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    Introduction to Plays.tv

    Hello fellow fraggers, I just wanted to let you know about this awesome site: http://plays.tv/video/568d5c8b5ef4d37b38/reflexrun?from=user (yes i know, not the best run ....) It records your game as soon as you start it and runs in the background with only little resource usage. While playing you can put markers in your replay with a hotkey. After closing your game you can edit your gameplay, aswell as jump to your marked highlights (lol and csgo already feature automarkers that detect grenades, kills etc.). You also have the possibility to upload directly to youtube, aswell as recording your webcam! I think it would be realy nice if it also gets implemented into Reflex, that should also be good publicity for the game.

    Introduction to Plays.tv

    really? I didn't knew that. If Reflex gets a huge Replay enviroment, there should definitly be a converter implemented that spits out those frag videos!