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    B&D mode

  2. Sharqosity

    Vulkan API performance across gpu vendors

    It does, nvidia cards get better performance on vulkan (even though the boost isn't as big as the polaris cards).
  3. Sharqosity

    Reflex 0.47.4

  4. My goals: make an actually decent map, lc acc higher than 15% But mostly, I just want to see the game succeed and flourish.
  5. Sharqosity

    Reflex 0.47.2

    Finally! Corner skipping feels satisfying as fuck when you do it.
  6. Sharqosity

    Reflex 0.47.1

    Rip water gun
  7. Sharqosity

    Arena CTF

    Would you agree that it would at least be a little better than regular atdm, which is literally what it is right now?
  8. Sharqosity

    Cosmetic suggestions thread

    So basically add everything from TF2?
  9. Although I love the idea of colored names, I like how everything looks clean atm, both in chat and on the scoreboard.
  10. Sharqosity

    new team looking for VIABLE players

    I am neither an allstar or a not-so-good player gl&hf guys!
  11. Sharqosity


  12. I highly doubt you could do that with a steam controller, you'd need some option like "joystick like mouse" which I don't think exists.
  13. Sharqosity

    [Idea]: Each shot you fire makes you tired.

    If you want to do this make a lua script
  14. Sharqosity


    It's only vertical though, because with the splash radius of plasma, you can't go sideways unless you're against a wall or something.
  15. Sharqosity

    Reflex 0.45.0

    How many units high are you when you crouch?
  16. Sharqosity

    Visuals or not visuals?

    I'm sure most pros are running low settings and no lightmap. I'm fine with wherever the art style direction goes, as long as there is still an option for this "high visibility" mode.
  17. Sharqosity

    Standardized liste of competitively approved widgets?

    Really the only controversial widgets are item timers, and those are disabled in the comp ruleset.
  18. Reproduce: Walk against a diagonal wall at an angle, then pull out ion cannon Effect: arm goes linguini Intended effect: arm does not go linguini devs please cook ion cannon arms al dente next time thank you
  19. Sharqosity

    End of Game Awards

    Eggplant or bust tbh
  20. Sharqosity

    Reflex 0.44.3

    Newborn no (ಥ﹏ಥ)
  21. I already own the game, but I think a free weekend would expose the game and get more players interested. Maybe when the game hits beta, or after release. ^Edit: what I really meant to say here was that the game needs 2 features, a tutorial and bots (matchmaking possibly as well), before a free weekend would make sense. Whether these features would come with beta, or release, I don't know.
  22. Sharqosity


    Have you seen the "smooth zoom" feature on the qz zoom widget? I'm not sure how it works, but I was thinking along the lines of a slower version of that.
  23. Sharqosity


    Can someone make a widget that increases the fov as your speed gets higher? Not sure if this would work out that well or not, but it would be cool to try.