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  1. Zita

    Map Editor Guide

    That will be great AEon
  2. Zita

    Map Editor Guide

    Thanks for answering AEon Sorry folks for not updating the post, I have been very busy with voluntary work. Also I have now retired from playing FPS games as getting to old (Coordination and reactions have gone the way of the dodo), this leaves me time to work on Mapping. So Give me a week to get use to the new system and I will update the post. I will more then likey redo the whole mapping section with videos unless newborn gets in touch saying they are in the process of doing it.
  3. Zita

    Need a script for contentbrowerhack

    AEon I think I have to catch you on irc and have a chat about how to use it proply, My coding brain is not as good as it use to be.
  4. Zita

    Need a script for contentbrowerhack

    Ok just tested it yrs and not working but commands are being put in the game.cfg file. These two lines bind l me_activematerial structural/dev/dev_aqua; me_activematerial structural/dev/dev_aquaddark; me_activematerial structural/dev/dev_black; me_activematerial structural/dev/dev_blue bind game mousewheelup me_activematerial environment/liquids/lava/lava_burn; Am using the latest version with the shouldShowHUDAE() function EDIT I will re take a look tomorrow as to tired tonight and brain is starting to hurt lol
  5. Zita

    Need a script for contentbrowerhack

    AEon ok dont seem to work. I have copied the code in to ContentHack.lua In the game.cfg I have bind me mousewheelup cl_crosshair 888 bind me mousewheeldown cl_crosshair 889 bind me f9 ui_show_widget ContentHack I start map with empty file press 0 to enter editor mode press F9 use scroll wheel but nothing is happening. I dont know if this has any thing to do with it, but there is a line in my game.cfg file now called cl_crosshair 889 now i did have it set to cl_crosshair 4 I have tried to // (comment it out) but when i exit the game the cl_crosshair 889 is back same happens if i del it from the game.cfg file. Thanks for all the hard work m8, sorry i cant seem to get it to work
  6. Zita

    Need a script for contentbrowerhack

    Ok checked the contentbrowserhack and the path and mat name is all correct.and its all correct in the code so really no idea. I'm just amazed how quickly you both got this far. But thanks for doing this Aeon and Bonuspunkt, just goes to show how good the community really is
  7. Zita

    Need a script for contentbrowerhack

    ok i copied the code and put it into a copy of another .lua file I del all in there and copied your text in with the new code. Saved as contentHack.lua in C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonReflexbaseinternaluiwidgets Put the command ui_show_widget contentHack in my game.cfg and also the bind me mousewheelup cl_crosshair 888 bind me mousewheeldown cl_crosshair 889 in the game.cfg Gone in game went to edit mode and nothing happened. You say Activate the widget via: ui_show_widget contentHack (is that not done by putting it in the game.cfg with the rest of the widgit stuff? And get 4 errors saying the same thing "environment/liquids/lava/lava_burn" I'm taking that as maybe the mat name has changed or the path could be dif I look in the contentbrowser hack for the correct path. So what am I doing wrong?
  8. Zita

    Need a script for contentbrowerhack

    wow you guys are awesome, I have no idea what most of the code is but havea basic idea of what your trying to do. I def came to the correct place for help. Thanks guys at giveing this a stab at
  9. Zita

    THC Cup #1

    Nice to see tournys starting and being streamed, should give the game more hype. Thanks for setting it up tehace, I wont be signing as I'm more into the mapping side then being a good player, also will be running tournys for our QL clan around the same time. Hope it goes well m8
  10. Zita

    Need a script for contentbrowerhack

    Bonuspunkt basicly yes, as you scroll through it auto set the material into the console. It's easy to do single ones with the bind ( I think a lot of mapper's do it that way). That's why I was looking into the new UI scripts to see if it could be done, and hard coding it would be the better way to go, and I already have a file with the file structure set up, It was used for people who could not use the browserhack and they could just copy and paste into console.
  11. I was wondering if one of you scripter's might be able to come up with a way to help or write some thing to access a list of the contentbrowserhack. As we all know Dev's will be giving some love to the Map Editor, but that is a bit of a way of atm. So I tried to use the new Multi bind commands with the mousewheelup to see if it could scroll though a list in the bind, but it always executes the whole bind, I asked newborn if there was a way to execute each command singlerly with just one push of a key but the answer is no. Bonuspunk said maybe I could use a script, now I have had a look and since I have not done any programing for around 10 yrs, I'm stuck. He showed me a script for changing crosshairs so looks like what I'm after could be done. So was wondering if one of you, might be able to come up with a way so access a list either from a file or from inside the script so that with mousewheelup it would move one command at a time through the list, once at the end of the list is reached to return to the begining and loop through. Here is most of the commands that would be needed already in a file https://www.dropbox.com/s/nws2yvbqko3c1vv/brush.cfg?dl=0 The idea of the script is for people that find sending things through the contentbrowserhack hard or impossable to use just beable to scroll through a list and then paste it stright into the console. anyway hope people think this might be of use, so any feed back would be useful.
  12. Zita

    Map Editor Guide

    I just looked at the site and I think it would be a good idea to port it over. You have to give me an Idea on how to edit it once you have ported it, but that could be done on irc or on ts once your done. The layout on the site would def make it easer to edit and re-do sections once the editor has been given some love. Also as we are unsure how the final editor will look IE: UI, Contentbrowerhack will look or work together a well structered site like yr wiki will make life easer. Thanks for doing this AEon
  13. Zita

    Map Editor Guide

    Updated the Binds section for the new config system
  14. Zita

    Grid Overlay Issues.

    As your in the mapping area of the forum I take it you mean A Grid in the Editor mode. Short answer there is not one. to get an idea of sizes use the me_snapdistance. you can put it in yr game config as binds like this Bind F1 me_snapdistance 2 Bind F2 me_snapdistance 8 Bind F3 me_snapdistance 16 Bind F4 me_snapdistance 32 Bind F5 me_snapdistance 64 to find the center of the map start a new map with the empty.map file (remember to save as to not over write it) and put a 2x2x2 brush down in center and then use that as yr locator. Hope this helps
  15. Been away from reflex for a while, I come back and look at the map and wow what a map. jumped on a dedi server with it up and lots of people practicing was a joy to see, and the the higher lv players showing low lv player how each area was done. Reminds me of the old days of defrag when people helped others. Not only a great map to practice on but a great community map also. Great work memphis