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  1. GoneM4d

    FFA and Quick Play/Matchmaking

    While MM is good they should do what current modern fps do. Lock them out of MM until they reach a of say 10 only then they are allowed to partake in the actual MM. Additionally if player is new he should be matched up from Bronze-> Overlord and not starting from gold+ how it currently is. We gotta ease players in to it and not stomp the fuck out of them. Because this is not dark souls where everything resets and player can have another quick go after death.
  2. GoneM4d

    Invisible or sound free shots

    Ran in to this bug where some of the shots would go off but were invisible once fired(all but, plasma, ion, burst, shotgun) or it would fire but there no sound just animation and projectile. Also had more than few times happened where I heard firing sound from Rockets Launcher go off but no rocket after during my death, Anyone else? Solutions?
  3. GoneM4d

    Custom weapons and user generated content

    Now that I think about, think about 2 live trackers. One for kills other for % accuracy
  4. I think it will a nice addition to have custom weapon models besides weapon skins in game. Some weapons can be created by our one and only dev team while few other can be generated by fan base. Additionally you can return a % of each sold item to the creator that way everyone wins. This can work not only with weapon models/skin but also items as well. Users can get creative as hell and submit their work to the workshop for you approval. A great place to look as a comparison is a game called ''Warframe'' they outsourced about 40% of all customization these days to the community and have routine voting on what items will be added to the game and everyone is happy because it is seen as them working with their talented fan base and their fans getting paid for items sold! Also you could give a shout out to id asking if it's cool with them if you can remodel their holy trinity in to Reflex, not as for profit item but something that can be obtained in game only and a sign of ''respect(?)'' and ''that you guys are awesome and good luck on your future launch''. Just a badly phrased food for though, hopefully you guys get the idea. Discuss?
  5. Just payed a match of Competitive Duel and at the end of it, my opponent disconnected and I did not get a notification of +10 CP. Not sure if I got it. Anyone else? Edit: Just played another match and there was no rank change.
  6. GoneM4d

    Performance drop

    Same here, except mine would drop to 15-20 fps.
  7. Heyo, love the new update and it made game a whole lot better, matchmaking was desperately needed and I hope that it will bring in new players in to game population. However I believe that there is a problem that is stopping population from growing because of it's current population. The problem is the extreme skill difference between current player base and future player base. Right now I just played vs a dude on silver that was practically spawn killing me and the my matchmaking calibration consisted of this : Won, was an easy game Lost, should not of gotten nervous and be more relaxed and I would of won be he did play well Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Victory! I understand that vets here are seasoned and have very well earned their right to play at their skill level because it was earned though large amount of training and I by no means to say that you just let new guys win but instead drop down to their level, skip out on mega and red armor, and win game with the score of 15-13 instead of 50-0. Because it really is demoralizing and kills really intensive to play the game, finish the match or even carry on playing this game overall. Now I'm a dude that played quake since I was a kid and I know when I am being toyed with but I do appreciate the fact they are at least giving me a chance to win the game(even tho we both know that I will loose) and actually makes match waaay more fun. Shout out to ''dansen'' for that match. What I am saying that if you vets see a new guy just starting out or dude playing below your skill level, don't just stomp him with 50-0, instead let him explore and get the powerups and win the game with a score of 18-15, it will keep new players around and not make them go ''Fuck this game'' right after their first match. PS: Pardon the format and errors, late as hell and tired.
  8. GoneM4d

    Cosmetic suggestions thread

    Why not get some deviant artists on this? Maybe strike a deal where they get a reward for their creating being submitted in to the game or % of sale of their submission. Sort of win/win. Like how warframe did it.
  9. GoneM4d

    Reflex 0.46.1

    I think you need to bring in a friend for that
  10. GoneM4d

    Reflex 0.45.0

    That is an awful amount of golden machete. Wouldn't mind having 1 in my inventory
  11. GoneM4d

    A look at first pass new animation

    Good! Good! Take away quakes thunder!
  12. GoneM4d

    EA rewards?

    Steam Early Access.
  13. GoneM4d

    EA rewards?

    Oh, yeah, I'm talking about steam EA.
  14. GoneM4d

    EA rewards?

    Hey, yeah, sorry for an odd question but I have just noticed some cosmetics for melee weapon. So just wondering if original backers from way before all will get anything.
  15. Hello, new here, I either forgot or missed it, could you please remind me or show me what was the reason behind this sudden visual/texture change? I mean prior it looked really promising but now it's like warsow :/