Humble" list of suggestions

    Agreed, to your list I would also add a brightness/gamma option, the ability to change crosshair color without a widget, timer up/down (I think there is reason for it being down only, but maybe make it go up instead?) and that's all I can think of at this moment. I may add later.
  9. tangy

    how do you guys feel about rail balance?

    I heard something about it being point-trace or whatever that is, not sure what it means, but quite often I see rails just barely skim by or actually look like they pass through a player. I don't think it is the hit registration, maybe something with the way the hitbox works or something, I have no idea. If that could be fixed (if possible) and maybe lower ammo to 20 I think it would be fine. I am not a cpma player, but I'm not to sure about a faster reloading bolt, it already gets used plenty and fills its role quite well. It shouldn't be viable for pretty much anything other than potshots or as a finishing weapon.
  10. tangy

    Update Soon

    I agree, I also think a new video on the steam page is in order once all of the weapon models have been redone.
  11. tangy

    Buying supporter machete.

    Trade closed.
  12. tangy

    Buying supporter machete.

    I am looking to buy a golden machete. I can pay with either of the 2 new supporter weapons, I will buy which ever one you please. If you would like to do this trade, you may have to wait a little bit because I would have to sell an item from another game on the marketplace, but once that is sold I can trade immediately. You can post here if you are interested and then add me so I know to sell my item. http://steamcommunity.com/id/xyzasdf/
  13. With the addition of the new robot parts, there are many new items in the game to be traded and many people are seeking out these items. As of now, there is not really any place to get them immediately besides buying off the market/store, or asking in discord, but that gets flooded. A section for people to make posts about what they wish to buy or sell (as well as trade offer link) would be nice to "advertise" and allow people to get what they want.
  14. tangy

    Reflex 0.45.0

    This actually managed to exceed the hype, I was expecting animations and that was about it, you guys really cranked out those models and the chance to drop items at the end of a match is awesome. Very well done.
  15. I have been having this issue as well, it was only recently that this has been happening.