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  1. big_L_blazed

    GTX 970m cant go fullscreen

    No, you get the message on the screenshot... and stays in windowed mode
  2. big_L_blazed

    GTX 970m cant go fullscreen

    thank Qufit, but no luck with that... Any help from the reflex development crew would be helpful!
  3. big_L_blazed

    GTX 970m cant go fullscreen

    So whats the deal with this? Any help is nice!
  4. big_L_blazed

    Full Screen Issues Geforce 660m

    Can't seem to run Reflex under my dedicated GFX. Only runs full screen when using Intel 4000. Pretty annoying since I get shitty FPS with the Intel. I'm attaching what it says when I tyr to full screen running under the Geforce 660m I'm using a Lenovo Y580 Laptop to play Reflex. I've tried to upgrade drivers several times and all other sorts of things to try to fix this issue, but no success. Any help is appreciated Thanks!
  5. big_L_blazed

    [0.39.0] Fullscreen Issue

    I got the same issue on my laptop. I have a Geforce 660m. can only run on intel integrated video, through the Geforce no good, I get a message on the console that say: "render: failed to switch to fullscreen, falling back to windowed. render: windowed video mode: 1536x841" I also tried to update my nvidia drivers, no success. Windows 8.1 here. This is pretty annoying. I tried the methods described above with no success. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, L