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    Should Reflex Arena be free?

    The more the merrier, I say. Having a lot of bad players is a good problem to have, imo.
  2. lolograde

    Workshop Addons Not Working?

    Also, which addons are you trying to install? Did you check that they're actually on the workshop? Could be the authors renamed them or took them off the workshop for some reason?
  3. lolograde

    No draw trigger for specific sides of a brush

    You can set color but not material per side. I think the default key is holding shift, hover the side you want to color, and click.
  4. lolograde

    Most textures do not work in editor

    There are also meshes. It depends what look you're going for. I would highly recommend looking at some of the existing maps out there that are well done artwork wise.
  5. lolograde

    Most textures do not work in editor

    There are no other textures, only materials. The old brick/metal/etc. textures have been removed. The devs made a decision to move away from textures and focus on a textureless art style like some other games have done.
  6. That's an interesting way to configure keys. Can I ask why you have it arranged like that? I don't know if the problem/limitation you're experiencing is a bug or an intentional design. I know other games have intentionally designed things so you cannot have rapid input by using multiple keys like that. But I don't know if that's the intent with Reflex.
  7. lolograde

    Custom Ruleset Poll

    Is that true of this ruleset? All weapons do the "same level" of DPS? Seems like that'd make some weapons nearly pointless because they're more difficult to use with high accuracy (like BG, GL, or PG).
  8. lolograde

    Custom Ruleset Poll

    This is an interesting philosophical question, I think. Do all weapons exist on the same level or is it tiered? It's typical that rockets, lightning (IC), and rail/bolt are "upper tier" weapons and therefore more important in the meta (controlling weapons). If you'd like each weapon to be designed to be the most powerful in certain situations, it'd necessarily be a departure from the tiered weapon structure, no? I'm not saying that's a bad thing (buffing the SG to be the most efficient weapon at very close range), only that the philosophical implications are broader than just buffing one weapon.
  9. lolograde

    Ingame suggestion - VOIP

    VoIP would be great but there's already other software for that (as annoying as that is). Regarding binds, chat "tokens" would go a long way. For instance, beyond just binds saying "EFC high" or "EFC low", things like being able to hover your crosshairs over an item and being able to press a single bind that says, "#nearbyfriendly, there's a #item available. Please take!" Other cool stuff might be for map editors to be able to designate and name map zones. For instance, on a TDM map, you can name an area "RA room" and use a bind like, "Enemies in #room. Please help!" Maybe someone has already worked that in Lua, though?
  10. lolograde

    Can't install addons/select maps through game

    Just in case someone finds this thread and not the other. If you have this issue, make sure you clear out any left over files when uninstalling before you reinstall. That seems to fix it. See the below thread.
  11. lolograde

    Addons - Install button gone?

    When you uninstall and reinstall, are you deleting all the files there? Maybe there's something left over that's causing the issue. I'd do as clean an uninstall as you can, restart computer, and then reinstall.
  12. lolograde

    Addons - Install button gone?

  13. lolograde

    Game getting stuck on menu

    What are your system specs? Graphics card, audio card, CPU, RAM, operating system? It could be any number of things.
  14. lolograde

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    Hey Zvarri, welcome! In the past, the devs did have a public roadmap. However, it appears they will not be making any new roadmaps public going forward. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong. Like you, I'm dying to know what the devs are cooking up. However, I guess it's a problem balancing expectations while still affording the devs some flexibility. Based on their track record, the devs have set really high expectations by always delivering really high quality updates. So the lack of a public roadmap probably affords them some flexibility to change plans without disappointing the community by delaying something to a later update or whatever.
  15. lolograde

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    That goes perfectly with their new Quake Champions (proprietary) controller:
  16. lolograde

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    Clearly they're trying to level the playing field for people playing QC on their Xbox One and PS4. Kappa.
  17. lolograde

    Custom Ruleset Duel Tournament [EU]

    That's a pretty large prize pool. Someone should post something on ESR.
  18. lolograde

    ColdFire - TDM2V2/3V3/FFA

    Put steam effects around the water?
  19. lolograde

    Custom Ruleset Duel Tournament [EU]

    Donated. Good luck all!
  20. lolograde

    Will we get an editor focused update.

