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  1. Quid

    HUD Feedback Thread!

    Thanks, i couldnt find how to load it, but then i found it the widgets menu
  2. Quid

    Timer Timeline Concept

    Green armor doesnt show up, even if you click that it should. Scratch that, suddenly its visible
  3. Quid

    HUD Feedback Thread!

    Awesome! Where can i get this?
  4. Thats not even close to how many hours i would have guessed Just building this section would probably take me 25 hours...
  5. Looks great! How long did it take to build it?
  6. Quid

    Am i missing something?

    Also reguarding lighting, when looking at other maps they all seem to be done with the diffrent effect lights. But no matter how many of those i place i cant get enough light, thus using pointlight instead. Any tips?
  7. Quid

    Am i missing something?

    As i have been working on my first map for Reflex i have been watching some other maps (mainly Fusion) in the editor, and some things are really really complex, and i cant even imagine how many hours people have spent to create them. There is cracked walls, mesh showing through the cracked walls, debris on the floor etc. Is this all done by hand? Or is there some niffty tool that i havent found? Something i really miss in the editor is a carve function, but i understand that is something being worked on?
  8. Quid

    Battle Zone

    New version! Pickup placement reworked.
  9. Quid

    Battle Zone

    Redone the lighting and placed some new items. Added link to Steam workshop again.
  10. Quid

    Battle Zone

    Alright, will add it to the workshop again with the next update.
  11. Quid

    Battle Zone

    I published to Workshop aswell, but couldnt seem to get it to work so i remved it again. Any tips on that? Yes, it heavy inspired by Aerowak which is one of my favourite maps from Quake. Cause of its size it can be hard to maneuver, but with practice you can become really fluid Thanks for your input! My next step is to rework the lighting, i just placed some lights now to get it out there for testing.
  12. Quid

    Battle Zone

    Added tagetGameOverCamera and a reflectionprobe. Only 3 downloads?
  13. Quid

    Battle Zone

    I rebuilt my old Quake/Quake 3 map Battle Zone for Reflex, feel free to test it. All feedback is welcome Its a small 1on1 map with intense gameplay, or play 4 players FFA for total mayhem! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=653838512 http://reflexfiles.com/file/549