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  1. The Piep

    Official 2v2 TDM Mapping Competition - Results!

    I think the main problem with community voting is that the voters wouldnt have played nearly all of the maps and looked at them properly, this way only the most popular maps would get voted up. As for feedback to the map makers goes, specific feedback for thier maps would've been great, even just releasing the rating sheets (which i assume have been made) would be great feedback for the mappers and a reassurance that thier map has been looked at properly and actually given a place rather than "not top 3".
  2. The Piep

    Reflex 0.46.0

  3. The Piep

    A1V1 improvements

    Maybe it would be an idea to make it like cs 1v1 arena servers, everyone is playing against eachother in a seperate arena and if you win you move up an arena, if you lose you move one down and a new player joining the server would start at the bottom and have to fight his way up. This way everyone gets to play against someone of equal skill and has something to play for. Only problem is, this requires quite a few players in a server...
  4. The Piep

    Reflex 0.43.2

  5. The Piep

    Getting votekicked from a public server

    But why not use a private listen server with a password? There is plenty of guides to portforwarding online so that shouldnt be a problem. Like this you are just wasting everyones time and its not a verry nice introduction to the game for new players and it could even result into them finding the community toxic and leaving the game before getting a proper introduction.
  6. The Piep


    Looks like a quality map gameplay wise, good job. :thumbsup:
  7. The Piep

    Getting votekicked from a public server

    Seems to be the same guys...
  8. The Piep

    I am so bad at movements...

    Are you using scrollwheel to jump? If so, you are using a damn load of speed because of that. Try rebinding it to spacebar (or preferably mouse2) and hold it well before hitting the ground so there is no way you lose speed with it.
  9. The Piep

    Problems with port forwarding

    Thank you verry much, that actually fixed it, so happy right now
  10. The Piep

    Problems with port forwarding

    I tried putting the information asked in the DHCP binding tab but it still isnt working. I think the problem might have to do with what ip adress i am supposed to be using. Right now i am just using my IPv4 adress for everything but there is also other adresses and i dont really know which one to enter where.
  11. The Piep

    Problems with port forwarding

    I recently got a new router and really want to port forward it so i can play on my own listenn server with friends. I have read alot of comments and watched some videos on how to do it but it seems that its a bit more difficult with my specific router, ill try to explain it with some pictures so you guys will hopefully be able to see what i am missing. To start off with, here is what the port forwarding page of my router (model H369A from the dutch isp kpn) looks like: As you can see this already looks alot different from most port forwarding pages. At the top tab you enter the application name and the LAN host adress (what i assume is my IPv4 adress) and then selecting that application under the modify application tab will allow you to set these rules where you can enter ports although i feel a bit uncomfortable putting in the same port 4 times whilst on other routers its only two times. Searching online for portforwarding my router gave me a forum post from my isp it says something about doing it iether via enabling UPnP which i did and still didnt work or via DHCP binding which i didnt understand because you had to enter some kind of MAC which i dont know about. Screenshots: I hope someone knows what i did wrong and has a solution. Sorry if this isnt the place to post this since its not a problem with reflex itself but i really want to be able to do my private server thingy. Pls ask questions if you need more information.
  12. The Piep

    tfC's Division HUD

    If ever update the widget and make a new video to accomondate with it, you should have actual hp and armor values shown on for example the bottom left of the screen and you should also show it in more combinations like high hp + low armor and low hp + high armor (making your effective hp lower then just hp and armor combined).
  13. The Piep

    thct6 - the missing link

    Would be cool to see a widget that does this automaticly or maybe cycle through 5 names so you dont overload your hard drive...
  14. The Piep

    thct6 - the missing link

    Played around a little bit and i have a few notes: - The mega jumppad is akward due to the pad being alot lower then the ledges surrounding it. This makes it hard to land on it since you sortof "lock" onto the ledge when it looks like you should have landed on the pad (hard to explain but if you go ingame it makes sense). To fix this simply lower the ledges around it or make the jumppad higher. - Have a look at the mega jumppad target, i am fairly certain it should be centered instead. - Double backing at the plasma teleporter is akward due to the tele exit being too far from the teleport you would back into. - Being able to telejump onto the 50 health would be cool if it doesnt destroy the balance you had in mind afcource. (If its already possible please ignore this).
  15. The Piep

    Race - Development.

    Make this an option please, i was thinking about making maps where you could practice capping a flag in ctf gammodes as fast as possible and that would include having a run up to it. As many of you know in counter strike there is the movement focused bunnyhopping gamemode, however, there is an other popular gamemode called kreedz climing or kz for short. Unlike bunnyhopping this gamemode is about hard jumps (not just because of distance) that are frequently meant to be taken one by one rather than in a bunnyhopping sequence. In this gamemode it is essential that the player can create teleports once he has reached a block (so not in the air) so he doesnt have to start all the way back again (since again, you are mostly climbing a mountain or something similar). Having a seperate gamemode for this would be a nice addition to the already existing race gamemode. To get you guys a sense of what i am talking about here are some videos: A player can do the run without teleports and that would be listed a pro-run and would be listed as a seperate record. I think the gamemode would be a litter harder in reflex since how hard it is to stop at a specific point or in this case block altough the addition of a crouch key might help with this.