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  1. Duster_casting


  2. Duster_casting

    Weapon Design and Balance Suggestions

    Imo it'd be more fruitful to not set anything in stone. Different metas are fun and annoying in different ways. As long as you are careful when you make changes to core muscle memory things like rl and movement, changing the meta further down the road is a free breath of life.
  3. Duster_casting

    high speed projectile delay

    I noticed that when running at 1800~ ups, it's hard to continue gaining acceleration from plasma climbing. It seems there is a brief delay in the impact. The same goes for rockets at 2-2.4k~ ups, it becomes difficult to continue rocket jumping and gain speed.
  4. Duster_casting

    Why do you play Reflex?

    I like going fast and the skill cieling.
  5. Duster_casting


    Im against the suggestion. Ns2 combined rts and fps. With ns2+ and ns2 compmod id say it was the best pvp game ever made. Gowever it died. New users in pubs were slaughtered due to the games base skill requirements, and pugs, only available at midnight on some days, would take up to 45 minutes to start and would end with lots of bm. Considering the limited resources of the devs, id focus on new user integration in the form of coaching, tutorials, ladders, and client side voice lounges (or something)
  6. Duster_casting

    new user sense of progression

    ​No, we're talking about keeping the game alive and new users enjoying the game. Not only does this proposal keep the games skill cieling at it's current spot AND keep ranks/ladders in the games. The elitist circlejerk part of the game cant still be there too, just in clans or on esr ​Nobody uses cs stats because they include bots, and nobody relevant cares about stomping tf2 pubs. Cod is about being unbalanced so that complete retards can use auto aim to get kills and feel special. ALL that matters in cs:go at the end of the day is your rank. Nothing else is important, even to gold novas. And skewering ranks so that more people think they are average isn't sinful. It doesn't cost anything to the game, again you can still even have an elitist circlejerk if you want. ​Nope. Go to your quakelive stats right now and tell me something that's useful outside of railgun if even that. RJ invalidates rocket aim. You spam corners with lg. k/d doesn't matter because of ctf. Oh wait, even your railgun aim is gonna be below what you normally get because it includes your first 200 hours. The stats are 100% useless and only serve to alienate new users. And again, the stats portion of the cs:go client gets maybe 200 clicks a day all from new users because it includes warmup/bot stats. Players want to see their progression, not their past mistakes, especially months after they joined the game. ​I thought cosmetics were confirmed for both the forcemodel and ally models. ​Yes, "can be." In a market where 60% of steam users don't get the achievements that they get for launching the games, we can compete with the brainlessness of tf2 or overwatch by simply raping the new users. Sounds like a plan.
  7. Duster_casting

    new user sense of progression

    So I think it's important that the ladders eventually feed the idea to new users that they are progressing. >the clientside stats the only clientside stats listed should be wins. Don't list losses, leaves, accuracy, favorite weapon et cetera. You can save the compressed data of the users last 5 matches clientside if they wish to save the demo, or have some hidden elo somewhere for external stat sites, but the client itself should not list losses, especially not for unranked(if it's in) >ladder skewing linear Elo/mmr should be invisable to users. ladders should not intuitively represent the players position. For example, cs:go has 10 ranks for players that are in the bottom 40% of the userbase, silver 1 through gold nova 5. In addition, the legendary eagle rank currently holds the largest amount of players of any single tier, (probably the 70-80 upper percentile). This gives new users a sense of progression as they see lots of rank increases early on, since earning the average ranks will feel like they are in the top 80%. >daily/weekly/monthly loot drops as a separate ladder from rank Voice acting and weapon skins could remain paid only but you could be able to unlock particle effects for weapons or for events (confetti flies from you on double kill). Although the players rank is listed on profile the big thing would be chatrooms on the front page for new users (maybe even voice chat) for affirmation and the displayed loot progression. So each week or whatever you could hop on and just play enough matches to unlock the fancy particle effects (it could be something as small as a dye for a particle effect if you want weekly, although a single random rgb dye unlock would ideally be a daily) and that would be affirmation enough to get people playing. You could do the differant particle effects in special events maybe 8 times a year. look at path of exiles system for particle effects or halo odst to get some ideas. TL;DR Only wins and current rank are displayed, the displayed rank is not intuitive but rather skewed, and rank is only visible on profile or something so the front page has a loot drop line and user chats/guilds more easily visible and accessable.
  8. Duster_casting

    Partner$ in Crime Information/Results

    Demo files have gone missing
  9. Duster_casting

    OMG! GAm3r GIrLzZzZz!~ <-- Joke

    A casual doesn't have a reason to play UT over something like cod, halo, or tf2. It'll have it's old community and a few new users, but it has no reason to explode, even with commercial support from epic. Reflex has the niche of at least going fast and not doing the battlefield style waiting for vehicles to w+m1 users with.
  10. Duster_casting

    OMG! GAm3r GIrLzZzZz!~ <-- Joke

    Slowing down is generally punishable.
  11. Duster_casting

    Will the item timers stay?

    You can bind them to a hotkey in sc2. Better example would be the fact that in dota 2 and league you can't zoom the camera out to see the map (both games have limited fog of war anyway, based on hero and time of day) because the devs wanted a cinematic feel.
  12. Duster_casting

    Mixing things up occasionally.

    Including inane patches into a game gives it a breath of fresh air, and is executed by every game. USF4, the big three, SC2, et cetera. The thing is, the patches are rarely, if ever good. In fact the latest cs:go patch is objectively shit, but it still had people excited for a new meta. So I would be like xonotic now and try to get more tier 2 weapons into the game that trying to perfectly balance the tier 1 weapons so that you have strings to pull for future patches without affecting the core balance very much in the future. The stake gun is a good start! Should you wish to be prudent however, you have the reigns on what maps make it into the ranked matches pick/banning pool, and changing those changes the meta, so you could stick to only that.
  13. Duster_casting


    Isn't it just the popup bug that needs to be fixed eventually? @lonezilla I hope ion cannon knockback is kept low for a while longer so that I can keep stealing items I hope they experiment with buffing other aspects and only return it to normal if nothing else opens more appealing dimensions of gameplay. Weapon switch time should be experimented with. If you have 0.075/0.15 second weapon switch that matters a lot once railgun sound is in the game because it means some weapons will get a shot airborne before they die once they hear the sound. So weapon switch time should wait until the railgun sound is in the game to be fully balanced and we should see if it adds something to the game or remove it if it's just annoying IMO. Burst gun deserves it's own balance experimentation. I would like your suggestion of adding knockback in its current state, but it could also just experiment with overhuals and try some other things.
  14. Duster_casting

    [race] kai-racetower

    enjoying this map!
  15. Duster_casting

    Will the item timers stay?

    Since you retain more users by having a more streamlined ui and easier to benchmark improvement, not having a timer becomes a luxury, and you don't lose nearly the amount of depth players suspect they are losing from it. Regardless, the team modes will need the timer, since communication and execution is an endeavor on it's own.