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    KovaaK's compilation HUD

    If anyone else is using this compilation and having issues with the Workshop callvote window not popping up here is a workaround. Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/2o32b1e372vlnll/MatchPicker.lua?dl= Make a folder in "\Steam\SteamApps\common\reflexfps\base\internal\ui" called "popups" and then I made another subfolder in that popups folder, you can name it whatever and put the lua file in there. Basically the problem I encountered was a comparison mismatch for the part that fills in the stars in the star rating in that callvote window which made it not pop up anymore, all this does is work around the comparison by removing the comparison and using a static number. Downside is that now every map shows as 5 star map, but sorting on highest ranked still seems to work so it should be purely a visual thing, more importantly the window keeps popping up now when I want to do a callvote through that (which is far more conveniant than looking up the id's of maps...). The original MatchPicker.lua can be found in "\Steam\SteamApps\common\reflexfps\base\internal.pak" that can be opened with something like 7zip (haven't tried others but I assume WinRAR can probably open it too) and then go to the "internal\ui\popups\" folder in there and you can then open it in a text editor to see the original. The only change I have made is in line 219 (where the error was). I changed nvgFillColor((stars >= star) and colOn or colOff); to nvgFillColor((1) and colOn or colOff);