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    Faster, Robot! Kill! Kill!

    I just asked if anyone had replays to share and these were some of what was sent to me. I used probably 30% of the replays people sent me and picked from those my favs.
  2. lolograde

    Q3 .map -> Reflex .map converter

    If it helps anyone, here's a brief guide on how to convert a q3 map's .pk3 to .map. (You'll need the .map format for the Q3ToReflex program to work.) Unzip the .pk3 and search for the map's .bsp. It is typically in the /maps/ folder within the .pk3. Save the .bsp somewhere (doesn't matter where). Use NetRadiant (http://ingar.intranifty.net/gtkradiant/installation.html) to convert the .bsp to .map. You can do this by opening NetRadiant, go to File --> Import, and select the .bsp. Your NetRadiant window might give you an error (about textures or entities) but you can ignore this. It will also likely freeze for a moment while it decompiles the .bsp. Once the map has load (you will probably see a lot of caulk, pink and black checkerboard pattern), go to File --> Save As and save the map as a .map inside the same folder as Q3ToReflex.exe. Now you should have a .map version of the map you want to port. Simply follow the steps for the Q3ToReflex. (Open commandline prompt, navigate to the Q3ToReflex folder, and then use the appropriate commands per the readme.)
  3. lolograde

    Q3 .map -> Reflex .map converter

    Hi, sorry I don't speak french but I can try to help. You'll want to first get the .map for ra3map12. If you only have the .pk3, you can do this by unzipping the .pk3 and getting the .bsp. Then use NetRadiant to convert the .bsp to .map. Once you have the .map for ra3map12, you should be able to follow the steps on page 1 of this forum thread. If the above doesn't help, contact me on Discord and I can try to convert ra3map12 to Reflex for you. You'll still need to do a lot of work to make the converted version ready to play in Reflex, though.
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    Reflex Racing Cups

  5. lolograde

    Reflex Racing Cups

  6. lolograde

    Should i buy this in steam ? Online on AS or EU servers.

    Here's an online server browser: https://reflex.syncore.org/ If you want to find games, probably the best way to do that is joining Reflex's Discord server (https://discord.gg/e8fwMAH) and asking around. The game does have matchmaking but given your region and how quiet Reflex has become in the past 6 months, you'll likely wait a while before a match starts. It's is therefore better to ask in Discord for games, especially if you consider yourself a newbie.
  7. First, some low-hanging fruit: In-game replay browser. Lists all replays and subfolders within the /replays/ folder. When a replay is selected, it displays map, players, mode, timelimit, and other details in a preview pane. Click "PLAY" button to play. Official race mode leaderboards. Tweak the existing Steam tables so that custom rulesets and mutators are recorded separately. The steam table updates each time a player achieves a personal best time (i.e., you do not need to wait until the round ends to update the time). Also, if you reload the map later, it'll show your personal best on the personal records list widget. Some movement/race related stuff: Adjustable speed when in map editor or replay editor (editing mode). Set your player speed when you're editing. Faster to get across maps quicker or slower for more precise detailed work. Materials that affect movement. Ice (slick, no friction), tar (sticky, extra high friction, can't jump if you land on it, only walk over it) Metas that affect movement. Low gravity within meta volume, one-way collisions (can move out of meta volume but not back in), etc. Checkpoints. A new meta volume that acts as a checkpoint in race mode. Audio/Visual stuff: Liquids, rain, snow, and smoke. Make lava, water, and slime look more like liquids (moving/undulating slowly). Rain, snow, and smoke materials/effects. Better sound engine configuration. Tweak existing sounds so spatial awareness is easier. New shaders/effects in drops. New race trails, IC beams, BR bolt trails, RL smoke trails, GL smoke trails, different types of explosions/gibs, etc. New materials. Keeping with the minimalist look, add some new materials that have subtle bump/specular-mapping (like devgray has). Geometric patterns or materials that looks damaged/distressed. Pip-dream stuff: Greater functionality for addons. Mods, custom weapon models, game mode scripting, etc. Fully modeled stakegun! Expanded draw distance. Triggers & movers. Export sound when using re_export. More camera interpolation options in replay editor. Chat tokens. For example,#NearestTeammate would display the name of the nearest teammate to whoever used the token. Others might be, #NearestEnemy, #NearestItem, #CurrentHealth, #CurrentArmor, etc.. Match Timeout/in. I'm sure everyone can think of something they'd like to see in the 1.3 changelog...
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    Reflex Racing Cups

  9. lolograde

    Reflex Racing Cups

  10. Weird... I've seen that with cloned brushes but never a brush I just placed.
  11. Eh, my list is only for things I'd like to see. Not really trying to think of ways to make Reflex more like Fortnite...
  12. I don't think anyone has reported this. The new lowercase text meshes do not work. When you try to use them, only the effect symbol (exclamation point) is displayed.
  13. lolograde

    Reflex Racing Cups

  14. lolograde

    Reflex Racing Cups

    Less than 1 week until round 1 begins! The prize pool is now up to $567.77!! Thanks again to all the very, very generous donors! Please also remember to register to race via Matcherino (https://matcherino.com/tournaments/10752/participants)! Once the round is finished, there will be a stream of the submitted replays.
  15. lolograde

    Reflex Racing Cups

    ROUND 1 of the RRWC starts in 2 weeks!!!!! The prize pool is currently at $467.77!! Thanks to all donors! Make sure to register by 2 June!
  16. lolograde

    What do you want for race mode?

