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  1. yesman


    I don't think we should give achievements for every single medal, that would be a bit too easy. If that was the case, everyone would have a kill medal.
  2. yesman

    Custom Gametype Integration

    How about this: Only have custom game variants for custom games and for the matchmaking, have the default gametypes. That would work, wouldn't it?
  3. yesman

    Custom Gametype Integration

    Someone's a bit frisky, aren't they?
  4. yesman


    I have, I'm just saying what ones we need. The concept of medals isn't new, I know, I'm just saying what ones would be ones we would need for the game. Basic ones such as the one you posted are going to be in, no doubt, but I was thinking there should be new ones for certain actions.
  5. I was thinking: We need to go for custom gametype integration. This means that people can make their own gametypes, and even share them with the community via ReflexFiles.com and Workshop. Sort of going the whole Halo approach (since that's the first game that comes to mind when I think of custom gametypes), it should be very indepth, making each variant different from the last. What do you guys think?
  6. yesman


    I was thinking of what kind of medals and kill awards (you know, like "Double Kill", etc.) should be awarded to players during a game, if that's a thing of course. What do you guys got? Try to be creative!
  7. yesman

    ReflexFiles.com - Community Map Database

    I posted a topic on it on the Steam discussion boards so more people will know. Great idea!
  8. yesman

    Workshop Ideas

    I've got it: God Workshop integration. Genius!
  9. yesman

    Workshop Ideas

    Well, anything can be customized, but I just want to know what this community has in mind. The limits are only to the ideas we have and of course, what the developers can do.
  10. yesman

    Workshop Ideas

    I decided to make a thread that was dedicated to giving some suggestions to possible ideas for the Workshop integration in the future. What do you guys got?
  11. yesman

    Build #28 - Now with 13% more stuff.

    Hopefully we can make custom crosshairs a resource you can find in the Workshop feature in the future. There's actually a lot of things we could put into Workshop.