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    Reflex Racing Cups

    ROUND 1 of the RRWC starts in 2 weeks!!!!! The prize pool is currently at $467.77!! Thanks to all donors! Make sure to register by 2 June!
  2. lolograde

    What do you want for race mode?

    Just FYI, with 1.2's formal use of custom rulesets, I've set up a new server called "Tokyo Drift (Slick Map Server)". The default ruleset sets gconst_playeronground_friction 0 to reproduce the "slick" effect from Q3 defrag. Currently, the timelimit is set to 600 so that the Steam tables (being used unofficially for the race leaderboards) are not affected. Sadly, there wasn't much for race mode in 1.2. Maybe 1.3 will show some love for race mode?! I think we could come up with a HUGE wish list for race mode but, right now, the priority would be an official leaderboard since the current community workaround is kaput due to custom rulesets in 1.2. :pray:
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    Reflex 1.2.0

    Soh has really good aim. I don't think him playing defensively proved much. It is not easy to rush someone when they've got good hitscan aim and playing defensively. The same exact thing works in CPM and QW. So what? Mechanically superior players (like Hal9000) can get away with being very aggressive except against those with equivalent aim (like Vo0, gaiia, Terifire, Memphis, Gellehsak, etc.). On an equal match-up, attacking is harder than defending. It's the nature of the game for a lot of reasons: less sound occlusion, geometry of maps, existence of hitscan weapons with knockback, etc.. Presumably the "better" player will have more armor/health, more weapons, and be in better positions to deal max damage while minimizing the damage they take. That's very agnostic about whether the player needs to be aggressive or defensive to achieve that "better" play. Aggressive playing is more fun (imo) but it doesn't necessarily mean "better" playing. If being aggressive against a defensive player with superior aim (and decent positional play) is a "non-viable" option, that sounds normal to me and not a useful criticism of any given ruleset. The question of rulesets is not entirely objective. It's fairly subjective. How you like to play the game is probably reflected in your preferred ruleset. It's more a reflection of your strengths and style of play. I believe that mostly any balance is functional and that, over time, players will develop a meta-game based on the balance. QuakeWorld has insanely powerful weapons and yet has functional TDM/duel gameplay because players have developed a meta-game around QW's idiosyncratic gameplay balance. At one point, the consensus was that CR1 was a positive improvement. There were lots of tournaments with very skilled players enjoying the ruleset. Only after RMC started did it suddenly become controversial. Perhaps people had misgivings they kept to themselves but, for some reason (likely personality reasons), RMC became a catalyst (no pun intended) for a lot of very strong opinions to be expressed. Seems like aspects of the community have become sewing circles of discontent since then.
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    Reflex 1.2.0beta

    For what it's worth, here are the movement related variables from expplus (not sure if they're the same in 1.2 or not...): expplus_gconst_double_jump_velocity expplus_gconst_jump_velocity expplus_gconst_playerinair_acceleration expplus_gconst_playerinair_aircontrol expplus_gconst_playerinair_bunny_accelerate expplus_gconst_playerinair_bunny_wishspeed expplus_gconst_playerinair_decceleration expplus_gconst_playerinaircrouched_acceleration expplus_gconst_playeronground_acceleration expplus_gconst_playeronground_friction expplus_gconst_playeronground_speed expplus_gconst_playerongroundcrouched_speed expplus_gconst_wallclipping expplus_gconst_world_gravity I'm not an expert with this stuff, but I would guess the answer to your question is yes (to a certain extent).
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    bad performance

    Are you sure it is the update and not some other factor? Have you restarted your computer, check whether other programs are using resources, etc.?
  6. lolograde

    Reflex 1.2.0beta

    That would be more players
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    Reflex 1.2.0beta

    I see the materials have been organized. There's also a new lava material? But I cannot select it! ? EDIT: Maybe it is an old lava material? It looks like it is textured...
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    Why do you play Reflex?

