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  1. banReflex

    Ammo balance in Clan Arena

    35 rockets for the jumps, 100 ion cannon because it breaks the flow, 8 bolts is good because it's gay and 10 nades to prevent cancer, idk about plasma I've never used it before.
  2. banReflex

    Custom Ruleset Poll

    Region : EU Highest reached rank in Matchmaking :Diamond Have you played games on the custom ruleset : Yes Have you watched games played on the custom ruleset : Yes Do you wish to see the changes proposed by the custom ruleset implemented into the current competitive ruleset ? : Some Why ? Ammo changes are great, IC, plasma and GL changes are good. Burst combined with bad spawn system is terrible since there's no way to predict enemy spawning right into you/ between you and health. With the current movement and weak RL knockback it allows for way too much freedom in troll engagements where you rely on hitting far more than you should considering your stack and position. Due to movement, weak RL knockback and IC trace spammy dodge is far too valuable because you can avoid most directs without getting knocked up and tracking it with IC is impossible.
  3. banReflex

    AMD users with game crashes - read this

    It only happens to me if I have Sun enabled.
  4. banReflex

    Proving Grounds

    These maps need to be included into casual Q too.
  5. banReflex

    What would you like to see in reflex

    I would like different weapon balance for different modes. ATDM balance is pretty great atm, perhaps decrease bolt damage and nade radius because +back is boring. For FFA melee needs way less range and perhaps less damage too, rocket ammo needs be 15 max and IC air knockback reduced a bit. For duel melee needs nerfing and main weapons need to be much stronger. Atm it's hard to punish stupid yolo plays, especially at armours, it promotes random and ultimately unsatisfying gameplay. Can be very frustrating. Overall I think the game could've done a better circle from map makers creating new maps, those maps being put into "new maps" pool for casual players to play on, then the good ones would be put in separate competitive Q, then good ones from there would be added/ rotated in standard comp rotation. This way casuals would play new maps, mappers would get feedback because their maps would actually be played and competitive would be more interesting with having to learn new maps.
  6. banReflex

    AMD users with game crashes - read this

    My game crashed on startup with 17.3.1 and 17.3.2, but 17.3.3 seems to work just fine for now.
  7. banReflex

    Rockets, how do you feel about them?

    I'd like to see how rockets would be if they spawned further in the RL, would probably make super close range combat better. At the moment you can kinda dance around somebody with IC while he's trying to shoot rockets at his feet.
  8. banReflex

    Saving widget configurations

    saveconfig name
  9. banReflex

    Arena CTF

    IMO just make flag capture the requirement to win a round. If you die you simply spawn back.
  10. Vampire mutator made AFFA great fun and not just about who hides best.
  11. banReflex

    Nice Per Weapon Settings

    Steam\steamapps\common\reflexfps\base\internal\ui\widgets if you don't have the folders, make them.
  12. banReflex

    New Custom Emojis for Reflex Discord

    Would be nice to get side view of an IC, RL etc.
  13. banReflex


    If Reflex had anything like the graphics in that video I'd now be replying to a thread complaining about visibility. Every competitive game that has textures and lighting to make it look good just forces people to make it look like potato for the sake of visibility.