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    Reflex CTF Draft Cup Promo by entik Lost Frags by me pizza time by me Zoko by zokolate Reflex Monthly Cups 2nd Editions Highlights by cupcake and cat_smoker Reflex Monthly Cups 3rd Editions Highlights by cat_smoker and lolograde Reflex Pre-alpha Frags #2 by Stalast Reflex Arena Style FragMovie #2 by MeTzGoRe-iND Race/movement: Engine 2 by lolograde Reflex: Visceral wallclip experiment by Smilecythe A KZ/Climb Montage by ulti Reflex: Hopping around the Workshop by ulti Caution Vs Fractured by slobo br-sonic | rek-Royal feat. The Godfather by slobo Jane's Vault by Jane RRWC2019 by CrazyAl Reflex 32 by CrazyAl, runs by Donald
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    46 kills vs bots on FFA: Fusion

    You can actually play with bots on any workshop map that supports it, just click host game and find a map with a bot icon next to it. Then after loading it type in console (hit the tilde ~ key): sv_addbot x y and you can add as many bots as you like. with x being the difficulty, 1-100 and y being the team 0-1 (this doesn't matter if you're just playing ffa). To change the timelimit you can do callvote ruleset competitive, the only difference between casual and competitive rulesets is 5 vs. 10 min timelimit and competitive has item timers disabled. Alternatively if you are on your own listen server, sv_timelimit_override x where x is the timelimit.
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    CCCP #2 - Newbie Tournament

    The tournament has concluded! The results are as follows: ?First Place ($25): Ecksehrin ?Second Place ($17.50): slowdive ?Third Place ($7.50 + KovaaK's Aim Trainer): Dea Thanks to all the players that showed up and played great matches for us to watch, tourney admins poma & udp for making sure everything went smoothly, and Cthulhu and poma for donating money to the prize pool. Stay tuned for newbie league! VODS: Stream A (Cthulhu): Part 1: Part 2: Stream B (Sharqosity):
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    Sharq Qenya Qup 4

    yeah sure go ahead
  5. Sharqosity

    Sharq Qenya Qup 4

    yall know what it is. We are back with THE MOST anticipated tournament of the next 2 years. Oct 7, 3PM EST/12PM PST Register Bracket/Registration: https://challonge.com/sushikenyacup4 Prize Pool/Donate: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/12214 Map Pool Map Picking Winner of melee fight on Final Destination or empty.map determines the winner of the "roll". In game n, the W and L is the winner and loser of the previous game. Upper Bracket (BO3) and Grand Final (BO5): Game 1: -Drop(L), -Drop(L), +Pick(W) Game n: -Drop(W), +Pick(L) You may not pick a map you have already won on. Lower Bracket (BO1): -Drop(W), -Drop(L), -Drop(L), +Pick(W), The remaining map is played. Prizes 1st Place: 55% 2nd Place: 30% 3rd Place: 15% The base prize pool is $10. The prize split may be changed to include 4rd place if the prize pool increases. Thank you to rajas, poma and cozy for donating! Servers Server Picking: This is primarily an NA tournament. If NA vs. NA, use common sense to pick the best server. If NA vs. EU, winner of melee fight/coin flip decides the region that first game is played on. The 2nd game is then played on the other region. Coin flip for 3rd game to decide EU/NA. List of servers with the official Sushi ruleset (PM me if your server is not on this list!): East/Central servers: Eggplant Chicago #1-7 Eggplant Newbie Hangout Chicago Sharq’s Tea Party Server (Ohio) Owl’s Sushi Saloon 420 (Chicago) REEflex (Texas) REEflexin (Texas) West coast servers: Eggplant Los Angeles #1-7 Eggplant Newbie Hangout LA [US-W] Big eZ UK servers: Eggplant London #1-2 Owl’s Sushi Sauna Owl’s Authentic Norwegian Sushi Owl’s Sweaty Sushi Foursomes
  6. Just watched the replay of the tournament I missed out on, I don't regret not entering on the count of having seen how fierce the competition was. I'm not sure that the advertised "newbie" tournament lived up to its namesake as I saw a plethora of techniques I couldn't replicate. I've spent the better part of today trying to imitate "messik" but I've now realized that it'd take me weeks if not months of practice to even be able to talk myself into entering this meatgrinder of a competition. I know I've got what it takes to make it big here in Reflex and I intend to leave a legacy that rivals that of the great ones we all know and love, but I feel like my confidence would be shattered beyond repair if I were to get slammed and canned in a lop-sided sadistic weekend entertainment event for veteran players posing as "noobs". I'll conclude by saying I've hovered over the buy Reflex icon in the steam store less and less throughout the week. (edited)
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    LAN Map Pack

