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  1. FlabCaptain

    Custom Ruleset Duel Tournament [EU]

    Donated, make this a good one!
  2. FlabCaptain

    Mouse input and projectiles feels bad

    I think I have actually noticed this, too. Just going from 1080p to 900p or 720p, there does seem to be some added smoothness to things when my FPS is the same. No idea if it's a real thing or placebo...
  3. FlabCaptain

    Reflex 0.49.1

    Anyone have any info on this? I did some tests with the profiler while running around on a few maps and also while playing some duels, but didn't notice any difference in terms of CPU.
  4. FlabCaptain

    Reflex 0.49.0 - Matchmaking refinements

    I haven't noticed that, but to my ears, this particular sound (the death sound; dunno if suicide is different) has way too much low end, making it louder than anything else.
  5. FlabCaptain

    Reflex 0.49.0 - Matchmaking refinements

    This. Lay on the memes! Anyway, great update, crazy-fast turnaround!
  6. FlabCaptain

    Reflex Racing 2016 - A Christmas Special

    Very cool to watch. Nice work and nice runs!
  7. I've experienced this as well while playing on fine (~30) ping.
  8. FlabCaptain

    Cosmetic suggestions thread

    Wooden sword!
  9. FlabCaptain

    Reflex Reflections: 2 years and more!

    Always keep flexin', dudes~
  10. FlabCaptain

    Kveikur Neon

    This... Could we get a working version onto the workshop?
  11. FlabCaptain

    [0.47.0] Various viewmodel vexes

    That's a good call. I don't have a YouTube account but will get one set up and do that once I get home today. EDIT: Done!
  12. FlabCaptain

    [0.47.0] Various viewmodel vexes

    None of these are important, but with the new plasma and bolt models right around the corner, I thought I'd report them. GIFs suck, so I uploaded some small MP4s for each one. so here's a YouTube video of all of these: Roly-Poly Viewmodels + Viewmodel Size When cl_weapon_rotation is 1 and you strafe into a wall, to me it seems like the burst, plasma, grenade launcher, and possibly melee roll way harder than rockets, ion, bolt/stake, and shotgun. Also, the viewmodel sizes (or maybe positions?) are a bit strange in comparison to each other (shotgun is huge, plasma is basically off the screen, burst is as big as the other guns, etc.). I know there are widgets to change the x/y/z per weapon and correct this, but it seems odd that they aren't a consistent size out of the box. Burst Gun Firing Animation I noticed the glowing part inside the chamber snaps around very roughly when it's fired. This may be by design, but I seem to recall it animating differently when this BG model was first introduced, like there was a smoother transition from glow-y to empty and back. (EDIT: Electro confirmed this is a bug on Discord) Muzzle Flash Location The muzzle flash images seem off-center of the actual end of the gun or obscured by it in some cases. To me, it looks like they're only really in the right spot on the bolt/stake and grenade launcher. This may be exacerbated by viewmodel x/y/z settings, I'm not sure. EDIT: One other observation: it looks like when cl_weapon_rotation is 0, weapon bobs from jumps no longer happen; since there's a separate cvar for all bobbing (cl_weapon_bob), this seems like it's not intentional.
  13. FlabCaptain

    Cosmetic suggestions thread

    Phantasy Star Online-style robots. One example head:
  14. FlabCaptain

    Reflex 0.46.2

    I know sounds are continually going to be tweaked, but maybe experiment with keeping important game sounds (GA/YA/RA/mega pickup, mega expire) global?
  15. HE'S DONE IT AGAIN BOYS EDIT: One request- ability to change opacity/color of the background?