    Don't funny
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    sv_pure poll

    Region: NA Highest rank achieved in matchmaking: Never finished the finished 10 ranking matches in MM. Do you use any customized widgets/hud elements/particle effects/sounds/: For duel, I use GoaHUD and per weapon settings widget (forget who made that). Do you wish to see sv_pure implemented into the competitive ruleset?: Yes Why? The competitive ruleset should be more strict about what widgets can and cannot be used. The casual ruleset is designed for new players who need timers and other assistive widgets to play. They should not be allowable in the competitive ruleset which is what the sv_pure should be primarily focused on. Unfortunately, that means that other custom widgets (like custom sounds, no particles, etc.) might get excluded. I'm okay with that because I think the default game is already very clear and comes with enough official settings that no one should be having too difficult of a time with visibility. This is a step in the right direction. I don't think adding sv_pure should be (or will be) the sole and final solution. Some tweaks can and probably will be made. This may also place an impetus on the devs to add some more setting options to the base game (like a slider for particle effects density or something).
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    [1.1.5] Replays broken

    It appears any old replays are broken in 1.1.5. I cannot load anything except for 1.1.5 replays. It just says, "error reading replay ..." I've confirmed with others that it's not just me.
  11. I've done my best to select tidbits from Shooter's impromptu Ask Me Anything ("AMA"). Obviously the devs are still working hard on 1.2 so give them respect and flexibility. I don't think anyone should hold everything said as rock solid but this is just a glimpse of what the TPS devs are working on. I've added some NOTES in brackets throughout where I thought more context was needed but did not want to post a ton of Discord comments to do so. 1.2 wen? GoaLitiuM - Last Friday at 4:45 PM :wave: is it time shooter - Last Friday at 4:46 PM haha not yet but it's slowllllly getting there so many loose ends in this build About shooter's avatar Skytoon - Last Friday at 4:48 PM What's the story behind your profile picture shooter - Last Friday at 4:48 PM My profile picture is awesome :smiley: googled it many years ago - stuck with it About the Reflex movie (name TBD): GoaLitiuM - Last Friday at 4:48 PM how was the movie shooter - Last Friday at 4:48 PM the movie was good man, i think gamers will dig it :smile: shooter - Last Friday at 5:37 PM Pretty insane seeing Reflex on the big screen shooter - Last Friday at 5:37 PM Not exactly what we had in mind when we started the game :smiley: It's humbling shooter - Last Friday at 5:38 PM Outaimed isn't bad too :smiley: It's up to @CaNi & his crew ultimately :smiley: Send your votes his way :smile: About sv_pure shooter - Last Friday at 4:49 PM adding some sv_pure'y stuff which is taking a bit, but i want it done cleanly shooter - Last Friday at 4:59 PM the svpure stuff is quite clean shooter - Last Friday at 5:00 PM (so far :)) Volume - Last Friday at 5:00 PM Just for mm, right? :^) shooter - Last Friday at 5:00 PM It's for competitive ruleset :smiley: shooter - Last Friday at 5:01 PM They [NOTE: timers, other lua, etc.] will still work in casual/experimental/race etc. shooter - Last Friday at 5:02 PM People are begging for a competitive mode, they want a consistent platform to compete on. This is what competitive ruleset is. Volume - Last Friday at 5:04 PM Ruleset discussions are not for shooter AMA hours! @shooter are custom sounds allowed or no shooter - Last Friday at 5:04 PM atm, nay shooter - Last Friday at 5:14 PM All the custom huds / assets will still work in casual mode (including through *MM)(edited shooter - Last Friday at 5:17 PM People are going to abuse any system out there. Expecially in such a competitive environment. Doesn't really surprise me that big game companies have huge ban waves now and then(edited) Volume - Last Friday at 5:43 PM Is r_lm_clear allowed in sv_pure shooter - Last Friday at 5:43 PM haha Volume :smile: That's going to be a fun one isn't it shooter - Last Friday at 5:44 PM r_lm_clear was made for the