    Nice, but you should totally add overkill for ca
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    send me your playlist please
  9. This would be more of a 1.2.1, but the devs need to some maintenance on the game with the framework they already have in place. - Push Rama Ruleset 2 as the official ruleset - Update the matchmaking map pool and testing grounds map pool - Add some skins from the workshop, maybe to a new crate They've added all these systems in place, why not use them?
  10. Sharqosity

    Reflex 1.2.0

    Can confirm that I only voted yes to rama ruleset because it was something new for the first time in months
  11. Sharqosity

    Improving the handicap mutator

    Don't ONLY reduce the damage that the handicapped player has - imagine a situation where the better player is handicapped. Neither player would do damage in a fight because the noob can't aim/would get dodged and the handicapped player's damage is reduced. The better player can then choose when to run and use his superior movement to fall back on hp/armors. Game never ends etc. I support making the handicapped player take more damage as well.
  12. This happens to me too, but the old colors are still selected.
  13. Sharqosity


    weapon respawn time (although this should probably be map specific and not ruleset specific)
  14. Sharqosity

    Reflex 1.2.0beta

    Thank you all. It's been a hell of a ride
  15. Sharqosity

    Reflex Demopedia

    Awesome program! I have a few questions - When you set the description of a replay (which is a cool feature btw), does it associate the description to the actual file somehow, or only within the program? Is there a way of disabling Favorites view without clicking Clear All -> Populate? Suggestions: Add an option to rename replays, sort by date, and also scroll with the bar on the right? ty! Again, awesome program.
  16. Sharqosity

    Why do you play Reflex?

    I play reflex cause u can frag out
  17. Sharqosity

    sv_pure poll

    Region: NA Highest rank achieved in matchmaking: mm irrelevant Do you use any customized widgets/hud elements/particle effects/sounds/: Yes I use everything Do you wish to see sv_pure implemented into the competitive ruleset?: No Why? I understand the restriction of sounds, although I don't like it. r_lm_clear issue is an easy fix for the devs. disable r_lm_clear and force dynamic lights + sun, remove them from the options menu. I don't like this either The hud should not be locked to all default. The vast majority of custom widgets serve the purpose of showing the same, non-cheaty information in a way that the individual user likes visually. The option to use these should not disappear just because a certain few widgets like damage batching, timestamps etc. display unfair information. I like the whitelist idea but sadly this probably cannot work without some community moderator.
  18. Sharqosity

    Custom Ruleset Poll

    I really like this idea - not just because the process will help achieve better balance, but because new changes bring people back and keep them playing. Look at how popular sushiflex has become, one of the reasons for that is simply because it is something new, fun and refreshing.
  19. Sharqosity

    Shooter's AMA (19 January 2018)

