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  1. Duke

    0.40.1 Point Release

    Is the cl_weapon_offset_z bug fixed when switching to melee? Is it even a bug? Nobody replied to my thread :'( nice update though, you must've been very busy these past few days! I really like small updates like this, little steps to making the game better by the way, any update on when that gorgeous new shotgun model is going to be added?
  2. Duke

    Big Problems

    This game is so fun to play when you find a player equal to your skill level, even at the noobiest levels of play, incredibly fun. The first game i remember playing was so much fun, i met an absolute beginner just like me and he ended up winning 7-5 after 2 overtimes! The frag count was low, but it was so intense! We joked about how we were both sweating like it was the world championship, how we were desperate for the frag to take it to overtime, but were so noob we couldn't consistently land shots! Then ended up blowing ourselves up because of noobieness, or melting in the lava not knowing you could jump out. I want everybodys first game to be like that, the experiences this game offers are immense... They're the kind of experiences you never forget, something you think about in the future and smile. Something you look back on and wish you could do it all over again. Unless you're an experienced player, or a lucky noob it is hard to come by these experiences. The acheivement of a hard won frag, the desperation in trying to spawn rape your way back into the game with 1 minute on the clock, the feeling of victory in the last 3 seconds from an amazing bolt at 5hp... I dont think the level of intensity or passion is there in any other games on the market right now, which makes reflex so incredibly fun and unique. The points you raise are definately one of concern, i've seen many new players leave after around 15 hours of gameplay, because being spawn raped every game isn't fun. When i see a new player they are always always eager to learn, and everytime i've teached a new player the basics, they've always been very grateful and enjoyed the game much more because of it. however not every player can give every noob a 5 minute tuturial on basic movement, the weapons and why red is more sought after than mega, every game. The devs and the community as a whole know about this issue, and i think proper tuturials & matchmaking are going to be very important in introduing newer players to the game. I have faith the devs will do an excellent job.
  3. can you also remove the nice, midair, duel, fight & the countdown sounds too? double kill - 2 kills without dying triple kill - 3 kills without dying overkill - 4 kills without dying killing spree - 5 kill streak killing frenzy - 10 kill streak running riot - 15 kill streak rampage - 30 kills untouchable - 25 kill streak invincible - the game finishes and your opponent has 0 kills or negaive score game over - at the end of the game, but not bothered about this 1 tbh if u can't do any or need me to upload the sounds seperately let me know http://vocaroo.com/i/s1UpwBwySj83 you can download that in .wav form in the bottom right corner of the green box
  4. Could you make this with the sounds from the halo3/reach announcer?
  5. dont know how long this has been a probelm for, i only ever switched weapon offset since .40 to see the hands better. I like to use weapon offset z 8, and everytime i switch to melee, it resets it to default (idk what default is). when switching to any other weapon it doesn't change, but when switching to melee it goes back to default. hope it's fixed soon
  6. Looking for a Duel partner! message me <3

    1. Skytoon


      Were are you located?


    2. Duke
  7. Reflex has come a long long way since 0.28, gameplay wise it's always been amazing, but now everything else is starting to look polished too
  8. Duke

    Reflex 0.40 - Statistically insignificant

    The plasma looks sick! It's like your holding a minigun! The shotgun.... Mmmmmmm delicious. this update is just... Hnnnmggg amazing job, love it love it love it!
  9. Duke

    Ion cannon core effect

    I like the one we have now
  10. Duke

    Very confused about mouse sensitivity

    is this kind of mouse movement normal? That looks insane.
  11. Duke

    Very confused about mouse sensitivity

    Mouse is zowie fk1, mousepad is steelseries QcK i changed my sens to 15.07 and my mouse is 800 dpi now, its hard to adjust but feels much better. i only have 23cm of mouse space, i can't make it any bigger either so im kind of forced to use a higher sens.
  12. Duke

    Very confused about mouse sensitivity

    yeah i played halo a bunch, even though it was console i think my aim was pretty up there. i think the mousepad having enough room is the difference here, after testing it i need to move my keyboard to one side to be able to do a 360. never really got too used to AA always tried to stay away from it, even though it can't be helped and is pretty important to aiming. maybe theres different ways of moving the mouse that i havent discovered yet, or maybe just gaining familiarity with a mouse. thanks for the help
  13. my mouse has 1600 dpi (i can change it to 800) my sens is 30 and it takes me 20cm to do a 360 in game. I've been reading alot about it, watching videos etc but i'm still confused. my mouse feels fast enough to do circle jumps and stuff, but too fast to aim well. i've tried slowing the sens down, but even if i lower it past 20 its impossible to move... it moves so slow. my mouse accel is 0 btw i've never played an fps on pc before, i know better than anybody sens is all personal preference... but is there a range of sens thats reccomended? it feels either way too fast to move well and aim well or way to slow to even play the game. i've tried changing dpi and settings a bunch but can't seem to find the right balance. any help would be appreciated.