editor! shooter - Last Friday at 5:44 PM It is definately not intended. [NOTE: Some banter in chat about using r_lm_clear for regular play. He means r_lm_clear is not intended for regular play] shooter - Last Friday at 5:45 PM use r_gamma shooter - Last Friday at 5:45 PM game looks horrid without them shooter - Last Friday at 5:46 PM every time i see a stream with no lights, sun, fog (i said it :p), lighting, effects, particles turned off.. omg, i die inside r3x - Last Friday at 5:49 PM shooter, im just going to say this about any pure "locks" you are planning on doing- its gonna be extremely unpopular, alot of people dislike sparks,particle effects, darkly lit areas, etc. The default hud is ugly as shit(sorry!) one of my fav things about reflex is how much you can customize, and im fairly sure im not alone, so please don't reduce the playerbase to even lower levels simply cause you like your hud shooter - Last Friday at 5:54 PM @r3x I'm always open to constructive / respectful feedback. The flip side is there competitive ruleset is far from an even playing field. People are using damage tracking widgets, playing with full bright setups, particles disabled. It's not fair at all. Competitive is supposed to be an even playing field. Players want an even playing field. It's been said & heard over and over. So what we do we -- we can either disable lighting / particles / everything for everyone. Or on the flipside, we can force everyone to use extreme particles & dark lighting. I think something in the middle is best, but It needs to be standardized at the competition level. Reflex was designed with visibility in mind, it's already clear, high contrast etc. I'd rather fix the "ugly as shit" HUD so it's good for everyone. I quite like it tbh, if you have suggestions on how it can improve, feel free to send them. Sharqosity - Last Friday at 5:55 PM I thought sv_pure was for tournaments only? If I want to play some practice matches on competitive, I don't want to be restricted to low fps and default hud shooter - Last Friday at 5:55 PM @Sharqosity it wont' restirct you to low fps. You still have all the in-game options Volume - Last Friday at 6:18 PM @shooter is weapon offset allowed in sv pure shooter - Last Friday at 6:18 PM yes shooter - Last Friday at 6:18 PM all in-game settings are Owl Ragnar - Last Friday at 6:20 PM last requesty thing, if we're gonna get pure, can we get a better crosshair widget as default? so we dont have to config fuck shooter - Last Friday at 6:21 PM @Owl Ragnar put something together please :smiley: and show us, IIRC the default crosshair has several settings, they're all not okay? shooter - Last Friday at 6:28 PM i'm standing by the sv_pure About draw distance lolograde - Last Friday at 4:49 PM @shooter any chance of draw distance being expanded? shooter - Last Friday at 4:50 PM @lolograde it hurts perf, it also causes more Z fighting closer to camera... lolograde - Last Friday at 4:50 PM could it be turned off for just re_export, @shooter ? since perf is not an issue then shooter - Last Friday at 4:50 PM you can't just turn it off :smiley: it's how the math works :smile: lolograde - Last Friday at 4:50 PM oh dang shooter - Last Friday at 4:50 PM it's not like i just added it for fun haha shooter - Last Friday at 4:51 PM you can do crazy things like two scene renders and composit them :S but that's kinda mad GoaLitiuM - Last Friday at 4:51 PM reversed-z? shooter - Last Friday at 4:51 PM ah goat knows this stuff aye About MM ladder seasons Skytoon - Last Friday at 4:51 PM @shooter is there a reason the seasons aren't automated? shooter - Last Friday at 4:51 PM @Skytoon we are talking about exactly this.. but shh :smiley: LKO-,- - Last Friday at 5:02 PM @shooter any plans for MM season rewards or other ways of incentivizing people to keep playing ladder? shooter - Last Friday at 5:02 PM I think Skytoon hit that nail on the head before. @LKO- Owl Ragnar - Last Friday at 5:47 PM @shooter I'll be cheeky and throw in a question - any thoughts about how long seasons are gonna be and what kind of revamp you are looking at? (dont know how much you can say other than the vague answer you gave lskytoon) shooter - Last Friday at 5:48 PM @Owl Ragnar We have cool ideas -- i don't want to promise anything though at this stage. 