    Just FYI, with 1.2's formal use of custom rulesets, I've set up a new server called "Tokyo Drift (Slick Map Server)". The default ruleset sets gconst_playeronground_friction 0 to reproduce the "slick" effect from Q3 defrag. Currently, the timelimit is set to 600 so that the Steam tables (being used unofficially for the race leaderboards) are not affected. Sadly, there wasn't much for race mode in 1.2. Maybe 1.3 will show some love for race mode?! I think we could come up with a HUGE wish list for race mode but, right now, the priority would be an official leaderboard since the current community workaround is kaput due to custom rulesets in 1.2. :pray:
  17. lolograde

    Reflex 1.2.0

    Soh has really good aim. I don't think him playing defensively proved much. It is not easy to rush someone when they've got good hitscan aim and playing defensively. The same exact thing works in CPM and QW. So what? Mechanically superior players (like Hal9000) can get away with being very aggressive except against those with equivalent aim (like Vo0, gaiia, Terifire, Memphis, Gellehsak, etc.). On an equal match-up, attacking is harder than defending. It's the nature of the game for a lot of reasons: less sound occlusion, geometry of maps, existence of hitscan weapons with knockback, etc.. Presumably the "better" player will have more armor/health, more weapons, and be in better positions to deal max damage while minimizing the damage they take. That's very agnostic about whether the player needs to be aggressive or defensive to achieve that "better" play. Aggressive playing is more fun (imo) but it doesn't necessarily mean "better" playing. If being aggressive against a defensive player with superior aim (and decent positional play) is a "non-viable" option, that sounds normal to me and not a useful criticism of any given ruleset. The question of rulesets is not entirely objective. It's fairly subjective. How you like to play the game is probably reflected in your preferred ruleset. It's more a reflection of your strengths and style of play. I believe that mostly any balance is functional and that, over time, players will develop a meta-game based on the balance. QuakeWorld has insanely powerful weapons and yet has functional TDM/duel gameplay because players have developed a meta-game around QW's idiosyncratic gameplay balance. At one point, the consensus was that CR1 was a positive improvement. There were lots of tournaments with very skilled players enjoying the ruleset. Only after RMC started did it suddenly become controversial. Perhaps people had misgivings they kept to themselves but, for some reason (likely personality reasons), RMC became a catalyst (no pun intended) for a lot of very strong opinions to be expressed. Seems like aspects of the community have become sewing circles of discontent since then.
  18. lolograde

    Reflex 1.2.0beta

    For what it's worth, here are the movement related variables from expplus (not sure if they're the same in 1.2 or not...): expplus_gconst_double_jump_velocity expplus_gconst_jump_velocity expplus_gconst_playerinair_acceleration expplus_gconst_playerinair_aircontrol expplus_gconst_playerinair_bunny_accelerate expplus_gconst_playerinair_bunny_wishspeed expplus_gconst_playerinair_decceleration expplus_gconst_playerinaircrouched_acceleration expplus_gconst_playeronground_acceleration expplus_gconst_playeronground_friction expplus_gconst_playeronground_speed expplus_gconst_playerongroundcrouched_speed expplus_gconst_wallclipping expplus_gconst_world_gravity I'm not an expert with this stuff, but I would guess the answer to your question is yes (to a certain extent).
  19. lolograde

    bad performance

    Are you sure it is the update and not some other factor? Have you restarted your computer, check whether other programs are using resources, etc.?
  20. lolograde

    Reflex 1.2.0beta

    That would be more players
  21. lolograde

    Reflex 1.2.0beta

    I see the materials have been organized. There's also a new lava material? But I cannot select it! ? EDIT: Maybe it is an old lava material? It looks like it is textured...
  22. lolograde

    Why do you play Reflex?

    Don't funny
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    sv_pure poll

    Region: NA Highest rank achieved in matchmaking: Never finished the finished 10 ranking matches in MM. Do you use any customized widgets/hud elements/particle effects/sounds/: For duel, I use GoaHUD and per weapon settings widget (forget who made that). Do you wish to see sv_pure implemented into the competitive ruleset?: Yes Why? The competitive ruleset should be more strict about what widgets can and cannot be used. The casual ruleset is designed for new players who need timers and other assistive widgets to play. They should not be allowable in the competitive ruleset which is what the sv_pure should be primarily focused on. Unfortunately, that means that other custom widgets (like custom sounds, no particles, etc.) might get excluded. I'm okay with that because I think the default game is already very clear and comes with enough official settings that no one should be having too difficult of a time with visibility. This is a step in the right direction. I don't think adding sv_pure should be (or will be) the sole and final solution. Some tweaks can and probably will be made. This may also place an impetus on the devs to add some more setting options to the base game (like a slider for particle effects density or something).
  24. lolograde

    [1.1.5] Replays broken

    It appears any old replays are broken in 1.1.5. I cannot load anything except for 1.1.5 replays. It just says, "error reading replay ..." I've confirmed with others that it's not just me.