    Regarding textures, why not more meshes/themes? My personal opinion is that the lack of textures gives the game a unique visual style and identity compared to other games. That unique identity can be explored further and I think there's been a lot of neat ideas in the cosmetics thread. I agree, though. I think there's room for improvement in the editor. I think it has been mentioned elsewhere, but obviously movers/triggers would be a really nice addition. The previous roadmap also included new particles and liquids effects. Other things like slick (low/no friction material) would be nice as well. For race mode, specifically, besides movers/triggers, I think a really nice addition would be to expand the draw distance (or eliminate the visual plane culling completely?). I don't know if the existing limit is software or hardware related, but being able to see the entire race map is very nice and useful for race mode. Especially on maps where you're going quite fast, it helps to be able to see further.
  21. lolograde

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    After listening to the post-launch interview Turbo Pixel did with ArenaFPS, my impression is that there is still quite a lot of plans for Reflex for the next several years. Some of those are likely the things that were skipped in the development roadmap leading up to launch like new particles effects, liquids, movers/triggers, etc.. I don't know if there were other social aspects planned. I'd certainly like to see VoIP, Twitch, and/or Discord integration but I don't think those are deal breakers since there's already freeware out there to accomplish those things. Also, Reflex always gets a bump in activity with each update. Maybe the devs will stumble upon an update that really clicks for new players. Some new mode or feature that really keeps new players playing constantly. Who knows? Reflex will never die. Maybe in 2 or 3 years, Turbo Pixel may turn their focus to a new game (or a sequel to Reflex??), but with the foundation that already exists, there will always be a die hard player base. And if QC does succeed in making AFPS games relevant/popular again, that tide will raise all ships.
  22. lolograde

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    As far as marketing, nothing works better than kickass movies, imo. Perhaps the devs could entice the community by putting up some money for a movie-making competition? Or, maybe more to the point, just pay @entik to go full James Cameron with Reflex. There is also "LAN" coming out soonish which may attract some attention as well. If QC does become successful, there will likely be those who want something purer and will turn to Reflex. Reflex is the only premier alternative AFPS currently. Diabotical doesn't appear close to release (at least, not until Spring 2018, according to 2GD's stream today) and other games are old, stale, and don't have the same features. As for changes/updates, season 1 ends in a couple weeks, right? I would suspect that would be the best time for devs to make an update. Looking at the Steam reviews, it is currently rated Very Positively (88% positive after 1,068 reviews) with the one consistent complaint being player base. That's a better rating that Quake Live, Toxikk, or most other AFPS currently available on Steam. With the consistent complaint being small player base, I suspect some new players queue for CTF and end up waiting 20 mins. Instead, maybe there should be a "PLAY NOW" button that queues the player for any game mode, casual or competitive, and any server with up to 120ms (which is at the upper range of what I consider playable). New players probably have very little sense of what good or bad ping is, or what the various modes are. So for those who really just want to shoot around, kamikaze style, let them. Lastly, the people with poor attitudes who want to blame the devs for everything need to take a breath.
  23. lolograde

    light leaks and lighting tips

    I believe you need brushes at least 64u-96u thick to prevent light leaks. I've also been told to avoid setting the sun at hard angles to walls. In other words, keep the sun's position mostly high-up in the sky or disable it. Not that I'm aware of. Although sometimes I wonder if the way the lightmap is built depends on what your current settings are. Like, if you're using a really low res and gfx options when you build the LM, does that have an impact on the quality of the LM? I don't know the answer to this question, but it might be worthwhile to experiment. The reflection probes make a sample of the area they are placed in for creating reflections on surfaces. I'm not very savvy on all the details, but I believe many materials have various degrees of reflections, even ones that do not appear reflective do rely on the reflection probes a fair bit. I've been told that you want to space these out wherever the light levels differ and fairly incrementally so that you get good reflection results. You can check out the way the light probes are distributed in maps like Catalyst or Pocket Infinity for an idea of how to use them well.
  24. lolograde

    light leaks and lighting tips

    The "Level Editing" section on the Reflex wiki page is quite good: http://wiki.reflexfiles.com/index.php?title=Main_Page Some might be a little out of date, but otherwise still good/useful info.
  25. lolograde

    We need to talk about the state of the game.

    You should @ them, like so: @shooter @Electro @Yasashii