1.2 has taken so long, hopefully it's received well, and we can grow things further from there. About rulesets (Ramaflex v. Sushiflex) and exp_plus ruleset shooter - Last Friday at 4:53 PM Yeah there's a lot of rulesets going on now as people are getting access to expplus build... Really not sure how i feel about it. I like it to be known that when you play Reflex -- this is what you get. shooter - Last Friday at 4:53 PM I also like letting people mod stuff though too -- so yeah, kinda thinking/watching this space :smiley: [NOTE: There was some banter about which ruleset would be adopted. Then shooter responded as below.] shooter - Last Friday at 4:56 PM The ruleset was done in the 1.2 branch months ago shooter - Last Friday at 4:56 PM It was discussed on forums shooter - Last Friday at 4:57 PM It's very hard to please everyone :smiley: Which is a big part of why i put expplus out in the first place :smiley: shooter - Last Friday at 5:08 PM Warlord ruleset discussions have been made & decided on forums, Electro took care of it. I don't want to step on his toes at the moment. Newborn wanted the guns to be useful in Reflex IIRC. If we want to take gameplay discussisions further i'd prefer it on the forums where the original discussion took place! shooter - Last Friday at 5:09 PM I'm still undecided if exp_plus will live the day in 1.2 :smiley: About movement changes shooter - Last Friday at 4:54 PM chaging movement is dangerous! the old 0.37 taught us all this :smile: shooter - Last Friday at 4:54 PM I'm realllllly not in a hurry to change movement :smiley: Warlord Wossman - Last Friday at 4:55 PM yeah movement was changed in 37 for ctf but nobody plays it and the other one feels better for combat :> shooter - Last Friday at 4:55 PM It was changed in 37 yes, it was changed a lot of the way back towards 36 in 37 minor updates too. About steak (sic) gun Volume - Last Friday at 4:57 PM Any news on stakegun? shooter - Last Friday at 4:58 PM Not really unfortunately - it's still there in exp_steak or whatever it's called :smiley: Soh - Last Friday at 8:49 PM does anyone know if stake still has the tele glitch where u come out and ur stuck' @shooter shooter - Last Friday at 8:50 PM steak in the face (i don't know :p) About borderless windows, resolutions GoaLitiuM - Last Friday at 5:04 PM wen borderless, resolution scale? shooter - Last Friday at 5:05 PM directx 11 IS fullscreen borderless always AFAIK?? use console to release mouse? About new cosmetics Volume - Last Friday at 5:06 PM Shooter I know the cosmetics aren't your department per se but are there any that you're particularly excited about?(edited) shooter - Last Friday at 5:08 PM @Volume new cosmetics are great :smile: shooter - Last Friday at 5:08 PM I dig them About new hires, volunteers, and community work shooter - Last Friday at 5:09 PM We can't hire anyone, i don't even pay myself lol #indiedev shooter - Last Friday at 5:10 PM The question of help comes up a lot. I really admire it, and it's a lot of the reason we put effort into map editors / scripts / exp_plus etc. About greater access to Reflex's code for community GoaLitiuM - Last Friday at 5:10 PM just give us all the power to tweak the rulesets, they are very useful in private games too shooter - Last Friday at 5:13 PM @GoaLitiuM As for editing the core game code, it makes things a bit harder. Expecially when it turns things in to security, IP ownership etc. It is a buisness, I am liable if it gets sued. It's something I've thought about a lot over the years. It still really doesn't have a good solution/answer. It's interesting/curious to see Unreal making a difference here (this is the first time i've seen a big company take diffs from the open world) -- I like what they're doing, i'm unsure of the legailities / logistics. Puma - Last Friday at 6:28 PM shooter hire goa & kyto pay them in supporter weapons Volume - Last Friday at 6:29 PM No, just ask them if you can put their Huds in the game They'll say yes. Give them a shovel or something. Lol shooter - Last Friday at 6:29 PM We've done this before, can talk to them in private about it. shooter - Last Friday at 6:29 PM I like the idea of improving base game for everyone. About Discord integration GoaLitiuM - Last Friday at 5:12 PM any thoughts on discord integration? like voice and chat but also inviting people into games via discord