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  1. Praxismo

    dm4x9_8_b2 - 'A Bad Place' - classic qw remake.

    Have you tried it? It really doesn't, not in reflex. You can rocket jump from the bottom of lava pit all the way to the catwalk, for example. I might still have the 1:1 version if you haven't tried it yet and want to give it a go sometime. I helped kovaak with his dm3 a little but I'm afraid I can't claim much credit for it; I also helped him with his authentic aerowalk remake, but at the moment it suffers from a game bug that we're hoping one day gets fixed. I reckon a dm2 could be amazing one day. Thanks for the praise by the way, I just hope that ammo packs get released in reflex one day so that we may play these maps more properly.
  2. Praxismo

    Thoughts on item timers on HUD

    Some admin please lock this thread, it's just descended into religion vs heresy. No discussion here.
  3. Praxismo

    Thoughts on item timers on HUD

    Category A: Tried it properly, gave their thoughts on it. Category B: Tried it properly, didn't give thoughts on it. Category C: Didn't try it properly, gave thoughts on it. Category D: Didn't try it properly, didn't give thoughts on it. This is alpha. In developing this game, amongst other things, the developers have to process information with the objective of making sound judgement. In this pursuit, they will discover many different sources, many of which will be people that will fall somewhere within two of the four categories listed above, and those sources will be filtered by perceived quality. Of those two sources, it should be fairly obvious which one is most probable to be filtered in, and which one is most probable to be filtered out. Also, I do feel that what is quoted below is a legitimate concern that is worth discussing at this point, perhaps in a new thread.
  4. Praxismo

    Thoughts on item timers on HUD

    When you have a projectile weapon that has such a high splash radius and damage that you can literally cancel routing options for your enemy, it certainly becomes less aim dependent, and it is certainly strategic. I much prefer qw over any other deathmatch game, but it's definitely not the most aim heavy quake ever: for a start there is no rail, lg delivers a max dps of 300, rockets are like I said already, and gl can work in the same way but its cooldown time is even lower! Reflex and cpm are clearly more aim heavy because gl and rl have such a pitifully low splash radius (this desperately needs fixing imo) that you have to time and aim your shots with these weapons with a considerably higher degree of accuracy.
  5. Praxismo

    Thoughts on item timers on HUD

    Well if this experiment manages to shed from the alpha-community the majority of the pseudo-experts that try something for 2 minutes before attempting to sabotage a project with a barrage of negativity, it will be the best move the developers have ever made.
  6. Praxismo

    dm4re - The Bad Place recreation

    k dude but I already beat you to that too!
  7. Praxismo

    dm4re - The Bad Place recreation

    Beat you to it by 3 and a half months:
  8. Praxismo

    Rocket Launcher

    The difference is that the qw ammo system makes it more challenging to get hold of rockets, especially in 4on4, so while it is most definitely an op weapon, managing it properly is most certainly not easy. The same goes for lg which is also op.
  9. Praxismo

    New #1 clan in REFLEX

    lol saw the title and just knew this would be a Sane thread.
  10. Praxismo

    gun switch speed

    semantics noun noun: semantics; noun: logical semantics; noun: lexical semantics the branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning. The two main areas are logical semantics, concerned with matters such as sense and reference and presupposition and implication, and lexical semantics, concerned with the analysis of word meanings and relations between them. the meaning of a word, phrase, or text. plural noun: semantics "such quibbling over semantics may seem petty stuff"
  11. Praxismo

    gun switch speed

    In QW: Reload speed of nades = 600ms Reload speed of rockets = 800ms Source: http://wiki.quakeworld.nu/Grenade_Launcher#The_Quake_Weapons
  12. Praxismo

    gun switch speed

    No, it's really not: skill noun noun: skill 1. the ability to do something well; expertise. "difficult work, taking great skill" tactic noun plural noun: tactics an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end. "the minority attempted to control the Council by a delaying tactic" strategy noun noun: strategy; plural noun: strategies 1. a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim. "time to develop a coherent economic strategy"
  13. Praxismo

    gun switch speed

    That's not skill, it's tactics.
  14. This is probably just because your model is getting knockback and perhaps it is also your reaction to it. I haven't played this game properly in a while so perhaps something like this is deliberately coded in but I doubt it, perhaps one of the developers or admins could comment on this?