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  1. Sharqosity

    Clock type?

    cpm clock will definitely not be forced in the future. Some players use it because they say they play better with it or something.
  2. Sharqosity

    Damage numbers and damage batching widget

    Thanks, this is really useful! I have a suggestion though, can you have an option for the text color to be the color of the last weapon you dealt damage with?
  3. Sharqosity

    Meowgli's killfeed widget OLD

    I have a feature request, is it possible to have the killfeed name colors always set to the team colors? So they would dynamically change to match if you switched to spectate.
  4. Sharqosity

    Hitmarkers - now on the workshop as MGLI_H

    This is so satisfying to use. Thank you
  5. Sharqosity

    Idea for better player interaction.

    +1 for Warcraft 3 ui. It was so ahead of its time. It'd be cool to have different lobbies, like atdm, race, mapping, etc
  6. I may have found a bug, (at least in atdm) every time you left click while spectating it says "impressive"
  7. Sharqosity

    Hit indicator widget

    Thank you!
  8. Sharqosity

    Hit indicator widget

    Is it possible to make the indicator stay for longer/shorter depending on the damage taken?
  9. I was thinking more of a video showing the difference in mechanics and the engines.
  10. Over a year ago the Quake 3 Announcer guy confirmed on Reddit that he was willing to voice the announcer for Reflex. https://www.reddit.com/r/QuakeLive/comments/2h61jv/i_just_got_the_game_on_steam_is_there_a_way_to/ckpsty9 Any new developments? Is this still happening?
  11. Sharqosity

    Bolt Rifle Hook (idea)

    You mean kind of like the anti-gravity hook in Terraria?
  12. Sharqosity

    Cant create server after .39

    Judging from the console printout, it's some sort of error with Steam Workshop. Try restarting Steam maybe?
  13. Sharqosity


    Teal or riot
  14. Sharqosity

    Is this feasible?

    This happens to me too. Maybe it's an unintended side effect of a graphical setting?
  15. I don't know why, but I can't help but chuckle every time I see the player model up close. Never change hostile <3
  16. Sharqosity

    New to Reflex - Most played duel maps?

    There is actually an updated version of cpm22, the map name is just Aerowalk.
  17. Sharqosity

    Request: True TrueHealth

    OK guys you know how the default TrueHealth widget shows your True Health in increments of 100 (with the 3 bars)? My request is for someone to just make it display as a number, for example if you had 10 Health and 200 Red Armor the widget would read out 40 (if I did the math correctly...) Basically just the damage you can take before you die.
  18. Sharqosity

    Song in Steam trailer

    Suffer City - Cross My Mind
  19. This might only be my opinion, but there's too many passes on the bloom effect. It makes everything look way too bright and radiant.
  20. Where can I find a download for terit4? I tried looking around but nothing came up.
  21. Sharqosity

    Anyone else feel like the bloom effect is overdone?

    I think they should add a slider so people can adjust how intense it is