shooter - Last Friday at 5:14 PM @GoaLitiuM we were in talks ages ago about discord integration. But we talk about a lot of things :smiley: Talk is easy, integrating to production ready is less easy :smiley: About Discord channel, mods, behavior, etc. shooter - Last Friday at 5:19 PM Oh, someone commented about EU mods before -- Yeah we need more mods. And yes this discord needs to be nicer :smiley: shooter - Last Friday at 5:19 PM I don't really see a lot of the chat (it's when i'm sleeping / working), but ... yeah shooter - Last Friday at 5:21 PM CoC is there for reason. It's a place to come and talk, and be nice. Treat someone as you would in real life really. shooter - Last Friday at 5:21 PM And treat the mods with respect! They have a hard job, and we're all greatful for what they do About MM map selection system Volume - Last Friday at 5:29 PM @shooter one last question, is aerowalk going to still be in the map pool, and will the "pick 1 of 3 maps" still be the method of map selection? shooter - Last Friday at 5:30 PM @Volume I think it works well? Embarassing logs, tbh Skytoon - Last Friday at 5:30 PM @shooter was it you or Erectro that had the blessing of working on the Shrek karting game shooter - Last Friday at 5:30 PM haha @Skytoon how do you know about this :smiley: shooter - Last Friday at 5:31 PM Hey I even worked on a Barbie game :smile: lolloll shooter - Last Friday at 5:32 PM We did a scooby doo game too, 3d person platformer. That was fun :smiley: shooter - Last Friday at 5:33 PM :smiley: Software engineering is my day job Linux support erad - Last Friday at 5:41 PM 1.2 linux support [NOTE: picture of a Linux penguin holding RL on Sanctum ] shooter - Last Friday at 5:41 PM Making a picture is easier than porting it :smile: shooter - Last Friday at 5:42 PM I use my mac a lot, but yeah, Reflex is staying on PC. About r_sun and Reflex performance shooter - Last Friday at 5:49 PM r_sun was added for people with verrrry low end machines. In all honestly, i'm not sure the game needs the option now. It really should always be on IMHO. shooter - Last Friday at 5:50 PM my 780ti is like 4 years old, runs fine there shooter - Last Friday at 5:57 PM my 4gig i7 (it's like 3rd gen, maybe) + 780ti rocks high everywhere, tbh I turn on HBAO+ on top too(edited) shooter - Last Friday at 5:58 PM I don't have a fancy 120hz/144hz monitor :frowning: I have a 30" Dell which is so good for dev work i can't part ways with it :smiley: Yeah ctf does stuffer a bit, expecially on huge maps That's fair :smiley: [NOTE: not sure what shooter was referring to here. Maybe another comment but I left it in.] About the internet (and Reflex community reaction) shooter - Last Friday at 6:01 PM This is the internet, people always overract! :smile: About feedback (general) shooter - Last Friday at 6:15 PM It's easy to shit-cann anything or anyone. Actually building/showing something is the hard bit :smiley: We're going to run in to a lot of this I think with the pure changes. Create a forum post, show before/afters etc, and this will help us all understand & get on the same page. If we just say "that's shit fix it", it really doesn't help. About race mode lolograde - Last Friday at 6:21 PM @shooter is there going to be an official race leaderboard? Race mode needs love! shooter - Last Friday at 6:22 PM It does need love About the sound engine and sounds in general Volume - Last Friday at 6:36 PM @shooter can you give us any sneak peak insider info about any upcoming changes to the sound engine or directional sound in general? shooter - Last Friday at 6:37 PM not yet coz there aren't any :smile: lol... As before, easier solution is to look at the directional sound setup. I'd like to look in to this post 1.2 Xytaglyph ? - Last Friday at 7:37 PM id love to see hrtf implemented @shooter do you guys use x3daudio for reflex? if so, this might be something to consider, its free to use and distribute https://github.com/kosumosu/x3daudio1_7_hrtf shooter - Last Friday at 8:34 PM hmm @Xytaglyph ? this is interesting... yes we use XAudio2 in fact, we use X3dAudio too.. About rumored F2P plans shooter - Last Friday at 6:52 PM I'm not keen on F2P There i said it :smiley: lol shooter - Last Friday at 6:53 PM I don't want to say never, but at this point in time I don't think it's the answer
  12. lolograde

