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  1. kusumit

    sv_pure poll

    Region: NA Highest rank achieved in Matchmaking: Platinum Do you use any customized widgets/HUD elements/particle effects/sounds/etc: Yes Do you wish to see sv_pure implemented into the competitive ruleset: Yes Why: For the majority of scenarios in which this game is played, I don't think this option is really needed. When I log on for the evening, join an ordinary server and start playing games, I personally don't care what addons/custom HUD my opponent is using, since my goal in that setting is simply to have fun and enjoy the game. However, when I'm in MM or participating in a tournament, I would definitely take issue with someone using a widget that gives them a competitive advantage (these include damage batching and timestamps, as Sharq mentioned above). It is these two settings, MM and tournaments, that I think would significantly benefit from adding this command. People will say have a white-list instead, but I think that the most straightforward and clean way is adding "sv_pure".
  2. Maybe for some reason the other player didn't tick any EU servers.
  3. kusumit

    someone start an NA tourney?

    Timerless or not, I'd love another NA tourney. It's great that we're seeing all the tourneys being held in EU and Australia, but would be nice if there was more on the NA side too.
  4. kusumit

    .pak file creation

    Does anyone know how to create your own .pak files to add to Reflex? Here is an example of one someone else created: http://www.reflexfps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/3462-fat-boi-ion-cannon-final/ Say I wanted to make a mod that would change the effect of the rocket launcher, and the file structure looked something like this (tell me if I did this wrong): folder:NewRocketMod folder:internal folder:weapons folder:rocketlauncher rocketlauncher.effect Then I thought you zip this folder (resulting in NewRocketMod.zip) and rename the extension to .pak (tell me if I'm wrong), but I don't know if the files need to be compressed in a certain way or using a certain program.
  5. I know when I'm bunny hopping I can change from quake 1 jumping (left/right key) to quake 3 jumping (left/right key + forward key) without losing speed. However, when I try to do the opposite (by just releasing the forward key), I lose speed, and I lose more speed the more sharply I've turned. Is there a way of transitioning from quake 3 jumping to quake 1 jumping without losing any speed?
  6. kusumit

    [0.41.0] windowed mode drop in fps

    When I first open the game, it automatically opens in windowed mode, and my fps is fine. When I switch to fullscreen (using alt+enter), my fps is still about the same. But when I switch to windowed mode again, my fps drops significantly (by at least 40 fps). From then on, whenever I switch between fullscreen and windowed mode, fullscreen is always at least around 40 fps higher. If I close the game and restart it, again it opens in windowed mode and the fps is back to normal. btw this problem was here when the game was still in 0.40.0.
  7. kusumit

    Post your contact info, find duel buddies.

    Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198182576469/ Location: US West Time: Most evenings Skill: Low- I've played over 300 hours of ffa in quake live, but no duel