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  1. p1nou

    Dedicated Server Guide

    Hello, When I start a server with wineconsole in the previous version. I had access to the console through a terminal. from version 30.x wine seeks graphical server reflex@sd-45861:~/reflex_editor$ wineconsole reflexded.exe Application tried to create a window, but no driver could be loaded. Make sure that your X server is running and that $DISPLAY is set correctly. the server starts but there is there a way to run a server properly ?
  2. p1nou

    [Tournament] A2v2 April's Tournament

    hello all Add : p1nou & KrisJtdf level master pro pgm of the death (in winmine)
  3. p1nou

    Dedicated Server Guide

    use wineconsole reflexded.exe it's very good for run server
  4. p1nou

    where is a mouse accel ?

    Thank you Newborn You really made a good job
  5. do you want add a spectator slots? I think it has to 1V1 server.
  6. p1nou

    where is a mouse accel ?

    yes i can use the mouse accel of my mouse but i hate the accel out of the game
  7. hello you'll add m_accel ?
  8. p1nou

    Dedicated Server Guide

    Do you know how to choose the game mode to launch the server?