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  1. Kveikur Neon

    First I have to update it so that it works with latest reflex updates, it seems to be broken while people try to configure it from within the game, however it still works from menu. After I fix that I will add it to workshop!
  2. Kveikur Neon

    Armor tier? The right circle is for armour itself, but no indication of mega or special pickups.
  3. Kveikur Neon

    Hello, few months ago I took a weekend for scripting my own custom UI for reflex, I always wanted to be able to do such thing in fps games . I created 2 widgets, one for health and armour, and other one for speedometer which expands in lightning kind of way to the booth sides as you go faster. It is highly customizable, from changing colors of all elements in rgba format like hp background, hp up to 100 line and above the 100 colors, changing size, bar size, bar width, font size and same for speedometer. Here is the result: More Pics: Gallery If anyone is interested in continuing this or contributing let me know. Kveikur_Speed.lua Kveikur.lua