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  1. Wintah

    sell them hats!

    While you are at it, make sure to sell +50% rocket launcher damage, +25% health packages and so on.
  2. Wintah

    Mouse sensitivity

    60cm/360???? My table isn't even this big, how can you...possibly....doesn't it take like a second to drag mouse 60 cm?
  3. Wintah

    Mouse sensitivity

    I used to play Q2 Clanbase tourneys with 4cms/360, also CS series. I don't really see anything bad with it compared to lower sensitivity. Mainly because high sensitivity means that you do aiming with only your wrist, you don't actually need to move your hand which is by FAR more time consuming than quick wrist flick. It will help you to be quicker with your reflexes because you remove the time needed for actual hand movement.
  4. Wintah

    Mouse sensitivity

    This is Quake/Unreal style game, Im glad that my old high sensitivity will be useful again and we can all just stop with the bullshit spread by CS community that somehow lower dpi helps you to "pwn more noobs". High DPI and decent sensitivity so that you can shoot at every corner of the screen with only a small flick of the wrist = best in such a fast paced game. By the time these CS fanboys drag their mouse half a meter accross the table they will be gibbed. GG!
  5. Wintah

    SLI Support?

    Hi! Will the game eventually support SLI setups? If yes, when is it planned for? My laptop suffers severly because of the lack of SLI
  6. I have modded Quake 2, that looks super nice on 1080p and takes 100x resources. What engine did you use or how the heck did you manage to get the game so resource-hungry? Quake 2 went open source, why not just use their engine? It was pretty much flawless.