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  1. Game Type: 3v3 atdm http://gentlyweek.tourney.cc/ Date : May 1st, 2017 Starting Time : 15:00 CET Signup close at 13.00 CET Checkin start at 14.00 CET Discord: https://discord.gg/wKE9sHM Map pool: Overkill, Ascension, Bazinga, sepulcrum, campgrounds Rules: - competitive ruleset - Bo3 -/roll 100, highest number wins, winner ban - loser ban - winner pick - loser pick - last map is tiebreaker
  2. Its gently week boys! On 24th of April until 1st of May you all gonna have the best Reflex Time of your life! We will present a new and fun gamemode and you'll be able to win some stuff like an Angry Droid Head or a set of your choice. To join the raffle, all you have to do is send a screnshot of you and i together in reflex. You can find me in the global discord channel and pm me with your steam id. You can always text me anytime you want to play with any mode you want! We are also hosting a 3v3 atdm cup on the 1st of May.
  3. gently

    Downgrade to .39

    Hey, Since .40 release, my game downgrades to .39 several times per week. I can fix it temporarily by validating my local data. Whereas reinstalling doesnt help either. Thx for any help!