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  1. Delementary

    Interest in an NA CTF Tournament?

    Sounds awesome!
  2. Delementary

    Custom Ruleset Poll

    Region : NA Highest reached rank in Matchmaking : Diamond Have you played games on the custom ruleset : No (working on it) Have you watched games played on the custom ruleset : Yes Do you wish to see the changes proposed by the custom ruleset implemented into the current competitive ruleset ? : Yes Why ? My impression is that overall these rules provide a better experience for players and spectators across the board. We saw more interesting and close match-ups in the EU and NA tournaments. After watching, analyzing, and casting 10+ hours of tournament games, it is very apparent that the ruleset changes don't benefit any particular play style or weapon over others; it leaves more room for creative play OOC and more to manage in control. I can appreciate the design philosophy of prioritizing weapon buffs, while promoting smart use of ammo and positioning. I think at a bare minimum, this provides a better starting point than the current competitive ruleset to continue exploring further tweaks to settings if it's necessary in the future. It would be nice to have an opportunity in the main build of the game to collect more information on how the ruleset plays outside of duel. I think it is smart to focus Reflex's design around high level duel gameplay as the core experience, but seeing the impact to team modes is important too. Luckily, I think casual gameplay is largely unaffected by these changes. I hope this gets more players reinvested in competitive Reflex. Thanks again for taking the initiative Rama.
  3. Delementary

    [Reflex Race] -Zilo- #1 weapon runs movie

    This is very cool. Love the clips where the camera follows the rocket and you come flying in past it. Thanks for all the work!
  4. Delementary


    No players, no spectators No spectators, no revenue No revenue, no sponsors No sponsors, no pro interest No pro interest, no LANs One step at a time. Unfortunately the world of esports is just another business that revolves 100% around profit, and has nothing to do with the competitive merit of a game.
  5. Delementary

    Calendar - terit4

    Nice updates, glad to see this map getting more love. I've always really enjoyed it. Some feedback: -at the new lower tele that takes you to the upper RL, when you try to tele jump out of it you hit your head on the ceiling and feels really awkward. Consider raising the ceiling here. -I agree with Necro, I'd be glad to see a rework of the 3 pillar jump up to the IC. -The water sound effect at mega may be overkill now that the room is such a trap? I haven't fully play tested this so maybe it does work better with sound cues. -The mega stairs feel a little cramped. I can't say what the best fix for this would be, but you could try a combination of 1) widening the floor area around the bolt 2) simply raising the ceiling around the top of the stairs, below PL. Not really a huge deal though. -Experimental suggestion: swap bolt and PL spawn. Because the lower tele takes you to the upper RL, the stair/platform and the stair jump at PL is de-emphasized. Forcing players to move there for bolt, and giving better access to PL to spam the lower YA corridor might be fun. Just my initial thoughts. I'll try to revisit this after I test a few games. Cheers.
  6. Delementary

    The need for new maps into the competitive pool

    100% agree. Fuck it, throw a few new/less played maps straight into comp duel. The variety alone is worth it for well made and good looking maps. Implement a system that dictates only 1 of the 3 vote options is an experimental map. With our veto system the complainers literally never have to play those maps. Giving new players plenty of options WILL keep people playing longer. Side note, I would be happy to help by casting a new map cup. If anyone decides to step up contact me!
  7. Delementary

    Announcing the Reflex Arena launch date!

    So much happiness. So much H Y P E.
  8. Delementary

    Thermal Blast

    This initial art pass looks really good. I love the theme with the scenery going on above the map and how it ties in with the name. Well done fht! A couple of things for feedback on the art specifically; I hope he finds time for more progress: -there are a few areas that are too dark, specifically the small hallway from the main GA room to carnage, and the PL room. Overall I think the lighting is good with the skylights. -the grass/vines are slightly overdone. I think it's a combination of the abundance and height of the grass, combined with the color. Maybe lowering the grass slightly and changing the color to more yellow/brownish would improve visibility? In some areas it feels like there are a few too many vines, although I do like how they add to the atmosphere. Specifically, the vine halfway covering the MH is too much. -I would love to see more love and detail added around the carnage pit, I feel like some effect in the lava to fit in with the theme would help tie it together. Can't think of anything specific off the top of my head. -there is a clipping issue at RA (I'm sure this is already known) Overall great job. Having this completed art in MM and used for the upcoming cups would be awesome. Thanks!
  9. Delementary

