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  1. vk.

    Reflex 40 Ion Cannon sound

    No it's not a sound engine problem the problem is how the equalization of the samples themselves interact with the 2 channel sound engine of in game objects. The game has no midrange, I'm sorry guys, but it doesn't and the direction the sound effects are going further amplifies this. You don't need to re-invent the wheel of in game stereo field audio. You just need sounds that make it more clear what's happening on the map and (to me) that means less low and high end and more midrange. As it sits with such prominent low and highs those low ass frequencies have almost NO DIRECTIONALITY. Unless of course you use shitty headphones closed back headphones in which you will NEVER recognize the problem to begin with. Right now this is the common headphone trend but its not normal. 80hz and lower you cant or at least hardly can recognize direction. VERY high frequency sounds are super directional. THAT's whats wrong with the sound in the game. THERE IS NO MIDRANGE to actually hear the combination of multiple weapons and moving robots. You need midrange.
  2. I am a huge fan of the game, I want it to do well when its officially released. That said I have a major issue I need to address involving the sound design that became blatantly clear when the Ion's sound fx were updated in release 40. Many I've talked to in matches agree with me. You cannot hear the the Ion cannon in a battle anymore. I'll explain why in a sec, but an apology first for getting technical as this message is for the designers of the sound specifically. The game is heavily stacked in the sub bass and very high end as it sits. To be completely honest I'm not at fan of this as if you play the game in high end headphones it clearly lacks the midrange which are normally the most prominent frequencies to the human ear. The eq curve of the whole game is bumped at 100hz and lower as well as 2khz and higher. On high end headphones the sound isn't very revealing of where your opponent is nor pleasing to the ear. The introduction of the new Ion sound is COMPLETELY lost within the scope of hearing weapons during a match. This is due to the fact that every movement and weapon fire has so much low and high end on top of the new ion sound being completely scooped out. In a vacuum it sounds fantastic, but players are getting confused, especially with a turned back and being leveled by the Ion, because you can't hear it anymore.
  3. vk.

    Why do you play Reflex?

    Hi, I am completely new to cpma style games. I played ut2k4 for years and years on and off, but that game is dead. I saw this game on steam and read some reviews. I held off on buying it because I was afraid my 8 year old hardware couldn't keep up. Luckily I bought it anyways and found my computer can get by above 60fps I really like this game so far. There are a lot of really skilled players and everyone is helpful and cool, even after the 30 to -2 beat downs I receive a lot. I hope this game explodes and brings back the good old days of real fps's to the mainstream.