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  1. Reflex 1v1 TurboCup #1 Friday 5th August @ 1900CEST

    Joe apparently ;)?
  2. It would be cool if Reflex had a free weekend.

    If there is functioning matchmaking when this is done, it doesn't matter who comes and plays imo. If there isn't matchmaking, some people might not appreciate getting rekt. Try to make the first gaming hours fun for people and they will buy the game.
  3. Getting votekicked from a public server

    Nice you managed to find a solution, maybe we can continue playing reflex now. To devs, it would be nice if the votekick functionality would be tweaked in some way so we can prevent drama in the future also. So Linden doesn't need to give free servers to all friend groups wanting to play together ;D
  4. Getting votekicked from a public server

    Also no-one should be kicked from the server, because it's a public server. I would understand this behavior if I snitched password to your private server. There is no logic in that you could own something public, just because you were there first. It's okay if you don't want to play with someone, but they should not be the ones who get kicked because your personal problems over playing with other people than 2 of your friends. As I stated before, you should be willing to share the remaining slots if you are using the public servers. Also the thing is that you take the servers that is clearly made for more than 2 or 3 people and with some weird logic thinking that no-one else should join because privileged " Premium, Outer or Elef4nt" happen to play there already. Don't you really see how twisted this is ? Play in public server - There will be other people Play in private server - There will be no other people
  5. Getting votekicked from a public server

    So only you can enjoy the public server ? I, and many other people prioritize public servers with players in them and you are not in charge of policing who can stay in the current public server in the name of "fair environment". It's a common flaw in AFPS that the skill level varies, but it's always been like that and most of the people have gone trough that road. It's getting it's fix, but the game is still in the early access. Okay so my reaction should have been more tolerant because I noticed that "Oh I've been on the server for 5 seconds and I'm THIS TIME being asked to leave by the same people who few days back kicked me for no reason.". Yeah, blame on me why aren't I more tolerant. I should have reacted better. ":D" I'm still against this, just forgetting this would enable you to continue on what you are doing.
  6. Getting votekicked from a public server

    The argument was rude only on your side when you begun to insult me instead of acting like adults(which you clearly are if your age is what you are implying). Point being is that I think its wrong that you invade public servers and act like you own them( you literally said so on the server ), which people invest money in to others to enjoy. Unless you actually own the server. I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one thinking in this way. The thing is not that I don't understand that you want to play together, but you can't expect that people don't just join the same PUBLIC server that you use. You are not privileged to behave in this way in my opinion and if you are using the public servers you should be willing to share the remaining slots with others.
  7. Getting votekicked from a public server

    I randomly joined a server again and this happened http://imgur.com/a/Q8G8T Took some screenshots of it. They are invading the good servers and behaving like they own the servers. And I remember reading from reddit that some of the devs said that they will ban everyone they catch doing this from the official servers?
  8. Getting votekicked from a public server

    Happened to me also. Was fkn pissed
  9. Hello, I thought of letting you know as I've been encountering this on a daily basis. Basically what happens is that at some point of my gaming session the game just freezes my computer. No sound and the picture stays still at my screen. Computer doesn't take any input and the only way to get around it is to force restart the whole computer. AMD FX8320 16gb RAM Nvidia GTX750 Windows 10 Pro Edit: I found out that the overclocks of my computer were part of the reason, but still this problem only occurs in Reflex. Without any overclocks my CPU is around 70c, while in idle its 25c and in other games around 30-50c. Is there a way I could make my tempatures lower while playing Reflex? I also have some video footage of whats happening if It's any help.
  10. Post your contact info, find duel buddies.

    http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197990474299/ Northern europe, Finland.