    Custom Ruleset Poll

    I agree with your sentiment. Ramaflex is a step in the right direction and should be adopted in competitive. If there are any iterative ideas to add to Ramaflex, they should be made available in experimental (not exp_plus). The other ruleset that's currently being discussed ("Sushiflex") is a lot of fun but I think Ramaflex is much more widely tested and isn't too dramatic of a change from the current competitive ruleset. It's a nice step improvement. I hope after 1.2, the devs can make smaller point releases more consistently. Close out each competitive season, rotate the MM map pools, and make small incremental tweaks to the gameplay. It'd be nice to put the game back on track where iterative gameplay changes are tested in the experimental ruleset and then either adopted or not depending on whether people prefer to play experimental versus competitive. That's a better course than having divergent gameplay rulesets compete against each other for popularity.
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    Turning frustration into constructive feedback

    @BugsPray Everyone's opinion should be heard. And no one is disregarding what you're saying. I understand where you're coming from, and you're right this conversation has been had too many times. Reflex has a lot of features to help newbies get their feet wet: there is a "casual" gameplay ruleset that's intended to make the game easier for new players, there are casual modes like Instagib and FFA where you can beat more experienced players occasionally, a training mode, and tons and tons of online tutorials/guides to help you learn how to play Reflex Arena. I think you're thinking about this the wrong way. It's like anything where you try, struggle, and fail until you finally succeed. When you finally succeed, the elation and enjoyment is overwhelming. That's the part that is not being communicated very well. This game (and other similar games) make you work for it. Hard. Some people do not work for it because maybe they don't understand what it takes, the challenge looks too daunting, or don't really know what the rewards are. And it takes a certain kind of personality to want to play an Arena FPS, especially 1v1. There's definitely an elitism vibe with regards to this genre because of that: people who are good at it have generally (not always) put in shitloads of time to be good. It doesn't come easy and that's precisely why some people are junkies for it. It does make me very depressed looking at Reflex's numbers. But you can also look at Quake Champions, which has millions of dollars, dozens of programmers/artists/community managers/etc., some mechanics dumbed down to make it much easier for newbies, and a big name publisher behind it and it is still not doing much better than Reflex. And definitely not well at all relative to other games like CSGO, LoL, PUBG, etc.. My opinion is that the AFPS genre is simply "out of fashion" with the general interest (hopefully that changes someday). Anyhow, I hope you stick with it. It gives me no pleasure seeing new players get fed up and leave. Nor do I like new players to feel their opinions don't matter or don't feel welcomed by the community. If you want to casually enjoy this game, that's definitely possible by playing Instagib, FFA, or play 1v1 with the casual gameplay rulesets. But if you really want the full experience, and enjoy the game to the full extent it can offer enjoyment, then turn on "Eye of the Tiger", get obliterated, frustrated, tilted, raged, and keep doing it until the lightbulb goes on. And then you'll see what the fuss is about.
  15. lolograde

    Water skimming?

    What if there were some cool physics/movement effects with water? For example, if you hit water at reasonably parallel angle going >1000ups, maybe you could "skim" over it? A way this could work is that ground friction on water is proportional (to some factor) to your speed when you hit the water material. Once you fall beneath like 750ups, you sink into the water like normal. That might be a nice way to add some uniqueness to Reflex's movement physics without necessarily changing the physics/mechanics itself. This could result in some cool map designs: for example, making an area with water but a really low ceiling (just above head) so you cannot strafejump across the water. So you'd need to be going fast enough to "skim" through (without strafejumping/bhopping) over the top of the water before the water's friction reduces your speed so much that you sink into it! Could be very interesting for race mode but also imagine CTF maps where you could take a "risky" route to escape across water. Or even a duel map! EDIT: Oh yea, also: SLICK PLEASE!
  16. lolograde

    Cosmetic suggestions thread

    Gotta win one.
  17. lolograde

    Water skimming?

    Yeah something like that. Although I wonder if maybe it shouldn't let you bunnyhop. Maybe if you try to jump while water skimming, it'd drop you into the water?
  18. lolograde

    Turning frustration into constructive feedback

    Yep, what @LKO-,- said basically. The position you're in is what EVERYONE has been through. Anyone who is currently playing has been in the exact same situation you're in at some point. My recommendation would be to find people who are at your own skill level or have friends playing/learning along with you. There's a newbies channel in the official Reflex discord. There's also sometimes newbie cups where you can meet other similarly skilled players. Ask your friends from other games to play some matches with you. Maybe play some FFA instagib or CTF games to begin with. Or use some of the mutators (like Low Gravity Instagib is hella fun). When you've got an opponent that's at a similar skill level, the game will be much more enjoyable.
  19. Ready Player One based on the novel by Ernest Cline. I really liked the book so hopefully Steven Spielberg doesn't botch it.
  20. Getting a little too close to a major motion picture coming out next year.
  21. lolograde

    [1.1.2] Disembodied arms in replays

    I've got an update on this. I don't think it's about keyframes after all. I could be wrong, but I think it's got something to do with how the replay file is loaded. I use a custom menu.rep and I noticed that after I deleted a few replays from my replay folder, the menu.rep got the disembodied arms bug. I made no other changes and the menu.rep worked before and, after restarting, worked fine again.
  22. lolograde

    [1.1.2] Disembodied arms in replays

    Occasionally, when watching a replay and switching POV or to editor mode, you will see disembodied arms floating about (which you can see through walls). Simply clicking "detach" does not fix it. The only solution I know to get rid of the arms is to switch back and forth between POVs while the replay is playing and then detach from the disembodied arm's POV. I'm not quite sure the exact circumstances required to reproduce this but it may be related to keyframes being added in Editing mode while still attached to a player.
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    Take Two by @Cat_Smoker
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    He deleted them. I asked him about it earlier today and he confirmed he deleted them since he's now exclusively a QC player.
  25. All those sound good to me. Here's a couple others: Reflex Out of control In Control Strafe Jump Strafe Aim Map Lock The Meta Game Enter the Arena Player Spawn Frag Respawn Refragged Gibbed