    Here's some stuff that happened during a smaller 'AMA' on Christmas. A lot of stuff is the same, just putting it here for posterity (and smileys ): Shooter and 1.2 shooter-12/25/2017 We've had a lot of changes this last year, had to get a job, move, big life changes, personal stuff but yeah This "1.2" has been ticking along. I'm not really giving time estimates because I don't want to promise & get stuck to it - at this point i'd rather push out builds when we're happy with them. Sound shooter-12/25/2017 The audio topic is interesting, we flaunted with it a while back. People are very used to hearing RA pickup sounds through the walls banDiscord-12/25/2017 Are audio improvements really planned? OpenAL is very hard to work with afaik. shooter-12/25/2017 Main thing with Audio is that people will complain they can't hear RA through walls And perhaps they shouldn't? I mean that's realistic. But this is a game and games aren't real lol goulox-12/25/2017 sounds of armors might be treated with a special sound that is global and not treated like any other sounds shooter-12/25/2017 yep, but next will be "i can't hear fall sound anymore in x map from y angle" I'm just saying, people are very used to what is in there truck-12/25/2017 id just like more positional info up/down shooter-12/25/2017 exactly truck. Killer Tofu-12/25/2017 http://kcat.strangesoft.net/openal.html @shooter shooter-12/25/2017 https://valvesoftware.github.io/steam-audio/ shooter-12/25/2017 I'd prefer to experiment with that first Optimization TyroneSama-12/25/2017 i'd really love to run 9+ player games but it's impossible on any hardware shooter-12/25/2017 What does suck a bit is when you have high team games and everyones spamming plasma guns, the network layer gets bogged down with too large packets and it drops into recovery mode. That's the flaw in it atm. That's not a cpu load issue though TyroneSama-12/25/2017 gotcha. good to know the team's aware of the issue, is it fixable on the current stack? shooter-12/25/2017 TyroneSama, It is through a few different angles. I will say that I think Reflex plays with smaller matches anyway But yes i'd like to see it improved at some point - I have spent a bit of time in the past improving it to where it's at currently already. Netcode r3x-12/25/2017 hey shooter, I want to ask you about the situation with ion cannon at higher pings (it starts getting bad when the ping gets yellow). Is this at all fixable? can anything be done to make the experience of say, 60-70 ping player vs 60-70 ping player resemble AT ALL the experience of a 30 ping v 30 ping match shooter-12/25/2017 Jacob, perhaps but I'm really happy with the balance where it's at now, especially with what it's been put through. I think with games like this you do really need a decent ping r3x-12/25/2017 Im not sure what you mean by balance, im not talking about weapon stats, im talking about hit registration ppl always advertise reflex as being 100% "lan" up to pings of 80 but thats not true. and with such a small community, we often have to play on servers out of our green zone shooter-12/25/2017 network compensation "balance" Push it too far either way and you get artifacts require too low pings and it feels laggy, allow too high pings and you do things you think you shouldn't be able to. It's a big topic Race mode LKO-,--12/25/2017 @shooter have you guys worked on race improvements since 1.1? You know, like proper global leaderboards for maps and maybe for jumpstats too, etc Shit like CS kz/climb has shooter-12/25/2017 not yet but we have a massssive list of race stuff i'd (still) like to get to one day sv_pure shooter-12/25/2017 i'd like viewers to be able to keep their custom uis shooter-12/25/2017 It gets tricky when you start talking about UI customisation. shooter-12/25/2017 for example: 1. I have an uber armor bar 2000 custom mod installed, it puts a custom armor bar in middle of screen 2. I hide the default armor bar 2. I have the default health bar moved up next to it. 3. I join an sv_pure server. hat happens now? Volume-12/25/2017 @shooter simple - people set up two HUDs, one for SV_PURE, one for "all LUA enabled" if join "sv_pure 1" server, it loads competitive hud1, with no silly stuff, and if you join a sv_pure 0 server, it loads hud2, with your meme huds shooter-12/25/2017 so how do you configure your pure hud on a normal server? I think it's going to get pretty messy pretty quickly. Settings for every UI option for each HUD shooter-12/25/2017 We've had two configs in the past, was a mess (whole saving/loading, what config is saved to on quit etc). Separate resolutions it's just a mess too. Which is why we brought out the bind modifier (which worked pretty well, imho). But really not in a hurry to go back to that Matchmaking r3x-12/25/2017 mm is completely dead shooter-12/25/2017 Yeah Jacob i know we've been talking about it, have a few ideas but I won't go into details yet shooter-12/25/2017 Problem is MM is too hard to find matches, it's mainly due to lack of updates. We had 10k+ matches in our first week of release Nipplezits-12/25/2017 how complicated would it be if you set private servers up, whenever matches/sets up a pug game or a 1v1 through the bot, and they gain SR through that shooter-12/25/2017 I don't want private servers giving out CP, but I see what you're wanting from it. Nipplezits-12/25/2017 well, itll be your guys's private servers shooter-12/25/2017 That's exactly what MM is Loading screen def-12/25/2017 have u thought about adding a map preview loading screen? shooter-12/25/2017 def, talked about it ages ago, really the map loading is so fast i didn't bother
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    Reflex Monthly Cups

    megamind czm
  21. Sharqosity

    Water skimming?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you could do something similar in TF2? It was like ramp sliding, you had to hit the water at the right angle with enough speed.
  22. Sharqosity

    tagging geometry

    Notepad find and replace works