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  1. Ypulsed

    Should Reflex Arena be free?

    Rapha,You and Your friends are the reason why this genre is dead. You guys are just unknown nobodies, Quake doesnt need you, never did.
  2. I saw the water in Simplicity, which is very light colored, almost invisible. How can I do it like that? I tried: environment/liquids/water/water192, but without succes pls help,thx
  3. Ypulsed

    Map compression

    its not a bad idea, game looks better without lightmap to me, hence why i use the no lightmap addon
  4. Ypulsed

    How to make turbo boost platform?

    omg i did everything right all time long, i just forgot to put the "target" to the right distance...sry my brain doesnt work
  5. Ypulsed

    How to make turbo boost platform?

    i did that(placing it on the floor), but its not good, still feels like a jump and it is travelling very short distance even if i set the speed to very high numbers btw how come u see jumppads? since the update my jumppads are invis, i only see some particle effect
  6. I know how to make teleport or jumppad, but i cant find an option to do "turbo boost" platform for a very fast speed pushing pls halp ^^
  7. Ypulsed

    Rework Burstgun pls

    since 2014-15 i am waiting for better pistol and it just got worse with time The pistol we spawn with is the most awful weapon ever, 6 missile with random impact and high spread is not fun to use and it is very weak.I have no idea why is it even in the game. Pls do something, its very annoying to play with this weapon, and kills the game for me. suggestions: 1. make it a 1shot missile weapon like quake 2 2.or revert back as 2-3 missile, reduce spread a bit and no random impacts (this is the most important,fuk RNG) 3.or make it hitscan and no random impact I dont even mind if u guys tweak the damage,if needed.All i want is u change how the pistol works.
  8. Ypulsed

    Original Soundtrack

    After coming back a year later to this game i see there are lot of changes... I would like to know if there is possible to have the old main menu music to me as mp3 etc...?or the name of it thx