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  1. Greed

    LAN Map Pack

    for 1v1 you may add: Abbadon, Pure, Endurance, xy2, xy7, Wings Of Doom additional (without art pass): Toxicity, Aberration, Driven, sohtourney3, Observatory
  2. i agree to pretty much any point of @lologrades list and @GoaLitiuMs suggestions but i also agree with @Furioness , this is obviously a whole lot of work. however, most of the players that stopped playing rather complain about the lack of players than functionality, or am i wrong? addressing the size of the playerbase is one thing requiring determined attention, and updates such as optimisation, enhancement, refinement, polishing, bugfixes, etc is another. i haven't heard any devs' opinions or plans recently, but i hope the game receives more attention! one thing i'd like to see fixed right away is this map editor bug: this randomly happens with straight brushes, no diagonals, no vertices edited... really annoying!
  3. Greed

    gt5 - Driven

    hey lads, just uploaded a short defrag clip showcasing some movement on the map with sushi ruleset, i hope you enjoy it as much as i had fun making it:
  4. Greed

    gt5 - Driven

    Updates: 29 and 30 May - Beta 3 moved spawn at upper RL removed red teleporter some refinements some clean up some bugs
  5. Greed

    gt5 - Driven

    Driven greed tourney 5 Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1381687701 Welcome to my fifth duel map project also known as "Driven". The current version (beta 3) is my submission for the "SushiFlex Mapping Competition" and wont be changed until end of June. Feedback is still highly appreciated! Best served with fresh raw tuna rolls. Thanks to: @panikborke, @freddiaN, kallocain, j1gs4w, @666, @Soh, @fht, @def, @Xtortion, @maker,helltiger.cpm, @Messik, @vcrylic, @Cthulhu, @CrematoR, @TheFatCheetah, @Jaguar, intR [hrrrh], @LuGia, @hicksy, @uaedude @mazk1985, @Mazu, @lolograde, dog, @Furioness and everyone involved; have fun and happy fragging
  6. Greed

    ColdFire - TDM2V2/3V3/FFA

    nice map, looks like fun! good flow and flexibility! you may consider some changes: perception of room depth could be greatly improved by adding visual floor separation some routes are obstructed by low ceilings, lifting the first 64-128 units would increase the quality of life some diagonal stairs are too steep (try regular 8x16 steps and rotate the set) slime looks like water (not menacing) slime at upper 50HP might cause more frustration than cure those stones in the slime could be a tad bigger there is a hole at that diagonal edge next to bolt and grate however, great stuff, keep it up! :thumbsup: now it's just up to the pouting kids to come back and start playing and having fun!
  7. Greed

    gt1 - Quickfire (Low Frequency Remix)

    Update: 20 Apr - Version 12 overhauled lighting (increased visibility and contrast) performance optimisations (fps improved for about 30-50%) removed fullclips at upper RL redesigned some brushwork and JPs changed some colours added bot support adjusted sky settings minor bugs thanks for the feedback about the easy option to RA (clean version), i will roll back to the previous version asap. i'm happy the map was considered for "proving grounds" map pool and i hope you still enjoy it as much as i do...
  8. Greed

    Microstutters in new dp5

    i'm experiencing similar problems ever since the game was released, but independent of the maps. there is more issues that i experienced upon release and i am still investigating and trying to record some illustrating footage as it doesn't show up in replays. those issues happen randomly but significantly more often when playing on MM servers. my machine is some FX8320 @ 4.2 gHz, 16 GB RAM, RX480 8GB and SSDs. FPS are 200-250 (capped) on all maps...
  9. Greed

    Rockets, how do you feel about them?

    i feel the rocket projectile hitbox should be a tad bigger and splash radius respectively. also, i have impressions that splash damage is a bit inconsistent i.e. maximum rocket jump height. agreed and maybe reduce picked up ammo on RL spawns
  10. Greed

    Alternative statistics view

    apparently there is something wrong on that page (aside white background). i noticed the MMR on the page is not represeting the actual MMR within the game. it seems like the website reads MMRs inverted. some day i was wondering that i climbed up on the ladder while loosing 5 matches in a row. looking at the values it looks like winning decreases and loosing increases the MMR. plus, playing casual duel is zeroing the competitive MMR. @sesen can't be intended, imo
  11. Greed

    AMD users with game crashes - read this

    just had that crash with 17.1.2 drivers! low graphics settings but anti-aliasing on SMAA Ultra @ 1080p
  12. howdy rowdies, GREAT TOPIC! @Pill_ now, i wanna take the chance to call for a collaborating and productive spirit for map making in reflex! we (the map artists) are effectively a part of the developer team! we do this for the game and the players! :thumbsup: creating maps is not working without the players to do the testing and giving profound and comprehensive feedback. this process is very complicated and time consuming, though. map artists are biased from the first room and won't be able to judge objectively. players aren't objective either, because some like red armor spots like on Aerowalk or Quickfire, others hate them. same for overall concepts, nice angles or bad angles, easy trickjumps or hard ones and even item distribution and balance. giving useful feedback is pretty demanding and many players have problems in expressing their opinion or do it without playing the map for a few times. to sort all this into a long lasting quality map project, "bigger" game titles usually have a producer (among others) for handling the mapping resources. for reflex, it is (mostly) mappers helping mappers in my experience. but i believe that the responsibility for quality control on new maps is in the hands of those with the most ingame experience. | in 2002, Uncle Ben said: | Remember...with great power comes great responsibility! therefor i think it is a must that the top 10% of the players (or some representing committee) goes through new map uploads and supports potential candidates. this support is best done by sharing opinions and theory about the concept of a map, playtesting, discussing and reviewing the map until it is ready for an artpass. yeh, actually hard work! yet and still, players from all skill levels should approach the map architects and share their opinion so we get most of all the human resources. there is already a whole lot of great maps with great design that would work for MM pools from my perspective. reviewing and adjusting those (if needed) might reveal some forgotten jewels! maps are probably the most controversial subject in this game and there won't be a map that suits everyone! but with all this potential we can definitely exceed existing and upcoming arena fps competitors in terms of quality, diversity and longevity! cheers
  13. Greed

    AMD users with game crashes - read this

    confirmed, just had a crash yesterday. the game got stuck and switched to windowed mode with a black screen...
  14. Greed

    Performance drop

    having performance problems too, lately this happens pretty randomly and not map specific. for example: last night, some MM duel on aerowalk versus @santile was simply not playable. some keystrokes and mouse input got lost. i had to press keys multiple times to switch weapons after picking them up and the game itself felt kinda stuttering (like 40-60Hz refreshrate), although my rig wasn't stressed at all. the matches before and after were fine.