    Matchmaking Playlists & Map Pools

    Just wanted to add my 2 cents for additional maps that should be considered to add to specific playlist pools. Some of these are not fully vetted by the larger community, but I think they are all well made, look good, and play reasonably fun... especially for the larger player base we are starting to pull in. I think having a handful of "experimental" maps is good for both exposure to the map makers and variety for us. Having more options seems good to me. I think with a properly reworked voting system, higher level players won't be forced to play anything they don't want to. Duel Calendar Shadowfalls Abandoned Shelter Quickfire XY2 Mausoleum Outlast Leuko Cloister The Missing Link Risk FFA Unforgiving Leuko Bastion Nillium XY2 Bazinga Forgiving City (might be a bit too messy? But very fun) Sepulchre (not sure if this is a remake) Sphinctified The Gravesite CTF The Gravesite (CTF version) Abandoned Shetler (CTF version) Monolith Aqueduct (not sure if this is a remake) Casting Carnage (not sure if this is a remake) Suna Station Twin Keeps (not sure if this is a remake) Gridiron Complex
  10. Very happy about the increased pickup sound range. It should make for a more consistent sense of item control on duel maps, closer to global sound. Cheers!
  11. Delementary

    Sanctum - prdm9

    The visuals are really stunning. Love the doom vibes. The gameplay is fast as the map is rather confined, although I think this lends to a fun and unique style of gameplay. Very fun jumping options around the bolt rile atrium area and the central pillar. I only got in a handful of duels tonight but I'll try to provide more feedback as I play more. Thanks for putting in the effort on this!
  12. This map and entire experience is fantastic, despite your current limitations with the triggers and such. Exactly what training needs to be, but I think something the devs simply don't have time to take on. I'm very happy that you have. I absolutely love the atmosphere and half-life esque free roam objective approach to the map. The tutorials are wonderfully paced and baked in very naturally as you progress. The subtle features like the floating text with dots cuing where you should jump is great. I really hope you will take more time to continue refining the experience, adding additional meshes, etc. I will run a few of my irl noob friends through this and get their opinions, feedback, and general experience with it, since I am quite biased. I'll try to get you more specific feedback on different elements soon. Overall though the presentation is great and I would happily see this replace the entirety of the current offerings under the training tab. Really great work!
  13. Happy Birthday Reflex!! I'm a few days late posting this, but nevertheless I wanted to give a big shoutout to the development team and the community for two solid years of a fun, playable early access game. Special thanks of course to Shooter, Electro, Yasashii, and Thaylia. You guys are rockstars, seriously. This week (ish) also happens to mark my personal 1 year anniversary playing the game, and 500 hours logged. I can only say that about a handful of games, but its been time well spent. I'm bummed I didn't start playing sooner. I've truly enjoyed witnessing myself progress from utter noob, to somewhat-not-half-bad-on-a-good-day. Seriously, the joy of accomplishment this game has given me is the one thing I try to push on my friends who try it out. So thanks to everyone who's kept me interested and pushed me to improve as a player. There are not many people playing this game but those of you who do make it count. I also wanted to share some of my excitement for the future. I know everyone goes through phases of pipe-dreams of a population explosion...but even a modest boost and a new mix of competition would be more than welcome (and I think should be expected) as we move forward into 2017. With the Reflex League being kicked off, matchmaking on the horizon, and the feature length movie (LAN) starring Reflex being released soon, there is a lot to look forward to and show off to your friends. Reflex has so much potential to be enjoyed by a wider audience, and I'm working as hard as my schedule and talents will allow to help it realize that potential. I hope everyone else is doing the same. Don't forget, despite how much shit we give each other, anything you guys do for the game or the community is not overlooked and is appreciated by everyone. I can attest to it personally by the reception to the handful of cups I have casted. You all gave me so much support during those. It was unlike anything I've seen in other communities, and very motivating. I can't count how many community projects have blown me away over the last year. There are some incredibly talented people who enjoy Reflex. That's something to be proud of. Whatever you're good at, keep it up- making maps, widgets, frag movies, ruleset testing, playing in cups, sharing the game with friends, hosting game nights, streaming, everything helps us grow and look better. Even if no one else wants to play, we are making the game more and more fun for ourselves every day. Positivity rubs off on each other, and on the devs. Stay hyped guys, keep playing and keep sharing. Reflex has big things in store. Here's to 2 great years and to many more. Cheers, Del
  14. Delementary


    Hey I finally got around to installing this HUD. It's really clean and nice looking. I'll be using it for a while. Some feedback: -there is a bug where if you hide melee, the icon will still appear overlapping other weapons when you have melee equipped. -it would be amazing if the widget could recognize the head cosmetic and color pattern you have chosen and update the little robot head to match.
  15. Delementary

    Official 2v2 TDM Mapping Competition - Results!

    I never saw a public voting thread, I imagine it would have complicated the selection process but it would have been nice so more entries could have recieved feedback. Nonetheless I'm very happy with the map winners. Congrats guys. Iron guard was an instant favorite for me as well.