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  1. How to make Relfex great again

    thct1, pure (yod1) or even Fusion.
  2. How to make Relfex great again

    Remove aerowalk from competitive map pool.
  3. Reflex 0.48.0 - Matchmaking + Ironguard + more

    pls make it possible to play on clean versions of maps
  4. t7

    Yea well what you did with def the "def does review" was a really great idea imo, and also the 1map minicups are a good event to highlight a map. But its sad to see that basically all the maps that had been highlighted are now unplayed (lpure, dp4, shadowfalls, monestary, xy2, mausoleum)
  5. t7

    Can someone explain me why everybody complains that there is not enough maps in Reflex but they are always playing fucking t7 and they don't even try to learn new maps?
  6. Reflex 0.44.2

    now i can definitely stop overwatch
  7. Reflex 0.44.1 - Awards!

    I want that dance in game!
  8. PLEASE make 200ms playable!

    even here in France with a 100-120ms ping in any servers its unplayable asf
  9. 0.41 ping issue

    Hey, Since the new update i have a problem with my ping. So basically when im in the server server browser, all the servers that I normally play on looks like they have a ping of 30 - 60ms, (and thats my normal ping) but when I join any server my ping is about 100 - 150ms and its unplayable. btw in any other games my ping is good so its a problem with Reflex for sure. thx for help