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  1. G-MAN

    Reflex Stream Setup Help

    I will take a shot at it since noone else has. Is the stream itself running bad or is your game running bad while streaming? my specs are 3570k and gtx 670/144hz monitor so I doubt your pc is the problem unless you experiencing hardware malfunction. It is hard to say without knowing more about the behavior, but I am guessing it is a bandwidth limitation and not your pc. I have been messing with stream settings lately and it seems like I can only stream 720p/30fps/1500mb. I stream from the same pc I play on. If I use higher settings or lower bandwidth then high ping and other problems start to happen on my end. My pc seems like it could handle more, but my internet can't. The fps settings in stream settings should not affect the fps in the game just what the viewers will see. You can stream in 60fps, but still be playing at 144hz. To get the stream to show 144hz to the viewers would take much more upload. If it is frame drops that you are getting in game then I have no idea what I am talking about sooooo. Either increase the bandwidth or lower the frames to 60. I would say that streaming above 60fps is most likely not worth it since most people are not going to have 144hz monitors to be able to watch it. I have included SS of the setup that I find works best for my internet and pc. With these settings there is almost no impact on ping and the game runs smooth at around 300fps dropping to around 200 or so when lots of effects are going off. For some reason 1080p drops my fps to below 90 when firing plasma gun, rockets, and when gibbing happens regardless of whether I try and stream or not. Also in broadcast settings there is a checkbox called minimize network impact. Make sure this is checked. If I have mine unchecked it will make my ping very very high all the time. If you are dead-set on streaming higher frames then the only option is to up the bandwidth. If you have 6mb up try using 5000 in the stream settings and then you will have 1mb left over for the game to use. I only have a 300kb or so overhead on mine so you should have more than enough. Games don't use much upload it seems.
  2. G-MAN

    Cant create server after .39

    Basically it just doesn't work. I can click it, but it doesn't do anything. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. I will check the console for errors or try and make a video if i can. EDIT: I just messed with it some and was unable to recreate the problem with the callvote button not responding. It may have been something to do with my UI. I was using different hud elements from the forums, but did a fresh install of reflex and am using the default UI. I have not had the problem again yet. I have shadowplay on now. I will make a video if it happens again.
  3. G-MAN

    Cant create server after .39

    I had the same problem. The only way to get the workshop to work was to change my steam region then restart steam. I launched the game and the workshop was working. I then changed it back to my default region. It still works intermittently. only workshop maps show up for 1v1 and if you want to create a different type of server, you have to spawn a 1v1 server then vote to change the mode/map. Also the callvote button in the middle of the screen only works sometimes. Have to use the console when it is not working.
  4. G-MAN

    Win condition

    I can see what you mean. I started playing not too long ago. Have less than 80 hours in game total including dicking around playing with settings and map editor. Sometimes I lose so bad it feels like the match is not even worth playing because it will just be a series of spawn kills. I am not sure if time limit or forfeit is the best way to deal. The problem has multiple angles. I find that when I get stomped bad and a bunch of good players pile into a server then I just leave the game until another time. This is not because I am getting destroyed. I can handle that. I can turn it into a mini game of avoid this player, try to get stacked, try not to get fragged. These extra minutes of being destroyed are actually good. It helps to learn to keep your composure and stay calm even in the worst situations possible or learn never giving up. The reason I quit the game is because when a server fills up with players, you are going to get 1 match out of every 40 mins - 1 hour. Spectating for 40 mins then playing 1 game and getting destroyed just to spectate for 40 mins again is not fun. Spectating can be a great learning tool, but when I play the game I want to play the game whether I am getting destroyed or not. If I wanted to watch the game for 40 mins I would just hang out on twitch.tv. I think MM could help. That way you sit in queue for a few mins then play a game. rinse and repeat, but I have little hope for MM with such a small playerbase. I think the best solution for now is to just set max players for a duel server to 2-3. That way the people playing are either always playing or just wait 1 round before playing again. Automatic f3 would be cool too. I forget every time.